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  • September 2019
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Rule the Waves playthrough: Byzantium 3

Posted by picard578 on September 7, 2019

OK, I forgot to start writing this from the beginning, but first few decades I manage to avoid any major wars so nothing to write about. Also note, I believe that this playthrough is done in a mod where I modded Byzantium to have increased economic growth rate, but no other advantages.

At any rate, there is no war for a long time – I managet it to avoid through diplomacy while somehow keeping 20 prestige. At this point, I have 7 battleships and 4 battlecruisers, but one of battleships is a 28 000 ton piece o’ junk. I scrapped it just while writing this, so I have 2 x 41 000 ton battleships (1920 and 1922), 2 x 40 300 ton battleships (same as earlier, but with some weight saiving advantages; launched in 1923 and 1924), and 2 x 47 000 ton battleships (both in 1925). 41 000 tonners have speed of only 24 knots, while both later classes can push it up to 27 knots. I also have four ancient battlecruisers in 30 000 ton, 25 knot class. I have to replace them as soon as possible, likely with new battleships. Two 49 000 ton, 26 knot battleships are being built, and I have designed 27-knot version of the same which will be updated as technology advances. Other than that, I got rid of armoured cruisers which had been around since 1899, and have 14 light cruisers, 56 destroyers – most of them obsolete – and 100 submarines, four times as many as anyone else.

And it is 1925 and the “game is over”. I decide to play on. Parliament cuts the budget severely despite France being in orange and Austria and Italy in yellow, but I have enough funds saved up to finish the ships I am building despite being 3,4 million in red each month. Italy proposes budget cuts, just as Parliament authorizes additional funding, but with France in orange I dare not accept. Italians sulk, but are still yellow. A-H does something stupid and we go to orange with them as well, but Italy to brown, and France dances between yellow and orange for no discernible reason.

At any rate, I have 8 battleships with 3 building. Only Italy and France have fewer, but in terms of tonnage I lead Austria-Hungary as well – their 9 battleships mass 293 000 tons, while my 8 mass 354 000 tons. Battlecruisers however close the gap – I only have a few obsolete ones. Disarmament conference brings no results other than reducing my budget, and A-H gets mad for a US spy being in my territory. And now we are at war.

First battle puts my two battlecruisers against two Austrian ones. Almost immediately, Austrian Siebenburgen-class BC blows up due to turret penetration while my BC Dara II is hit by a torpedo, and Ad Decimum is also ambushed by destroyers while setting fire to Voralberg class battlecruiser. Soon my battleships arrive with escorts and Austrians retreat, but Ad Decimum still sinks. I have lost two BC’s, Austrians two BC’s as well, but I get 221k VP’s to A-H’s 134k (13k vs 8k post-battle). And Basileus is still upset.

I put 45 obsolete underweight destroyers on ASW/CP. Next battle again involves two of my battlecruisers – at this point I can only conclude that the game is cheating. Luckily Battle Division 8 with three battleships is in support. We run into Austrian Kartnen-class BC and no-ID BB. Both my BC’s are torpedoed but luckily neither sink, and battleship division manages to damage an Austrian BC off-screen. I get 80 VP’s from my submarines.

Next battle I have 2 BB and 2 BC – game really likely placing my obsolete, dwarvish BC-s in harm’s way. To add insult to injury, my BB-s are actually faster than BC-s. Along the way to bombardment target, my fleet nabs quite a few TR-s and MS-s. But I cannot reach bombardment target since it is within exclusion zone of the base. Four MS and a TR sank give me enough points for a marginal victory. At this point, I set my BC-s and 4 700 ton CL-s to task of raiding.

Next fleet battle is massive, with eight battleships on my side. I immediately run into three Austrian BC-s. Austrian ships realize what they are up against and try to escape, but a Kartnen class is immobilized almost immediately. Not long after, Voralberg class is destroyed by turret flash fire, immediately followed by another Kartnen class; but torpedo hits from DD attacks reduce my battleline to 17 knots. Turns out entire enemy battlefleet is out in force, and BB Konstantinos Megas eats a few torpedoes from Austrian destroyers. Konstantinos B and Basiliskos both get hit by torpedoes as well – how the hell is AI sinking any of my submarines while apparently sparing none of destroyers for ASW duties? BB Leon B is hit by a torpedo – I guess torpedo tubes on battleships can be useful, so I add broadside swivel mounts to my next battleship class.

And then I’m sacked.

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