French stolen elections

Between 30% and 60% of Le Pen’s ballots were destroyed before mailing. There is not a single report of Macron’s ballot being destroyed. A destroyed ballot cannot be cast, thus forcing Le Pen’s supporters to abstain from the vote. As a result, Macron is not a legitimately elected president of France, but rather usurper.

There were a total of 33 million votes cast and counted, and additional 16 million cast votes were nullified. Out of 33 million valid votes, 22 million were for Macron and 11 million for Le Pen. If invalidated votes are counted, Le Pen gets 27 million votes.


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  1. Obviously you know nothing about how it works in France. Everyone is send the program with ballots. But you have to move to vote and you will find ballots at that places. ballots are printed in double and offered to everyone before you can vote. No vote is stolen if something like that happen.

      • That was done deliberately but not to “stole the election”.
        A ripped or marked ballot is null so people who don’t want to choose between can do that. It is very common and I can assure you (I’m French) that result hasn’t been stolen at all. Moreover, in every polling station you can find people from the FN party and do you really think that they’ll let do the cheating your suggesting ? naaaa, no way.

        Some “modified/nullified ballots are pretty funny by the way.

        “Vote for the washing machine. The only one who respects the programs”

    • Is it true (as reported in the article above) that 16 million cast votes were nullified ? Which the causes ?

  2. Leum is perfectly right. Ballots are send by postal mail with the candidates’ political propaganda, but the same ballots are available at polling stations. So claiming Le Pen would-be voters were unable to do so by lack of ballots is absolute bullshit.
    Furthermore, not a single polling station in the country has reported any problem with Le Pen ballots. One single polling station has resulted in an investigation, as instead of providing two ballots, one for each candidate, they added a third blank ballot. This is not lawful and has been considered inciting to casting a spoilt ballot. But still, Le Pen ballots were available and undamaged.
    The damaging of ballots only occurred in a few regions, and must have taken place where ballots were packed into plastic postal packages. Which is certainly done in regional centres of the french Post office, wich is still some form of parastatal, and is therefore the natural partner to respect national electoral processes. It signifies nothing more than a political act by some individuals involved in this packaging process. As unlawful as it is, it is just about making a statement, and it had no consequences whatsoever on the election. And there is nothing surprising in the fact that it might have happened there, given that the post office is a historical stronghold of socialist workers’ unions that have a tradition of fighting the far-right
    I appreciate this blog for Picard’s very insightful analysis of defense matters, particularly regarding air combat and jet fighters. I am hardly ever impressed by the political or historical analyses proposed, though. But in this particular case, we’re beyond issues of political opinions one may disagree with. This paper is simply fake news, it reproduces information without any attempt to check whether claims are true, and the so-called analysis of the consequences is pure manipulation… That’s a pity.

  3. Let’s see… On march 1st, 2016, there were roughly 44.8 million people in France who could vote.
    Let’s say that 45 million people could vote in 2017. On the second turn, the abstention was of 25.4% (highest level since 1969), which gives us about 33.5 million voters.
    22 million for Macron+11 million for Le Pen+500000 invalid votes = 33.5 million votes.
    Now, you are pretending that there were 49 million votes, which is not only 50% more votes than actual voters, but also more votes than people WHO COULD ACTUALLY VOTE.

    Picard, political activism is one thing, but lying, and even refusing to accept the results of democracy is another. I think you owe me, as well as all the other people who believe in democracy an apology, for this attack on the integrity of the French Republic.

  4. Seriously?… come on 🙂

  5. “Between 30% and 60% of Le Pen’s ballots were destroyed before mailing. There is not a single report of Macron’s ballot being destroyed.”

    This is pure BS and false informations only a small number of ballot in some rare places have been torn and in some places voters received 2 “Le Pen” ballots by post.

    Here information in French.,1502208.php

    You are inventing from nothing a plot theory to justify Marine Le Pen defeat.

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