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Fast Food industry – a threat for national security

Genocide, Fuck Yeah! How The Hurt Locker Put the Fun Back into Mass Murder

US air dominance coming to an end but not for reasons conservatives cite


Notes on war

Paris attacks, TTIP, ISIS and death of democracy

Quotes of interest

More is not necessarily better

Movie review: The Pentagon Wars

“Turn the other cheek” and ideology of suicide

Swordsmanship in Star Wars

Integrations – instrument of hegemony

Lord of the Rings and real life equivalents

Starship armaments based on CGI models

In defense of nationalism (Priznajem HR)

On Vatican and Science: the Myth of Catholic Irrationality

Survival of the luckiest

Plutocracy and death of the representative democracy


3 Responses to “Other”

  1. Chris said

    The page:

    “US air dominance coming to an end but not for reasons conservatives cite” seems to be not found? Did it get moved or deleted?


  2. altandmain said

    Picard, recommendation for your site:

    I’d recommend an Open Thread section, where people can comment on anything. It would be a WordPress page where people are able to comment on whatever they like.


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