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  • December 2019
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How to reduce US defense spending without harming the capability


US military proposal


Proposal for Army armoured vehicles

Light Tank proposal 1 by Riley Amos

Air Force

USAF force proposals

NATO air forces proposal

NATO air forces proposal revised

NATO air forces proposal 3

Air superiority fighter proposal

Air superiority fighter proposal (revised)

Air superiority fighter proposal 3

Air superiority fighter proposal 4

Air superiority fighter proposal 5

Air superiority fighter proposal 6 (overview ; camouflage)

Close Air Support fighter proposal

Light Close Air Support fighter proposal

Close Air Support fighter proposal (revised)

Close Air Support fighter proposal 3

Light Close Air Support fighter proposal (revised)

Forward Air Controller aircraft proposal

Forward Air Controller aircraft proposal (revised)

F-16 new build proposal

Gripen C upgrade proposal

F-5A upgrade proposal

F-20 upgrade proposal

A fighter for Canada

CAS fighter camouflage patterns proposal

Airborne aircraft carrier proposal


Aircraft carrier proposals

Aircraft carrier proposal revised

Aircraft carrier proposal 3

NATO navies proposal

NATO navies proposal revised

11 Responses to “Proposals”

  1. Wanna hear my proposal to the USAF? Its very very simple. Its called BUY THE F-15SE YOU SHORTSIGHTED MORONS!! Wanna guess how that ends?


  2. Valvatorez said

    How about a proposal to replace a fifty year old assault rifle. As our enemies are quite aware of the weaknesses of the M4.


    • picard578 said

      I’ll think about it, though I didn’t really research assault rifles. Something like FAMAS or VHS might be a good idea, though. That being said, expected usage is a problem – requirements for urban/jungle combat are very different from that in open terrain, though even in open terrain an effective range above 500 meters is not required.

      EDIT: Problem with incapacitation can be solved with hollow rounds, but that might cause problems with penetrating body armor.


  3. Riley Amos said

    Is your listed gmail address still working, Picard?


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