Defense Issues

Military and general security



United States

Cleaning up Red Flag Alaska F-22 vs Typhoon debate

F-35 cheated on performance tests

US looking to a new generation fighter

Cleaning up Red Flag Alaska F-22 vs Typhoon debate (2)

Al-Quaeda now US ally in Syria

On AviationIntel F-22 vs Typhoon article

Report finds harsh CIA interrogation techniques ineffective

F-35 could explode if struck with lightning

Danish fighter restart could hurt the F-35

On Rafale vs F-22 BFM

USAF rules out international A-10 sales

McCain letter to Defense Secretary Ash on F-35 delays

Soros plots against Trump

(Ret.)Adm. Davor Domazet Lošo – by attacking Syria, US have sent a message to a power other than Russia

Europe general

Eurofighter Typhoon to improve agility


Canada cancels F-35 purchase


Saab Gripen NG


Number of Croatian soldiers in Afghanistan to be reduced

ULTRA festival as a security risk

Croatia has to increase the defense budget by 2,8 billion HRK


Islamist attacks in Brussels

Middle East


Israel has 200 nukes pointed at Iran


Fighting in Iraq and its lessons



Mali war escalates as French battle Islamist militants


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