Light Tank Proposal 1

“If the tanks succeed, then victory follows.” – Heinz Guderian The opinion of many people today is that tanks are obsolete, losing their survivability to modern man-portable ATGMs and precision guided munitions. What must be understood is that main battle… Read More ›

F-20 upgrade proposal

Introduction While I have originally done an F-5 upgrade due to its simplicity and consequental export potential for third world countries, it was brought to my attention that F-20 does have more potential.

F-5A upgrade proposal

F-5A overview Weight: 3.667 kg empty 2.812 kg max weapons load 1.787 kg fuel 5.966 kg combat takeoff (100% fuel, 6 AIM-9) 5.072 kg combat (50% fuel, 6 AIM-9) 9.333 kg max takeoff