The picture in the aftermath of the London attack which says it all

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“A picture is worth a thousand words” is an oft- quoted phrase, but amid recent events, these words hold an unprecedented relevance.

In the aftermath of the latest terrorist attack in London, a photograph emerged of a Muslim woman walking by, seemingly oblivious to the chaos and death around her.

In case this image wasn’t seen when you clicked on this article, here it is again.

Predictably, people who shared this extraordinary image have been denounced as ‘racists’ and ‘Islamophobes’.

But in fairness, this photo is not necessarily about the Muslim woman pictured, or even the London attack specifically.

As for all we know, the camera might have taken the photo at an unlucky moment for the woman pictured. She may indeed be very stressed about the events around her, in ways that a single photograph might not show.

In truth, the reason this photo has gone viral comes down to its semblance to real…

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  1. Terror is intrinsic to literal Islamism (literal Christianism too, but that’s moot, as nobody practices this anymore…). Thus, if the fear of Islam is racist, so is the fear of terror, and literal Muslims can’t be concerned about either. The main, most significant quotes of Islam are horrendous, and it’s fascinating to see nobody can still be considered serious if they just look at them:

    Thus the fear of the fear of Islam has become an attack against reason itself… As intended by the powers that be!

    • Fear makes it difficult to reason in the first place, so it is easy to manipulate people if they are afraid. And today people are afraid of many things – such as being called “racist”, “intolerant”, etc. if they say the truth. Islam itself is built on fear, and that is what makes it so hard to be rid of – fear is, after all, one of basic human emotions.

      • Indeed! FDR said in 1933:”Only thing we have to fear, is fear itself!” Now that has been reverted into: Everything to fear, especially fear itself! Fearing to criticize as grotesquely inhuman an ideology as Islam in its worst parts is conducive to fearing to criticize the most ludicrous entities and ideologies around. Hence the lack of progress on many issues, such as increasing inequality.

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