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Israel: The World’s Most Moral Army

Posted by Picard578 on August 1, 2017


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Are Muslim refugees truly refugees

Posted by Picard578 on August 1, 2017

“Allah requires from the believers to be masters of the land where they live, and only they can have property, and only we will be able to own the land.” — Muslim migrants in Crete, Greece.

Politicians are calling for admitting millions of Muslim “refugees”. Plutocratic liberal media are also calling for admittance of refugees, and are attacking Central European nations that refuse immigration as being “xenophobic”, and blaming their leaders for being “anti-Muslim”, “anti-refugee”, “racist” and “xenophobic”. Disregarding for the moment display of liberal qualities such as intolerance, racism and mendacity (all of President Zeman’s claims about Muslims that ENJ attacks as incorrect can be proven by watching Muslim behaviour or simply reading Islamic religious texts), most basic question is wether refugees are actually refugees.

Basic distinction between a refugee and an immigrant is that a refugee is fleeing danger. The UNHCR defines a refugee as a person with a “well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion”. Consequently, refugees only need to be transported to safety. Anyone who refuses to go to the closest safe country, and instead continues to country that is farther away, is not a refugee but an (economic) immigrant. When it comes to Muslim refugees from Syria and Iraq, closest safe countries are Turkey and Saudi Arabia, respectively. Both of these countries are extremely rich and should be able to help their coreligionists, but are all too happy to offload them into Europe. Also, the Convention does not apply to a person “who is recognized by the competent authorities of the country in which he has taken residence as having the rights and obligations which are attached to possession of nationality in that country”. So a person having rights in the new country is not a refugee. Most Muslims coming to Europe do not come from places where they have fear of persecution. Also, since they have come to a place where they are given civil rights, they are no longer refugees.

Consequently, Muslims coming to Europe and United States are not refugees. They do not come because they are forced to in order to survive, they come to lead a life on social security provided by European taxpayers (or in rarer cases, to actually find a job). They are thus economic immigrants, or more accurately, welfare shoppers undertaking an invasion of Europe. This is the reason why they go to Germany, France and Scandinavian countries instead of Turkey, Italy or Spain, or going to even closer Saudi Arabia, Egypt or Iran. Neither are they comparable to Jewish refugees in World War II. Jews were not a terrorist risk to countries they fled to. They also had nowhere else to go – eventually, the entire Europe was conquered, and only United States were a safe haven. There was no Jewish state to flee to. Muslim “refugees” however can go to neighbouring Islamic countries, such as Saudi Arabia or Iran. Islamic refugee crisis is a consequence of a violent religious dispute dating back to 7th century; Jews solved their disputes with a pen, not the sword. Contrary to Jewish theologial discussions, Sunni-Shiite sectarian violence was always the main driver of violence in the Middle East. While Jewish refugees were predominantly secular, and conformed to cultural values of the Occidental culture, Muslim immigrants refuse to assimilate into Western societies. There is no separation between Islam and the public life, law included. Muslim refugees have disproprotionately contributed to attacks on literally every group in Western societies, Muslims themselves included – but especially on the Jews. In fact, antisemitism is built into Islam itself – after the Charlie Hebdo attacks, Islamic terrorists went straight to the kosher super-market to slaughter Jews.

There are other problems as well. Identity of the refugees is basically impossible to check to the levels that would be needed to confirm they are not terrorists. And due to the nature of Islam, even people with no terrorist record are a danger once they come to non-Islamic societies. They are not only at throats of the indigenous populace, but on each others’ throats as well, thanks to sectarian nature of, and conflicts within, Islam itself. Nearly a third of Syrian refugees support terrorist groups – 31% of them do not want the Islamic state to be defeated. Only 10% think that radical Islam is a problem, but 41% say that America or Jews are. And only 21% of them are actually Syrian, meaning that 4/5ths of the refugees are actually economic immigrants. Most refugees are fit young men able to pay smugglers – women and children among the refugees can barely be found. In fact, 72% so-called “refugees” are fit young men of fighting age – only 15% are children.

Only one in five “Syrian” refugees are actually from Syria. Other 79% are thus economic immigrants, not actual refugees. They come from Pakistain, Saudi Arabia, Horn of Africa (and middle Africa in general). About 3/4 of the refugees are young men.

