A problem with Islam


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  2. I tried to reblog several times, it didn’t work out. So I made an essay out of it, here it is:

    Strange Disease Of Islamophilia Observed By Youth
    The admiration for, and lies about Literal Islam is the miracle which keeps on giving.

    Islam took over what had been, for millennia, the richest, most innovative and most civilized part of the world, and turned it into the poorest, dumbest, and most war-torn wastes, until oil was found. Any question?

    Well, some had questions. As the president of Senegal, Abu Diouf, said, Saudi style, Salfist Wahhabi Islam is “not my religion”. This is why 100 severely different versions of islam were created. In opposition to Salafist Islam. However, Salafist islam is now propelled by Arabian oil (and Wall Street, and Washington power standing behind since the 1930s: the swamp Trump talks about is full of oil…)

    The “West” by the way, is the descendant, in more ways than one, some cultural, some genetics, of that richest, most innovative, and most civilized part of the world, which I call not the Middle East, but the Middle Earth, because it is what it is.

    Italians are partly, genetically, Iraqis: Mesopotamians migrated over to the north shore of the Mediterranean, with their bio-engineered grain and know-how, bringing themselves and agriculture. 5,000 years before Greek civilization. This migration was recently genetically traced through the islands of the Aegean. Much “Greek” math was Egyptian, Sumer cities, 5,000 years ago, started the alphabet, and “Europa” was a Phoenician Princess (who travelled over to present day Europe; actually she would have been kidnapped…)

    Considering the logic of Islam, it’s easy to see why all the gold it touches turns to poisonous mercury. Islam is an essentially hypocritical faith, saying science has to be pursued, but then “disbelievers” have to be killed. That’s, at best, absurd: how can one develop science without disbelief? How can want to develop science without feeling that creation, as it happened, is not perfect, but, instead, requires thorough explanation?Doesn’t Islam say we should stick to revelation, as transmitted by Mr. Messenger, an epileptic analphabet hallucinating in the desert?

    Islam seems to have aimed at making into a capital offense all and any behavior that would not make Muslims reproduce like rabbits, to feed those vast armies of conquerors and jihadists. So women are supposed to be baby machines, and any man not inclined to engross them, within strict guidelines, is a traitor.

    The irony, of course, is that the Islam superstition, by separating men and women, is intrinsically homosexual: after, men are supposed to be with men, and women, with women. Actually, it’s even better than that: women are supposed to be out of sight. So Muslim men intrinsically only love to have around other men, they have androphilia.

    The ferocity with which homosexuals are killed in Islam is precisely because Islam is so homosexual. It’s both a lie and a lifeline. An attempt to disguise what is going while avoiding the accusation of sodomy by the West which helped to destroy the Aztecs.

    Violence in Islam is no accident, coincidence or consequence. It’s intrinsic. Violence, the violence of armies, is what made Islam possible. In a few years, Islam conquered the largest empire the world had ever known. Precisely because those who (claim to) die for Allah are promised paradise.

    The question then becomes: why did such a monster superstition become an object of adoration on the part of so many intellectuals in the West?

    Because many intellectuals in the West developed a hatred for civilization, shortly before or coincident and causally related to Stalinism, Nazism, Fascism and Maoism… Much of the anti-colonialist struggle, however justified, resorted to hating civilization all together… Although it’s civilization which had made it possible in the first place!

    Many intellectuals became rich, powerful and influential this way. Hating civilization became their business model. And in Islam they found an ideology which had been created to hate the “West”, the Greco-Roman empire, and also the other civilization, the Persian Sassanid empire. Muhammad led the first attack against Rome. Within ten years, Persia was destroyed and the richest parts of the Roman empire had been conquered by the Islamists.

    Muhammad didn’t see it: he died by surprise, in great pain, screaming on his deathbed in Mecca, for days, that he had been poisoned. By fellow Muslims.

    That’s the drawback of a lethal, dictator friendly religion: it kills a lot.

    So many Western intellectuals loved Islam, because it hated the “West”. So did Hitler (love islam, hate the “West”). And of course plutocrats in general hate civilization, so they are natural enemies of Islam (the Qur’an orders to follow dictators as if they were god, as long as they are Muslims…).

    US oilmen and sneaky British imperialists saw, as early as the 1930s, that they would gain by instrumentalizing Islam. So here we are. All Islam propaganda goes through Western fibers and satellites.

    The problem of Islam is thus way larger than just Islam. Yes, Islam is the religion of desert raiding, it was established that way by a caravan raider. Yes, Islam is ideal for brutal military conquerors, and dictators, thus many of these, from the Turks to the Mongols, adopted it. But Islam is more than that. Islam is an ideology, one of many, of the sort which serve a much bigger species of monsters, always devouring civilizations. Islam is the tool of something maximally monstrous: unchained, free ranging plutocracy.


