Counterbalance Representative Democracy By Direct Democracy

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Representative Democracy” is a contradiction in adjecto. I propose to complement by making direct democracy the overlord of the present system.

The seven leaders of the seven richest countries met in Sicily for the G7 Summit of 2017. Meanwhile several rescue ships rescued more than a thousand refugees from the sea. Each. That’s thousands of people a day. It looks as if much of Africa is a sinking ships, and the rats are leaving. But don’t worry: there is no colonialism in Africa (what there is now is there is neocolonialism-plutocratic exploitation, without administrative interference, and that’s much more efficient as an extraction mechanism).

So here you seven individuals deciding for the world. What the world will do, what the world should do, what the world is capable of, what the world should learn, etc.

They were a bit discombobulated by Trump, who was described as “unpredictable”…

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  1. Thanks Picard! The news are getting more interesting by the hour. A search engine held by plutocrats incited against me publicly, and I have already contacted TWO lawyers in the Silicon Valley, in the last hour…. An essay on what happened is coming.

      • Read the first one. I agree with all, except the conflation of Islamism and North African immigration. Millions who immigrated from North Africa, including half the family of yours truly, did so, precisely because they are anti-Islam. They are often much more anti-Islam than the bovine rest of the French population.

        Also the proverbial “racial mix” has to be taken with a grain of salt. Many Europeans migrated to North Africa, including Neanderthals (highest concentration there). Romans, Celts, Spaniards, Vandals, etc. migrated there. In any case the population in NA is, overall, European, not semitic, genes studies show. (In spite of the fact millions of Jews, who are Semitic, lived there!)

        • It is true that initial immigrants oftentimes aren’t islamists, but they don’t stay that way. To be more precise, their children, regardless of how successful integration process is, typically turn to literal (“radical”) Islam. Research has also shown that children of well-integrated immigrants are no less likely to turn radical than children of immigrants who were not integrated into society.

  2. Dear Picard: What happened is that intellectuals betrayed after World War Two. (Actually some had betrayed during and before WWII). They made an anti-French (and thus anti-EU) discourse, which was appreciated in Washington, Moscow, Wall Street and Beijing. Islam became a mean to that end. Thus justified Islamophobia was denounced as “racism”. A new generation was stuck between poor schooling, Islamization from the top and Saudi Arabia, plus unemployment and civilization-phobia.

    There was nothing wrong with the Muslim origin immigrants, but everything wrong with the environment racist plutocracy provided them with. “Integration” was rendered difficult by the Islamophile, multicultural top down influence.

    • I just reblogged an article about muslim immigration, you may find it interesting.

    • Have you noticed all this “repentance” thing is found only in France… but never found it’s way to a certain mass-murdering colonial power just behind the channel ?
      I once read a proper definition of this attitude: “National Sociopathic Disorder”

      • There are conflicts between nations and versions of civilization. England has been in conflict with France since the invasion of England by a French army led by the Duke of Normandy. As the latter took control on the other side of the channel, the king of England became a vassal of the king of France (who was officially “Roman emperor in his own kingdom”).

        To make a long story short, it made the Brits much more perfidious and hypocritical, contributing to the success of the UK then, and the the US, now.
        Writing a little essay on that for my site, just now.
        Patrice Ayme’

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