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F-16 vs F-35

Introduction F-35 is intended to replace the F-16 and is promoted as F-16s successor. However, closer look reveals that this is not true. While the F-16 was designed as daytime visual-range dogfighter, F-35 was always intended to be a multirole… Read More ›

F-35 reality check

CLAIM: F-35 can supercruise Incorrect. F-35 can achieve and maintain speeds just above M 1 though usage of minimum afterburner. “Supercruise” claim can be discounted by comparing the F-35A with F-16A. F-16A has a 40* wing sweep with a laminary… Read More ›

News: F-35 could explode if struck by lighting Some bad news for F-35 programme: in addition to performance shortfalls, cost overruns and huge vulnerability to even small-calibre weapons due to the fuel tank design, F-35 is also in danger of weather. Namely, lightning. It seems that,… Read More ›

F-35 Analysis

Program history F35 is designed to be LO interceptor / fleet defense / tactical bomber / ground attack / CAS / reconnaissance / air controller and intelligence plane built in CTOL, STOVL, and CATOBAR variants. As Chuck Spinney puts it:… Read More ›