Light Tank Proposal 1

“If the tanks succeed, then victory follows.” – Heinz Guderian The opinion of many people today is that tanks are obsolete, losing their survivability to modern man-portable ATGMs and precision guided munitions. What must be understood is that main battle tanks are the play-ground bullies of ground warfare, they are big, intimidating, and sound of…

Proposal for Army armoured vehicles

Introduction Modern militaries have various types of vehicles for various jobs. These range from destruction of hard targets (tanks and bunkers) to convoy escort, peacekeeping and counterinsurgency. For this reason, and due to variance in terrains as well, most if not all types need to exist in more than one category. Main battle tanks can…

F-20 upgrade proposal

Introduction While I have originally done an F-5 upgrade due to its simplicity and consequental export potential for third world countries, it was brought to my attention that F-20 does have more potential.

F-5A upgrade proposal

F-5A overview Weight: 3.667 kg empty 2.812 kg max weapons load 1.787 kg fuel 5.966 kg combat takeoff (100% fuel, 6 AIM-9) 5.072 kg combat (50% fuel, 6 AIM-9) 9.333 kg max takeoff

F-16 new build proposal

Introduction While I have proposed design of a fighter aircraft that would be superior to any existing or projected fighter aircraft in the world, USAF is unlikely to ever accept a proposal that uses so much of the non-US technology (that being said, in my NATO air forces proposal a CAS aircraft is mostly based on…