    • This is a first paragraph of an article / essay / whatever I am going to write about liberalism:
      “Liberalism is all about sweeping generalizations. “All people are equal”, “all religions are the same”, “all cultures are worthy of respect”. To be a liberal, person does not have to have any knowledge of reality and history, does not need to do research, and does not need to think. Modern liberalism is easy, and so modern generations who expect everything to be given to them on a silver platter – opinions included – are attracted to it. Everything can be placed in the same basket, no work necessary. Second main factor is liberalism’s idealism. Liberals get so focused on ideals that they forget reality. Since reality is less than ideal, ignoring it can make people feel better as they forget their troubles. This is why rich people and their kids tend to be liberals – they have no connection to reality, and are thus free to dream. Since rich people also tend to be better educated, this gives a false impression that education somehow causes people to become more liberal.”

      This explains why liberals like Islam. Because both modern liberalism and Islam are hostile to free thought, to critique, to anything not fitting their doctrine. They both create societies best described as the beginnings of the Borg collective.


      As for your comment:
      Ancient Middle East is very different from Medieval Middle East. In Antiquity, the Fertile Crescent was the most fertile area in the world (and site of the Biblical Eden). This allowed various civilizations to thrive, but long-term human presence had conseqences – the land was exhausted, eventually turning into desert. Islam, even though it comes from the Middle East, originates from very different conditions. It originated in the desert, where resources were limited, and wars were constantly fought over oases. Warfare was the norm, and high civilization could not develop in such conditions. Islam developing as it did is thus no surprise – it is a codification of warring mentality of desert raiders (Romans fought the Saracens – Arabs – under Dicletian and even earlier, long before Islam appeared).

      Islam is totalitarian war religion by nature, and this totalitarianism shows itself in all aspects – including relationship towards women. Poor environment has created poor brains, and poor brains have thus created stupid religion. And stupidity is infectious, hence Islam spread rapidly. Violence is actually a consequence of this totalitarianism – violence of the mind inevitably manifests itself as physical violence (just see how modern-day liberals tend to become violent when their beliefs are contradicted – you can find good footage from US college campuses). And Islam has codified this physical violence as a jihad.

      I think modern hatred for civilzation goes deeper than what you are describing. As I had described, modern liberalism is extremely opposed to free thought. Yet it is free thought which makes civilization possible. But to tell them that they are basically Nazis is to cause a screaming fit. This is because today’s liberalism is in the service of plutocracy (just take a look at who finances liberal movements: George Soros, Rockefeller, and other plutocratic mafia). And plutocracy cannot exist if free thought is allowed, hence idiots have to be created (“idiotes” was originally a term for people who did not partake in political process because they were self-centered and concerned only with private affairs. Quite apt description for modern self-centered liberals). Plutocracy requires idiocracy, and idiots are created by teaching people not to think. Hence modern concern about insulting people, manifesting itself as political correctness – truth is always insulting, and if you are afraid of telling the truth, you become an idiot. Modern educational system is no better, teachning people WHAT to think as opposed to HOW to think – if people are taught HOW to think, there is no telling what conclusions and solutions they will reach.

      I found this as well, may interest you:

  3. There are also MANY gruesome things in the Bible, especially in the old testament.
    Better remind that Christian extremists created the inquisition which was pretty ugly to ‘infidels’ and Hulagu-Khan, who was allegedly “Christian”, has spilled mountains of blood, killing near the 2 millions of inhabitants of Baghdad.
    I bet that many who now support the Dalai-Lama against China, had they lived in the Tibetan theocracy, would have applauded when China invaded. Just get info on how their justice used to punish people by making them blind, cut a hand+a foot and other nice things…
    Worshippers of Kali in Hinduism have left an English word behind them : “thugs”.

    Actually, all religions had their issues and so have all political ideologies.
    What sucks big league with Islam is its conservative extreme forms i.e. wahhabism/salafism, while Alewis or Sufis are not an issue. It’s clear that with countries like Qatar, Saudi-Barbaria funding mosques everywhere to place their extremist preachers in, so Turkey already felt in this trap, but also Somalia, etc, with the infamous Muslim Brotherhood acting as a 5th column, these are the real issues as most of the Muslims are in the same case as most of Christians : they are so because their parents brainwashed them into their religion while themselves had a limited knowledge of this religion

    Nevertheless, no media consider what’s happening in Congo where just 6 millions people lost their lives in the recent years, including 3 millions children under 5y old of age, but hey, who left the barbarian who did the massacres in Rwanda or Uganda flee to Congo? And well, there are serious resources to take so shhhhhhhhh, don’t talk about it in MSM, let’s not ruin the big capitalism projects… And it’s so convenient to use proxies to do the dirty job, exactly as all those low IQs have been tooled to do serious shit in Syria while the real goal was to clear the way for the Qatar->KSA->Syria->Turkey->EU gas pipeline while, at the same time, the GazProm->EU pipeline was cut by the Soros+DoS backed coup, thus placing Poroshenko and his fascists in power and strangely, Poland was given F-16s in order to challenge GazProm from gaining full access to EU’s northern OPAL pipeline system.

