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Note: articles linked are those I believe are worth reading, and do not necessarily reflect my own views.

Fast jets not ideal for Close Air Support

Fighter In A Box

Killer Bees 1 – Attack of the Killer Bees – The return of the air cavalry

Killer Bees 2 – What we need for 21st century combat?

Killer Bees 3 – Off-the-shelf killer bees: making do with what you got?

Killer Bees 4 – FINAB Tunnel Vision

US CAS for 21st century

Return of the Cactus Air Force

Return of the Air Commandos

Helicopter ground mobility

Stryker horrors

Why are we putting popguns on vehicles?

No male tanks: US outgunned on a linear battlefield?

US garrison militarism

Firepower vs maneuver

Cannon fighter

Parasite fighter

America’s Defense Dependency

Tomorrow’s Submarine Fleet – The Non-Nuclear Option

The Large Aircraft Carrier Midway Myth: is it, fatal?

Superiority (Arthur C Clarke)

John Boyd, insurgency, counterinsurgency – part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5

Grisha’s missile shoot off

F-35 Part 1: A Cold War Anachronism?

Bombs Awry!: The imprecision of “precision” bombing

Pushing back on US air dominance alarmism

Quality versus Quantity is not an issue (alternate link)

Analysis by Hyperbole: a Response

Flight of the discords

Evading the missile

Reforming America’s overhyped airpower

Single engine – cost benefits, reliability, thrust…

The facts about the safety of the F-35 basing in Burlington

Code One interview with Harry Hillaker

Electro-optical imaging systems

Vought VB-100 Blitzfighter (design and brief history)

Heritage Foundation arguments in defense of the F-35 are faulty

The Warthog and the combat air support debate

Air force brass ignores war’s lessons to wipe out A-10s

The light attack aircraft

A-10 vs F-35: The Air Force’s latest budget bungle

Civil jet engines specifications

Take her deep: reforming the US silent service

F-35 reality check ten years on: Part 1, Part 2

Air Force still not opening up about F-22 safety problems

Generation Gap

Inside the Pentagon’s Trillion Dollar F-35 Embarrassment

Stealth turkey

How much the F-35 really costs

Light attack: it’s what’s for breakfast, lunch, and dinner

High tech weapons: a loss of control?

Treason, thy name is F-35A

The F-22 toxic stealth

Cost and performance of the aircraft and munitions in the Desert Storm: Appendix IV

US Air Force pilots fly less than China’s do

General Van Ripper uses speedboats to sink US fleet in simulation: 1 2 3 4

The Allies and the use of gas in World War II

Swirl of controversy: Cope India and Red Flag 2008 Exercises

Fire and forgotten

The future of air combat

Flight test: Dassault Rafale – Rampant Rafale

Dead tree – trade press

Seduced by success

Anatomy of the deep state

Rafale in Combat: War for Dummies

Aerodynamic considerations of fourth generation canard-delta fighters

The planet’s best stealth fighter isn’t made in America

Rafale is as good as any fifth generation fighter

Why don’t today’s fighters have narrow waists

The art of the kill

Beyond visual range air combat

F-35 facts

Costs higher, risks greater with joint aircraft programs like F-35: think-tank

F-22 lessons

F-35s stealth, EW not enough

Airborne infrared and supersonic

Myths of the Gulf War

How the US and its allies got stuck with the world’s worst new airplane

No time for inaccuracy on F-35 costs

Buck McKeon’s A-10 sell-out

The Myth of Mission Command

Jamming is needed against agile radar threat

USAF Col. John Boyd

F-104 Starfighter

A-10 Warthog

Coming together

Despite failures, air force sticks to its missiles

These dashing fighter jets – can they really hack it

The Air Force rationale for retiring the A-10 is bullshit

A-10 Attack Jets Rack Up Air-to-Air Kills in Louisiana War Game

Iraq War

Lockheed claims F-35 kinematics ‘better than or equal to’ Typhoon or Super Hornet

Military Exercise – Testing Times as Swedish Air Force Gripens visit RAF Coningsby

Growler Advocates Outline Stealth Vulnerabilities

A-10s Saved the Day in Botched Afghanistan Raid

Raytheon: Stealth Means More Than Low RCS

Saab reveals full Gripen E design, cost savings

The F-22 Raptor is said to be invisible… until it isn’t.

