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Chief architect: Fire in Notre Dame was no accident

Posted by picard578 on April 20, 2019

Chief architect on renovation of Notre Dame, Benjamin Mouton, has stated that fire cannot be an accident. Fire did not start in the area being rennovated. First alarms were sounded at 18:20, and cathedral was evacuated, but firefighters found no fire. Second alarm was sounded in 18:50, when smoke started rising from the cathedral.

Roof of cathedral was made out of 800-year-old oak, which would not catch fire without a fire accelerant. It is not known who set the device, but since there was no rennovation work being done at the place where fire started, it could not have been a rennovation accident. Further, oak in question caught fire despite not being flammable, as well as being upwind from the fire, which spread in every direction but the wind.

Fire also happened at the time when churches are being attacked all the time in France, by both “progressive” Left activists as well as Muslim immigrants. Both groups celebrated the destruction of the cathedral, and both groups had spawned terror organizations that had been targeting the Notre Dame cathedral for quite some time.

Notre Dame fire: No workers were in the cathedral, no heat sources were near the timber frame

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