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  • September 2020
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center for defense information

Old CDI site is not online any more, but I have found some articles I will publish here. New site can be accesed here but I am not sure wether CDI has moved all articles there. Old site cache can be accessed here.

Chitchat with Leon and Hillary on the Defense Budget

Briefing on DoDs QDR and 2007 budget

Defense Budget Tutorial #1: What is the actual size of the 2006 defense budget?

Defense Budget Tutorial #2: Smoke and mirrors in Congress’ Defense Appropriations bills

Defense Budget Tutorial #3A: Pork: Where is it?

Defense Budget Tutorial #3B: Pork: What is it?

Defense Budget Tutorial #3C: Pork: How to get rid of it?

Defense Budget Tutorial: So, You Think You Know The Cost Of Wars?

F-22: Arguments for stopping the production

F-22: Not what we were hoping for

F-22 analysis: the good, the bad and the surly

F-35: Out of Altitude, Airspeed and Ideas – But Never Money

Joint Strike Fighter: The Latest Hotspot In The US Defense Meltdown (web archive version)

Pentagon reports continuing Lockheed Martin failures

Pentagon’s Joint Strike Fighter drops another load

Putting lipstick on the F-35

Rebels Within the US Federal System

Still more F-35 growth to come

The F-22: expensive, irrelevant and counterproductive

The Stench of Elitism in the Defense Budget

Where is the Payoff for Huge US Budget Hikes

2 Responses to “CDI”

  1. Chris said

    It’s kind of sad if you think about it – the CDI has been right so many times about weapons cost overruns and under-delivering contractors. Yet they still remain largely a fringe group in Washington’s politics, not taken seriously by most in power.

    I think it’s because fundamentally, the CDI represents what they do not want to hear.


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