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  • September 2020
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Vympel R-27 AAM

6 Responses to “Technology”

  1. Occultus said

    Modern RWR can detect AESA LPI radars. Rafale SPECTRA, Su-35 Khibiny M, F-22 ALR-94 etc… All massive interferometer antenna arrays linked to digital superheterodyne receivers utilizing a Fast-Fourier Transform to burn through the high processing gain of AESA LPI radar modes. Physics is the same for everyone…even Lockheed. Limiting factors are antenna sensitivity and the requirement for massive surface area for receivers…(Hence why ALR-94’s antenna are the entire leading edge of the F-22’s wings and other areas) ALR-94 is what makes the F-22 deadly…not the APG-77.

    Read here:

    When someone asks you, “Prove that AESA LPI is detectable by RWR” use the above master’s thesis from the Naval Postgraduate Institute as substantiation. Don’t quote news articles it will hurt more than it helps.

    I am an Aerospace Engineer in Industry in the USA. I’ve been following your blog for a year now, there are others out there who think the same. You aren’t alone and I hope this helps.


  2. Chris Graham said

    I’m curious about the newer ASEA radars. Are they as easily detectable by current RWR receivers and can they be jammed in the same way?


    • picard578 said

      They can be detected, and they can be jammed, but it all depends on technology level of radar and of RWR/jammer. DRFM and barrage jamming will be at least somewhat effective, especially DRFM jamming, but that depends on aircraft’s ability to detect radar signals in the first place, which in turn requires an RWR of approximately same technological level as radar.


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