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  • December 2019
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War at Sea – Galley vs Sailing Ship

Posted by picard578 on December 9, 2019

Military Fantasy

Featured Image By Hendrick Cornelisz Vroom : Home : Info : Pic; alternate version: Web Gallery of Art:   Image  Info about artwork, Public Domain, Link


Most of fantasy does
not consider naval warfare, and those writers which do have varied
performance in portraying it. In Lord of the Rings, dromund-style
ships are described to be used. While Byzantine dromond would not
have been appropriate for the geography of Middle-Earth – Bay of
Belfalas is not a closed sea in the vein of Mediterranean –
Middle-English “dromund” can denote any large medieval
ship. It is made clear however that these ships are oared, which
means that they are most likely similar to Viking longships (or else
Irish galleys, themselves similar to longships). Fleet of Ar-Pharazon
explicitly has enormous galleys, which would not have been capable of
making a trip from Numenor, either to Middle-Earth…

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