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  • September 2020
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Tactics of the Islamic State

Is blitzkrieg enough

Iraqi blitzkrieg

The Royal Navy in 1939: On the Track of a Paper Tiger

Don’t Feed the Bear: All Putin Needs Is Comfy War

History Spot: Case Studies in Defence Procurement

Coherent, Credible, and Wrong

Centers of Gravity: Do They Still Matter

Islamic “Fundamentalism”

Just one word for the new graduate

Why Boyd Is Agile

Fear of planning

Rebuttal of DefenseNews’ Blatant Lies About the Rafale

India, Take Note: Ditching the Rafale for the Su-30MKI Would Be A Grave Mistake

India will order 36 Rafales; talks on other 126 aircraft will continue

Thomas Mann: By nature evil and harmful, war is destructive even to the victor

A Complete Analysis of Stannis Baratheon as a Military Commander

A Complete Analysis of Robb Stark as a Military Commander

A Complete Analysis of the Upcoming Siege of Winterfell Part 1

Being a poodle of Washington doesn’t pay off – it’s dangerous and expensive

F-35 Test Pilot Confirms: F-35 Is Useless In Dogfights, Can’t Beat the F-16

Submission to War

Islam Rape Kit

Why Israel Wants the F-15 SE “Silent Eagle” And what it means for the US Air Force

The COTS Danger To American Security

Mush for Brains – How Putin Sees America

Qur’an Has Everything To Do With it

Truth Is Not Politically Correct

Islam: Lies & War Above Peace

Take action now to break the media silence on TTIP

Media manipulations

We Are All Romans Now

Tribal Preferences Everywhere

Conspiracy Theory

Democracy Flouted: No Ridicule Is High Enough

Oligarchy, Or Plutocracy?

Grand Ayatollah Obama, Islamist In Chief

Violence in “Holy Qur’an”

Supreme Joke

Syrian Strategy, Or When PC Grows Evil

Finnish Ski Troops – Finland’s Elite Light Infantry

The Post-War Finnish Air Force from 1944 to the present

Smart Ignorance, Dark Naivety, Enlightened Hatred

Greece’s Depression is IMF’s Idea of Progress

No Intelligence, No Power: No Morality, However Good

Myth #97: The British soldiers wore red coats because it wouldn’t show the blood

Islamic State militants enter Europe on “refugee” boats

Invasion of Europe: Split opinions in the EU as some call for military action against refugee crisis

Muslim extremists invading British politics – our politicians welcome them

Post-Islamization countries – Malaysia

Islamization of Europe: the numbers don’t lie

UK Muslim demographics – shortcuts

Trapped by super traps

Uncritical Islam: lethal homophobia

British bulwarks: the King George V class battleships

Brexit idiocy in one picture

Goldman Sachs’ European Union

American Uncivil War

4 stages of Islamic conquest

Richard Dawkins Upsets Liberals and Muslims by Confronting Them with Reality

Wing Loading: More Important Than You Think

Extreme Vetting of Muslim Visa Applicants

Climate Changes: CO2, Islam and the Eternal Return of Fascism

Rounding of the Chicoms

“Islamophobia”: Created By The Muslim Brotherhood To Silence Critics

Secularism in the Islamic World?

Why did Germany lose World War II?

War Versus Direct Democracy

Obama, Clinton, stealthily regressive

The 90% Solution, Some Guy Called ‘Pareto’ and Why the Best Fighter Pilots are Often Seen as the Laziest

Inverting the Paradigm: The 21st Century High-Low Force

Air Supremacy II: Re-learning Asymmetry

In defense of nationalism

The role of nationalism

Open anti-white sentiment

Trumped by truth

Why I’m conservative rather than libertarian

How a pro-Palestinian American reporter changed his views on Israel (with comment)

How did EUROPE become so SUPERIOR?

Seven stars and seven crowns: a Catholic monarchist’s perspective on Lord of the Rings

Regressive Left’s takeover of our defence forces

Is Islam destroying European Union?

Secular Talk’s unrestrained dishonesty

The picture in the aftermath of the London attack says it all

Further horror from sick and depraved superstition

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