The problem with abortion


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  1. Bless you for sharing this compelling, mesmerizing, thought provoking post on the problem with abortion. This post will no doubt save many lives if taken to heart. I for one do not believe in abortion and I am very pleased with this video you have shared.

    The illustrations of a person sitting in a car is superb. And the proving that the precious unborn have their own set of DNA and blood type! Simply amazing. What a great share this is. Thank you very much.

  2. I didn´t ask about Your opinion on…. anything whatsoever…..

    Who is this boy and why is he spamming my email, last 20 or 30 mails I have had from Defenseissues have been with links to his immature content….

    I´ll unsubscribe unless he disappear, it WAS interesting though….

  3. It’d be much better if this blog concentrates on defences issues and avoided to go on derivating in a political proselytism which has no place here. Note I’m not talking only about this post but a serious shift on the subject treated in the last months.
    On this, I’m tempted to say that conservatives are those who want to retain the worst from the past and progressives tend to promote the worst of the present.
    It’d be wise to take the best and leave the rest.

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