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  • August 2017
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ISIS fighters given houses and jobs as part of “hug a jihadi” campaign

Posted by picard578 on August 13, 2017

Police in the city of Aarhus, Denmark, has introduced the scheme in which ISIS fighters returning from Syria are being offered apartments, education and jobs to reintegrate the radicalised back into society. Scheme was introduced after 19 youths had returned home, out of 36 who had travelled to Syria to fight for ISIS. proponents of the police-run scheme in Aarhus say that jihadists are “isolated” and struggling to integrate, and claim that offering them kindness and forgiveness will deter them from their murderous ideology. Superintendent Allan Aarslev claimed that “From my point of view it would be much more safe for the local community here to help these young men to have a normal life after they have returned than to leave them alone.”, and “If we did not integrate them into the local community again they would be a safety hazard for us.” He failed to explain why should they be allowed to return in the first place.

The program however was criticized for de facto rewarding jihadists for their activities. Naser Khadeer, a Muslim member of the Conservative People’s party, called for a hardline approach to foreign fighters. Speaking on the Australian news programme Dateline, he said: “What I have criticised when it comes to the Aarhus model is when you have been in Syria and you come back, it is wrong in my opinion to reward whoever has been in Syria by giving them an apartment, jobs, education. We should prosecute them not reward them.”. Jihadis are much more likely to see the program for what it is – a sign of weakness – than to appreciate it as a goodwill gesture. Dr. James Mitchell had called a program extremely naive. “I want you to imagine Rob O’Neill, the guy who shot bin Laden, kicking open the door in his compound, and he’s armed with warm cookies and a ‘Let’s Cuddle’ t-shirt. And he goes, ‘Get on over here, you rascal. I got lots of hugs for you,'” Mitchell said on “Fox & Friends” this morning. “It’s a ridiculous idea.”

At the same time, a Danish student, Joanna Palani, was shunned for fighting against ISIS after she returned to Denmark. Since returning to Denmark she said she had been forced into hiding and claimed she was “seen as a terrorist”. Ms Palani told MailOnline: “I was willing to give up my life and my freedom to stop ISIS advancing, so that everyone in Europe can be safe. This was my choice.” “But I am seen as a terrorist by my own country.” She added: “I live in one of the best countries in the world but I am hungry and homeless and freezing cold in bed at night, even though I am working full time.” “I don’t trust anyone.” Joanna Palani was handed a 12-month travel ban to prevent her from travelling back to the conflict zone in September 2015 and was threatened with jail when she flew to Qatar. Other Danes who had gone to fight against ISIS had been threatened with jail on their return from Syria.

9 Responses to “ISIS fighters given houses and jobs as part of “hug a jihadi” campaign”

  1. Reblogged this on Histoire militaire du Moyen-Orient.


  2. It’s called rehabilitation, and it’s a model that has worked in America for a very long time. When people find jobs, return to criminal activity goes down drastically.


  3. Freedom said

    As an atheist Turk I can’t believe how self destructive europe is. Treating a person who went to syria to fight against isis as a terrorist is kind of understandable. You can never know what he/she actually did there. But giving house, job,… to a legimate terrorist? What? He will use that money to buy a car to use at an attack. He will use that house as a base to wage jihad. He will never be grateful and try to integrate.
    I have been to Sweden and saw how Sweden destroyed itself. Literally there wasn’t any swedish person at Stockholm :). Same with germany. Somehow Europe managed to take worst of people from middle east. Some of my friends are trying get a job at germany for years and they are actually qualified and western like people. If they could get into germany they wouldn’t have any difference from a german in couple years. But there are some people in Germany living there for couple of generations but don’t know single German word. Europe took worst people it can take while preventing qualified people from entering.


    • Picard578 said

      Liberalism is a cult, and unfortunately the one that has conquered Europe. And most cults are self-destructive by nature. So you cannot exactly expect rational judgement from European politicians.


  4. Is it different? I honestly don’t know. There has never been documented proof that “the model is useless.” I recently read a story about a black man, Daryl Davis, who reached out to Klansmen, our homegrown extremists. He had dinner with them and showed them courtesy. The result? 200 people left the KKK over the years. Maybe this could work in Denmark. They need to monitor these people closely to make sure they don’t return to Islamic terrorism. What if it works and they become functioning members of society? It would be an enormous success in the fight against terrorism.

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    • Picard578 said

      Maybe, but I am rather sceptical. Because, no matter how deranged they be, KKK still come from the same cultural background as the people they live with – Western civilization is based on Christianity, so KKK is indirectly based on Christianity as well. Meanwhile islamic terrorists come from islamic, not christian, cultural background. So it will be far more difficult.

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  5. […] ISIS fighters given houses and jobs as part of “hug a jihadi” campaign […]


  6. Al-hein? said

    Well, the “Crevette Bigeard” (Bigeard’s shrimp) method would surely be simpler and cheaper, e.g. for Carlos the Jackal, we’d have spared millions doing so…

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