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Trade Deficit Madness, From Ancient Rome To Modern Trump Card

Posted by picard578 on June 30, 2018

Globalism works against democracy. Doesn’t matter whether it is technocratic European Union, United Nations, or massive international corporations, globalisation is the greatest danger to democracy – not populism, not nationalism, but globalism, regardless of what plutocratic media says.

Patrice Ayme's Thoughts

Warning; Roman Semi Direct Democracy Collapsed Because Of Global Trade:

Trade is a crucial subject: it’s about who has work, thus who has power, and who has an occupation deemed worthy. In the last massive global trade system we had, with 25% of world population, the core, Italy and Greece got emptied, in nearly all ways, by global trade.

This made “We The Peoples” of the core of the empire weak, unmotivated, incompetent, and finally completely impotent in all ways, especially politically: Rome went from a somewhat Direct Democratic Republic to  a military and then dynastic dictatorship.

I explained all this in great details in many essays: the similarities with the present planetary situation are more than alarming. Roman plutocracy exploded, when the wealthiest and their corporations were able to evade Roman laws by going global. Just as US and EU laws are evaded by going global.


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2 Responses to “Trade Deficit Madness, From Ancient Rome To Modern Trump Card”

  1. Thanks for publishing my essay Picard! I have a related essay, just out, where I try to explain how so-called “French Theory” caused the madness which has seized europe (and the US!). Got to go now, back later…


  2. Indeed, Picard, indeed! This is why Switzerland, an increasingly DIRECT DEMOCRACY, is made of 26 Cantons, each one with its own constitution… This localization of democracy is leading to direct democracy, increasingly. Fascinatingly, CALIFORNIA has also a DIRECT DEMOCRACY part in its “California” REPUBLIC constitution… California, one of the fastest growing states in the world, now with 40 million people, has arguably the world’s 5th GDP… And leads the rest of US by the nose, except perhaps Trump…

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