Defense Issues

Military and general security


Tactics of the Islamic State

Is blitzkrieg enough

Iraqi blitzkrieg

The Royal Navy in 1939: On the Track of a Paper Tiger

Don’t Feed the Bear: All Putin Needs Is Comfy War

History Spot: Case Studies in Defence Procurement

Coherent, Credible, and Wrong

Centers of Gravity: Do They Still Matter

Islamic “Fundamentalism”

Just one word for the new graduate

Why Boyd Is Agile

Fear of planning

Rebuttal of DefenseNews’ Blatant Lies About the Rafale

India, Take Note: Ditching the Rafale for the Su-30MKI Would Be A Grave Mistake

India will order 36 Rafales; talks on other 126 aircraft will continue

Thomas Mann: By nature evil and harmful, war is destructive even to the victor

A Complete Analysis of Stannis Baratheon as a Military Commander

A Complete Analysis of Robb Stark as a Military Commander

A Complete Analysis of the Upcoming Siege of Winterfell Part 1

Being a poodle of Washington doesn’t pay off – it’s dangerous and expensive

F-35 Test Pilot Confirms: F-35 Is Useless In Dogfights, Can’t Beat the F-16

Submission to War

Islam Rape Kit

Why Israel Wants the F-15 SE “Silent Eagle” And what it means for the US Air Force

The COTS Danger To American Security

Mush for Brains – How Putin Sees America

Qur’an Has Everything To Do With it

Truth Is Not Politically Correct

Islam: Lies & War Above Peace

Take action now to break the media silence on TTIP

Media manipulations

We Are All Romans Now

Tribal Preferences Everywhere

Conspiracy Theory

Democracy Flouted: No Ridicule Is High Enough

Oligarchy, Or Plutocracy?

Grand Ayatollah Obama, Islamist In Chief

Violence in “Holy Qur’an”

Supreme Joke

Syrian Strategy, Or When PC Grows Evil

Finnish Ski Troops – Finland’s Elite Light Infantry

The Post-War Finnish Air Force from 1944 to the present

Smart Ignorance, Dark Naivety, Enlightened Hatred

Greece’s Depression is IMF’s Idea of Progress

No Intelligence, No Power: No Morality, However Good

Myth #97: The British soldiers wore red coats because it wouldn’t show the blood

Islamic State militants enter Europe on “refugee” boats

Invasion of Europe: Split opinions in the EU as some call for military action against refugee crisis

Muslim extremists invading British politics – our politicians welcome them

Post-Islamization countries – Malaysia

Islamization of Europe: the numbers don’t lie

UK Muslim demographics – shortcuts

Trapped by super traps

Uncritical Islam: lethal homophobia

British bulwarks: the King George V class battleships

Brexit idiocy in one picture

Goldman Sachs’ European Union

American Uncivil War

4 stages of Islamic conquest

Richard Dawkins Upsets Liberals and Muslims by Confronting Them with Reality

Wing Loading: More Important Than You Think

Extreme Vetting of Muslim Visa Applicants

Climate Changes: CO2, Islam and the Eternal Return of Fascism

Rounding of the Chicoms

“Islamophobia”: Created By The Muslim Brotherhood To Silence Critics

Secularism in the Islamic World?

Why did Germany lose World War II?

War Versus Direct Democracy

Obama, Clinton, stealthily regressive

The 90% Solution, Some Guy Called ‘Pareto’ and Why the Best Fighter Pilots are Often Seen as the Laziest

Inverting the Paradigm: The 21st Century High-Low Force

Air Supremacy II: Re-learning Asymmetry

In defense of nationalism

The role of nationalism

Open anti-white sentiment

Trumped by truth

Why I’m conservative rather than libertarian

How a pro-Palestinian American reporter changed his views on Israel (with comment)

How did EUROPE become so SUPERIOR?


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