    We’d better consider sticking to reality by taking a look at the geopolitics before unjustly charging some categories of populations for their religion or falling in pretty dubious nationalism or any ideology that already proved itself at claiming blood.

    Let’s face reality : there’s a bunch of very wealthy criminals with high profile political connections gained through briberies doing their habitual shit and this is nothing new seeing them tooling extremists to make a whole lotta money and gain more power than they already have.
    East India Company, Triangular Trade, etc etc etc, were already working the same way and in the last centuries, hundreds of millions died without even knowing why…
    THIS is REAL-POLITIK and geopolitics! It’s all about the money. Any other reason we’re told about is a smokescreen.

    Now, it’d be much better that this usually interesting blog avoided to slip into an out of subject political rant. Frankly, if explaining i.e. geopolitics is totally OK with such a themed blog, I’m not sure that beginning to flirt with ideologies with potential derives to some extremism, no matter what they are, will be constructive. BTW, European extremists are even much more dangerous than the few loonies that have been brainwashed into blowng themselves with a explosive belt, here in Dar-el-Kuffar… Actually, there are much more chances ending assassinated by your spouse than getting killed by some terrorist too and even many many more to die in a car crash…

    • To Al Hein [more coming!]

      One does excuse a lethal ideology by saying there is another lethal ideology out there. Nor does the past excuse the present. In the past ALL human societies were cannibal. Does that mean cannibalism is OK?
      So there is lethal trash in the Bible, right. Whether it’s in the Old or New Testament does not matter: Jesus said he respected both. But this is exactly why, except for a few places here and there, and at one time or another, the Bible was NEVER the law of the land. A century before Muhammad, Roman emperor Justinian ordered a refurbishment of Roman law.

      Justinian ruled for 40 years (and absolutely 527-565 CE). Justinian 1 had received superior education (in particular Justinian knew to read and write as a small child, in several languages, whereas Muhammad never learned to write or read, in any language). Justinian put a university professor of law at the head of refurbishing commission in charge of the Corpus iuris civilis

      Justinian was an all-too devoted “Catholic Orthodox”. However the professor he chose to head the law commission was a Pagan. That may sound strange, as “Catholic Orthodox”, that is all the emperors “We order all those who follow this law to assume the name of Catholic Christians, and considering others as demented and insane, We order that they shall bear the infamy of heresy; and when the Divine vengeance which they merit has been appeased, they shall afterwards be punished in accordance with Our resentment, which we have acquired from the judgment of Heaven.” But this was just a law by Christians against Christians! This sort of anti-apostates, anti-”disbelievers” and anti-”hypocrites” laws were imitated by Islam a century later.

      In general, Islam is often, in its most nefarious aspects, just an imitation of what Christian fanatics had imposed in Rome, and what’s found in the Bible.

      In any case, Justinian gave just one order: to separate secular law from religious law. In the following 10 to 12 centuries (depending upon locale), religious laws would be sometimes applied

      No Shariah in the West!

      The famous “Verse of the Sword” of the Qur’an (Surah 9, verse 5) which says to kill “disbelievers” is actually found, nearly seven centuries earlier in the New Testament, Luke 19;27 says:”But those enemies of mine who did not want me to be king over them–bring them here and kill them in front of me.”

      That’s lethal trash… And the Qur’an, hysterically imitating the Bible, and going even beyond, is full of it.
      The Bible does not at all rule over Western Europe, in any significant sense, since the Enlightenment. And as I said before, it ruled, when it ruled, not very long and not very systematically. Secular law nearly always had precedence over Catholic fanaticism except for the worst times around 400 CE and then under the Inquisition, a millennium later.

      It’s time to extend the courtesy of the Enlightenment to Islam, and Muslims will be the main beneficiaries.

    • I have long condemned the situation in Congo, long directed from the USA, and probably the genesis of the Rwandan civil war and genocide: Kagame, Rwanda’s dictator/president/civil war leader was friendly to the powers that be in the USA.
      See my “Book Hypocrisy @ Face Value”:

      I will answer some of the very interesting rest when I find time…

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