Further Horror From Sick & Depraved Superstition

Islam is partly a cult, partly a political ideology, and partly a religion. But more than anything else, it is a totalitarian system of thought. And totalitarian system of thought, one which tolerates no disagreement and accepts no discussion, naturally creates a murderous – genocidal – system of rule. This, then, results in terror such as spread by Islam all over the world.

But terror needs no murder. Modern insanity of political correctness is a form of terror itself. “You have to think as we think, and no other way”. Maybe that is why modern “progressives” defend Islam so eagerly – they sense a kindred spirit. Sick and depraved Islam is emboldened by sick and depraved “progressivism” and “multiculturalism”. If facts disagree with the ideology, that worse for the facts. That is the basics of both progressivism and islam, as it is the basis of all other forms of intellectual fascism. Focusing on murderous aspects of islam is actually a wrong approach to take – because Islam is far more than that, and far more dangerous than just “murder all the unbelievers” would make one believe.

Problem is, sometimes fascism is needed to fight fascism. Or as the old Croatian saying said, “Put sharp herbs on a sharp wound”. What is needed is a crackdown on islamic oil money, and a crackdown on crackpots promoting islamic thought in the West. “Everything is fair in love and war”, and West – and civilization in general – is in war with Islam. Because Islam has been in war against the civilization since it came about.

Patrice Ayme's Thoughts

Theresa May, British PM, less than two hundred meters away, spoke of the “sick and depraved attack“. Well, sick and depraved Qur’an, that is. Learn to distinguish cause and effects.

Indeed, another Islam attack, this time in London. Around 30 dead or wounded on the famous Westminster Bridge and Parliament next door. The problem with these Islam activities is not just the number of death and wounded, but that democracies have to learn to live under constant threat, deploying enormous means to insure safety, while, at the same time, master thinkers paid by the Islamists themselves tell us that we are racist if we fear Islam. Just, if we have a fear (“phobia” in Greek), we are racist. If we fear death, we are racist, whereas Islamists are not racist, because they don’t fear death? That’s what those distinguished thinkers paid by the Islam potentates and those who serve them

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  1. Hey, that reminds me of the total inability of my governement to declare Salafism a sect-even though it’s obvious to anyone who is not a leftist egghead like Bernard-Henri Lévy.
    As a citizen of a country who prevented Islam from conquering all of Europe in 732, I find that quite enraging.
    As for solving the problem of oil money… Have you heard of the Korshak Strategy ? XD

    • Problem is that liberalism has conquered Europe, making many if not most people too stupid to see the danger that multiculturalism presents.

      And yeah, Korshak Strategy would be excellent… but again, Western politicians have no guts and no brains.

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