Le Pen loses to Macron in the French Presidential election

France has had a chance to save itself, but it seems that it has decisively stepped on a road to national suicide.

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Emmanuel Macron, head of the political movement En Marche!, or Onwards!, and candidate for the 2017 presidential election attends a campaign political rally in Saint-Herblain near Nantes

Marine Le Pen’s recentdefeat to Emmanuel Macron in the French Presidential election, undoubtedly broke the hearts of populists across the Western world.

For France was given a clearopportunity, to choose patriotismover the failed path of globalism. While France has experienced21 Islamist terror attacks since 2015, and has a globalist Presidentwith an approval rating of just 4 %, the French were given achance at altering this status quo, and retaking their country as Britain did in June, and America did in November.

However, in the end, France was duped by an internationalist, former Rothschild bankerwho posed as an outsider, yet represented the same pro- immigration, pro- EU worldviewthat has brought thecountry to its knees.

At present, France, the great nation of art, culture, cuisine and current P5 member of the UN Security Council, is facing a grave challenge to its existence.

Whileterrorism presents an obvious danger, parts of France…

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  1. Stop watching Fox News and come to France.

  2. Come to France, as Leum says, and visit Macron’s one million dollar apartment, courtesy of global plutocracy, more exactly plutocrat Henry Hermand (BTW, I am exactly the ONLY ONE to talk about this: all great French pseudo-leftist prefer to talk about Fillon’s jacket…)
    Of course you will not really be able to visit it, because the armed forces of the Macron state will be in the way…

    • You realise that “Macron’s million dollar apartment’ is nothing more than what 75% of dwelling-owners in Paris own? A million dollar price tag in Paris certainly puts you in the bottom 25% of apartment prices, if you exclude the “chambres de bonnes” from the list.

      • You realize that all inspectors of finance get their apartment given to them by plutocrats Henry Hermand, and they all view David de Rothschild as their father?
        Macron as a 25 year old inspecteur des finances was given by a plutocrat an 83 square meter apartment which he sold for 980,000 Euros recently, to avoid questions about what he owned. Also from his own official declarations Macron spent more than 4 million dollars in 3 years in pocket money.
        Such comments were blocked by French media.
        France has become a banana, or Rothschild republic, face it.
        As far as your nonsense on what the bottom is:

        Oct 07, 2016
        House prices are rising again in France. France house pricesPrices in Paris have risen for three consecutive quarters, and in France generally house prices are slightly up.

        Apartment prices in Paris rose by an average of 2.66% (2.67% inflation-adjusted) to €8,100 (US$ 9,126) per square metre (sq. m.) during the year to Q2 2016, according to the La Chambre des Notaires de Paris.

  3. Fox News “No-Go Zones”? Congratulations, Picard, you just destroyed your entire credibility with just one post!

  4. Parisian real estate market is a tense market due to imbalance between the number of apartments for sale, and the demand. A consequence of NIMBY (Not In My BackYard.)
    Maybe Macron will change this? Hope springs eternal!
    The Average price for an apartment in Paris is 450.0000€ and the average surface is 65 m² (650 square feet).
    This means that the apartment Macron was given was 30% above average in size (not bad for a childless 25 year old), and roughly double in value what the average Parisian apartment is worth.
    Plutocrat Henry Hermand explained that he gave Macron 550,000 Euros because Hermand wanted the “young inspector of finances to live in style”.

    And the fact remains that Mr. Macron got this apartment from sheer, manifest, obvious, blatant, in-your-face corruption. If you don’t believe that, I have a million dollar banana to sell you.

    Macron used to earn the median American US family YEARLY income, pre-tax, each WEEK, when he was at Rothschild, employed by his substitute father David de Rothschild. What other gifts did Macron get?
    La Republique En Marche Arriere!

  5. Let’s face the situation here. The French had 2 awful choices for President this election. Macron is little more than a plutocratic stooge who will sell out on his election promises the way François Hollande did.

    I personally felt that Jean-Luc Mélenchon was the best choice amongst the candidates – either him or one of the smaller parties. Sadly this is not to be. I suspect the plutocrats would never allow t his.

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