But the Leftist elite profits from the Syrian refugees, in several ways. Psychologically, they rid themselves of the white guilt that they had been brainwashed into. They commit cultural suicide as a way of “atoning” for the crimes of their ancestors (nevermind that these crimes are generally either overblown or were caused by the same culture they are importing – such as European colonialism, which was caused by Islam blocking trade routes to China, or black slavery which was also imported from Islam). But the Leftist elites also have major economic interest. Bringing in millions of uneducated, low-skill men will make things far cheaper for the employers. They also need housing, which makes profits for the housing/construction companies. A million new uneducated, sick people causing problems will also mean larger budget for the welfare state bureocracy.

For this reason, there is clear discrimination against non-Muslims when accepting “refugees”. By 9/2016, United States had accepted 10.081 Syrian refugees. Full 56 – as in, 56 refugees, not 56% – were Christians, who are the most vulnerable group in Syria. Whereas about 11% of Syrian population are Christians, only 0,56% of the refugees were. The US Citizenship and Immigration Service defines “refugee” as somewhone who “is located outside of the United States; is of special humanitarian concern to the United States; demonstrates that they were persecuted or fear persecution due to race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or membership in a particular social group.”. Syrian Christians definetly fit this definition; Syrian Muslims, for the most part, do not. Reason for small number of Christians is because “refugees” come from refugee camps in Jordan. Since these are not segregated based on the religion, any Christians entering those camps are likely to be murdered, and thus either flee or simply do not enter said camps. Yazidis are in no better position. In FY2016, US accepted 12.486 Muslims, 68 Christians and 24 Yazidis.

Muslim refugees, when they enter Europe, do not act as refugees. They act as an occupation army. They occupy the land, force residents to conform to their own way of life, implement measures against country’s inhabitants, propagandize their beliefs and use force to have them imposed In Greece, islamic immigrants have been occupying spaces that do not belong to them, using violence, blocking roads, committing crimes against public property, acting aggressively toward residents and the police, and saying that they feel offended when they see symbols that represent Christianity. In at least one occasion, migrants were ready to wage jihad because they believed a rumour about an event for which neither Greek government or the people would have been responsible had it actually happened anyway. On September 26, 2016, in the Tympaki region of the island of Crete, people found all over the streets quotes from the Quran. One of the quotes is used as introduction to the article: “Allah requires from the believers to be masters of the land where they live, and only they can have property, and only we will be able to own the land.”. Another quote states that “Allah said that we should conquer all the planet, and the faithful ones should own the land and the crops.”, and that is what the immigrants are doing. In Greece and Italy, immigrants had been blocking roads for hours with nobody stopping them – on one occasion, because they did not get good enough internet connection. In Greece, they had been asking drivers to show their IDs and driver’s lincenses, as an occupation army does. The police and the army did nothing to stop the immigrants from such a blatant breach of law.

Immigration from Muslim countries is never going to stop unless somebody shuts the door. The entire Muslim world is basically a never-ending refugee crisis. Between endless civil wars, poverty and high birth rates, Muslim countries are a perpetuum mobile generator of migrant crisis. And due to culture of Islam itself, poverty will not go away, and Muslim world will never get any better. Population growth itself is enough to cause conflicts and genocides in Islamic countries. And the only economic plan Muslims have is moving to Europe and using its welfare systems – at least, until indigenous populace is gone and European civilization is replaced by another Islamic hellhole. Money needed to move to Europe – whole extended families – comes from the crime gangs and welfare NGOs (which are basically one and the same). Immigrants refuse to participate in the job market because welfare and crime are much more profitable – but European authorities blame this failure on racism instead of Islam.

Neither islamic violence nor islamic migration are an answer to Western colonialism and imperialism. They predate it, by many centuries. First islamic migration – and military invasion – was soon after Muhammad’s death. Its targets were Persia and the Roman Empire. West did not create Muslim dysfunction, but its attempts to ameliorate said dysfunction only open it up to “progressive” criticism.

The end result is a cultural and genetic genocide, a massive replacement of the Occidental peoples and values by islamic immigrants. Islamic immigration, if left unchecked, will cause the end of the Hellenic-Judeo-Christian values of Europe, such as individual freedom, critical thinking and dispassionate inquiry.

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