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(Ret.)Adm. Davor Domazet Lošo – by attacking Syria, US have sent a message to a power other than Russia

http://www.priznajem.hr/izdvojeno/loso-ma-kakva-rusija-sad-napadom-siriju-poslao-poruku-drugoj-sili/ By attacking the air base in Syria with cruise missiles, US have basically started a war. Putin’s response to Trump, having warned that the move harmed US-Russian relations, is definetly a cause for concern. What can be expected now?… Read More ›

History of US imperialism

NOTE: Due to the time it took to write this article, some information is outdated, or later found not to be correct. I tried to include fixes wherever possible, but something might have slipped due to the volume of data.

Defense Budget Tutorial #2 Smoke and mirrors in Congress’ Defense Appropriations bills

January 23, 2006 Defense Budget Tutorial #2: Smoke and mirrors in Congress’ Defense Appropriations bills http://www.cdi.org/program/document.cfm?DocumentID=3270&from_page=../index.cfm The Smoke and Mirrors in Congress’ Defense Appropriations Bills: You’ll need a Rosetta Stone Introduction Understanding how Congress allocates spending in the defense budget… Read More ›