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Victims Of Post-WWII Communist Crimes Remembered At Jasenovac

Posted by picard578 on December 27, 2017

Croatia, the War, and the Future

Some of the participants
at Jasenovac 1st May 2017
commemorating post-WWII
victims of communist crimes at Jasenovac
Photo: Oskar Sarunic

In October 1917, the Bolshevik Revolution gave birth to the deadliest ideology in human history – Communism. That disease spread like wildfire. To date Communism has claimed more than 100 million lives worldwide and to quote Nigel Jones : “The 20th century witnessed death and slaughter on an unprecedented scale…Josip Broz Tito’s (described as belonging to the top 20 mass murderers of the 20th century) communist regime murdered some 570,000 political opponents…” and this figure does not account for family members, women and children that stack up a murderous toll. According to the world renowned academic and scientist R.J. Rummel, the democide committed by Tito’s communist regime after WWII amounts to 1,380,000 people (with the population of around 18 million at the time this figure is staggering).

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5 Responses to “Victims Of Post-WWII Communist Crimes Remembered At Jasenovac”

  1. altandmain said

    As bad as Communism was at times, it’s important to remember that it came about due to the abuses of the Russian Tsar and yes, capitalism (particularly as practiced throughout the 19th and early 20th century). Both Communism and Capitalism alike have a great many people on their respective body counts.

    Some form of economic egalitarianism is needed. I largely agree with those who say that Marx had valid criticisms of capitalism, but his ideas were not entirely the solution. Likewise, perhaps George Orwell is another – he believed that socialism was the only solution, but only if people knew about the dangers, which is why he wrote books like Animal Farm.


    • Picard578 said

      Thing is, concentration of power always leads to abuses of power. Concentration of wealth leads to concentration of power, but attempts at egalitarianism and socialism also lead to concentration of power (European Union, for example). So it is a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation – Scylla and Charybdis.


    • As Picard says, it’s all about concentration of power, which is intrinsically evil. Stalin was not just the richest man in the Russian empire, but the most capable of mass producing evil. (That, in turn, enabled him to beat Hitler… As Stalin himself had anticipated and explained to the Politburo around 1922.). Pluto-cracy: evil-power!


  2. Communist??? “Communism” was actually, first, according to the self-declared “communists” themselves, “dictatorship” (of the so-called “proletariat”). Dictatorship is dictatorship, not “communism”. Lenin, Stalin, Tito, Mao, Pol Pot were all dictators of the bloody type. So CINO: Communism in name only. As Picard says, it’s all about concentration of power, which is intrinsically evil. Pluto-cracy: evil-power!


    • Picard578 said

      Communism comes from Latin “communis”, common or universal. Thing is however, if something is universal then it has to be forced onto others – Communism is an inherently totalitarian ideology. Much like Islam, Communism has a tendency to expand and swallow everything, a tendency that has been taken up by modern-day progressives as well. Because progressivism is actually neo-Communism, right down to violence against political opponents.


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