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  • June 2017
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Psychopathy in politics, finance and military

Posted by picard578 on June 20, 2017

This is also relevant for the military – military is the extension of society, and war in general brings out the best and the worst in the people. In the peacetime, psychopathy of rulers explains the seemingly contradictory procurement process – buying inferior weapons (e.g. F-35 instead of F-22); retiring useful weapons (e.g. A-10); and spending money on useless trinkets while ignoring needs of troops in the combat zone and veterans alike. The only possible solution to this problem is the direct democracy. Such a system however would not work in the military, because military requires quick decision making, which in turn requires a clear hierarchy and chain of command. This is why an overly powerful military always was a threat to democracy – a military which gains political power rewards psychopathy.

Psychopaths like power, and they want to keep it for themselves. This is why politicians promote supranational integrations such as NATO, European union and so on – they are antidemocratic, and therefore appeal to psychopaths who like to keep all the power for themselves. NATO still exists despite its purpose having been ended, because it serves the purpose of destroying the society. Same goes for European union.

War today is business. Military cannot operate without supplies, and flow of supplies heightens especially during the war. It is business corporations which provide those supplies, and they want to maximize profits. This is why efficient weapons and efficient politics are not pursued today. Greater the logistical footprint of the weapon, greater the profits – and complex weapons such as F-35 require extensive logistics support, because they cannot be fixed at the front line. They are also typically more expensive, meaning that greater percentage of profits goes to capitalists. NATO itself is business, because member states have to standardize their equipment, which for most means buying from the United States. And expanding NATO means greater profits for arms dealers. In fact, it is precisely the psychopaths such as George Soros that support supranational integrations.

2 Responses to “Psychopathy in politics, finance and military”

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  2. Henrik Helander said

    Yes, Picard. I agree with you on every point here.


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