Privatization doesn’t pay

How much does an F-35 cost

Today’s letters: Today’s single-engine jets are not ‘widow makers’

USAFs Tac-Air recip disaster

Reading, writing and policy review

How the F-35 boondoggle shows that deficit hawkery is a sham

Gripen E vs JSF

US Army drafts blueprints for World War III

Why the F-35 is the wrong choice for Canada (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)

The A-10 Warthog: a core defense issue

Discrediting the Forrest Gump argument for killing the A-10

Why I hate the M-16/AR-15  rifle

F-22 high speed research

Why the F-35 is a sitting duck for Flankers

Eurofighter too complex for its missions

US war in Mideast only an excuse for $ trillion military budget

Fast forward in fast transients


Independent weapons testing comes under fire again

Stay in your f***ing lane

Cold War coloring book taught A-10 pilots to kill Soviet tanks

Chinese military is a paper dragon

The US Air Force quashed concerns about dumping the A-10

Now the US Air Force wants you to believe that the A-10 is too old to fight

Air Force Headquarters Declassified and Released Incomplete Data to Further A-10 Smear Campaign

How To Win In A Dogfight: Stories From A Pilot Who Flew F-16s And MiGs

Infrared Search And Track Systems And The Future Of The US Fighter Force

How the US may buy at most 750 F-35s

Test pilot admits the F-35 can’t dogfight

Genghis John – Chuck Spinney’s Bio of John Boyd

Dassault Aviation Rafale M

Victory Misunderstood: What the Gulf War Tells Us About the Future of Conflict

Personnel reform and military effectiveness

French Airpower and Counterinsurgency

All the ways the F-35 is screwed up

Fighter pilots can’t fight if they can’t see

Presentations and documents

Defense facts of life

John Boyd bibliography

On stealth aircraft

F-22 fighter performance

Comparing quarter century of fighters

The military reform debate

Visual search in air combat

BVR combat brief

Promise and reality: Beyond Visual Range combat


The Warthog – the best deal the Air Force never wanted

Radar – shield or target?

Pitfalls in fighter force planning

Iraq and Future of Warfare

Comparing the effectiveness of air to air fighters: F-86 to F-18

Effects of the WW2 submarine campaigns of Germany and the US – comparative analysis

The Defense Monitor: 1981January-March 2013

Notes on Close Air Support

Combat effectiveness considerations in designing close support fighters

Fighters in the long war

Focke Wulf 190 short history

The Warthog and the Combat Air Support debate

Why DoD can’t give us quality and quantity?

The case for more effective, less expensive weapon systems: what “quality versus quantity” issue?

Report of the panel on tactical aircraft

Performance of aircraft cannons in terms of their employment in air-to-air combat

Fighter combat: tactics and maneuvering

V-22 Osprey: wonder weapon or widow maker

A-10 conference part 1

A-10 conference part 2

John Boyd papers

Five myths about nuclear weapons

The myth of nuclear deterrence

Facts about safety of F-35 basing in Burlington

Exercise Red Flag 2008

Bill Sweetman on the Gripen E

Overreliance on Technology inWarfare: The Yom Kippur War as a Case Study

The Art of the Kill

The emerging battlespace of joint warfare

Detection and jamming of Low Probability of Intercept radars


Genghis John

Gripen C/D data

Dogfight! India’s MMRCA decision

F-35 vs Su-35

France’s war in Mali

John Boyd articles

John Boyd Compendium

F-18E/F wing drop

Do joint fighter programs save money

Clash of civilizations

Web sites

Strauss Military Reform Project at

National Security at


Lockheed Martin

Combat Reform

White House’s Office of Management and Budget Analytical Perspectives

Global Security

Defense Tech

The Foreign Policy Initiative

Foreign and Defense Policy on AEI

The Heritage Foundation

Corbett Report

US Department of Defense

Australian Department of Defense

UK Ministry of Defence

Croatian Ministry of Defense

Croatian Armed Forces

Global Research

Global Issues

Defence Aviation

History is a Weapon

Rafale Demo

F-35 JSF facts


UK Armed Forces Commentary

Lindley French’s blog

Stop the F-35

POGO blog

POGO blog (old)

Project on Defense Alternatives updates

Christian Fighter Pilot


Defense Horizon

Beyond Defence

Public Intelligence

The F-35 is a bad deal

From the Green Notebook

War Is Schelp

Grand Blog Tarkin

On Violence

Kings Of War

Carrying the Gun

Military History


Obama NeoCon

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  2. Chris said

    This one may be worth adding as well:

    Also, it might be useful to use a service like Evernote to categorize articles. It’s free and relatively easy to use, although there is a paid premium version.


    • Chris said

      I don’t know if you have every read it, but it’s a good read. It’s long, but well worth the time.

      Split into 3 parts:
      1. A written version of Boyd’s Pattern’s of Conflict
      2. A proposal for the old Killer Bee
      3. An interview with Rudel


      • NicJon said

        Hi Chris. Do you have the book “Boyd, the fighter pilot who changed the art of war”? I’ve recommended it to Picard in the past. Its a ripper! Kind regards.


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