Strange Death of Europe

Immigration is going to cause huge problems in Europe. There already is a de-facto civil war in France, and the problem is spreading as European union spreads. If things continue this way, European union will go down, and it will go down in flames.

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  1. “De-Facto Civil war in France”? Fact Checking, Picard, Fact Checking. I’m not insulting you here, but this is downright ridiculous. Marine Le Pen never made such a claim. Also, the problem in France are second-generation French Citizens, born and raised in France. Proportionally to our population, we are the European country that received the least migrants, and most of them are in Calais, wanting to go to Britain. Why? That’s simple… there are no jobs in France.

    Also, I consider that the EU and the euro should have been limited to Germany, France, Italy, Benelux and -possibly- Spain, Portugal and Austria.

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