Defining stealth

Introduction Word “stealth” has lately become a catchword used to define the weapon – mostly aircraft – as “superior”, with little or no thought as to what the term actually means. Stealth fighters, stealth bombers, stealth ships… even stealth tanks,… Read More ›

Military aircraft configurations overview

Design goal Characteristics required Ideal planform Dogfight fast transients (roll onset, pitch onset) subsonic-transonic turn rates (instantaneous, sustained) energy management (acceleration, climb) cruise speed and endurance close-coupled moderate-sweep canard delta BVR combat energy management (acceleration, climb) supersonic turn rates (sustained,… Read More ›

Characteristics of aircraft types

ROLE AIR SUPERIORITY BOMBER INTERCEPTION GROUND ATTACK CLOSE AIR SUPPORT SIZE small (surprise, agility) large (range, missile load) medium-large (surprise vs range, weapons load) small-medium (surprise, agility vs endurance, weapons load) NUMBER OF ENGINES single (agility, surprise, operating cost) twin… Read More ›