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CAS fighter camouflage patterns proposal

Posted by picard578 on January 1, 2016

ax1-standard Read the rest of this entry »

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Close Air Support fighter proposal

Posted by picard578 on November 2, 2013

Historical lessons

While Gullio Douhet’s theory that bombardment of the enemy heartland can win the war has dominated USAF (USAAF during WWII) procurement ever since its formation has been thoroughly discredited (more about that in another article), Western air forces still procure far too many strategic bombers and deep strike fighters, while procuring insufficient number of close air support fighters; this often results in a situation where all ground attack aircraft, regardless of their suitability for the role, have to be used for close air support.

But Close Air Support is a very hard mission with strict requirements, which aircraft designed for other missions (“multirole” fighters, most tactical bombers with exception of aircraft designed specifically for CAS, any strategic bombers) do not meet. It is therefore paramount for these requirements to be well understood if CAS fighter is to be effective.

First concern is that crew of a CAS aircraft has to think of themselves and their mission as a ground soldiers, and understand infantry, armor and/or mechanized tactics. From this follows the requirement for CAS squadrons to be assigned to specific battallions and be colocated with them, but also a requirement for pilots to study ground combat – tactics, visual specifics of different vehicles. All of this means that “multirole” pilots are psychologically incapable of carrying out effective CAS, and that complex “multirole” aircraft are similarly incapable of satisfying basing requirements. In exercises, observers should sometimes swap places with ground troops and participate in them as infantrymen or otherwise members of ground units they are assigned to. Whenever CAS crews train, it should be with the unit they are assigned to, and observers should eventually reach the level where they will be capable of taking command of ground units.

Second problem is that Close Air Support is a very demanding mission. It is carried out at low altitude, so pilot will have a lot of trouble avoiding anti-air fire and avoiding to fly into the ground. This means that there should be a separate observer who will also command the aircraft, freeing up pilot to focus on flying.

Third concern is a coordination with both supported unit and the artillery. This means that ground unit should have attached ground FAC. Also, CAS aircraft should be survivable enough so as to be able to fly slow and low enough to identify targets.

It should also be noted that Close Air Support, while extremely useful, is an emergency procedure. Read the rest of this entry »

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