Is Islam Destroying the European Union?

Multiculturalism is a plutocratic ploy. People without identity are easily manipulated, and multiculturalism (plus moral relativism) destroys identity and any semblance of a coherent social structure. By doing this it prevents any possibility of an actual democracy existing. By purpoting that all cultures are equally valuable, it endorses islamic intellectual fascism and places it level with Enlightment. But in practice, multiculturalists do not really believe that all cultures are equally valuable: they believe that all cultures are more valuable than Western one, and they believe that because they do not know history. Western educational system teaches people of Western slavery, but remains silent about far worse slavery that has existed – and still does – in Islamic countries. It teaches people of Western colonialism, but does not say that it was islamic imperialism which forced the West to embark on its colonial endeavour. Half a truth is the worst lie there is. By destroying civilization in this way, it enables plutocracy. For this reason, modern Left is the greatest ally that plutocracy has – and most don’t even realize it.

Nazism is used as a disparaging label against those who oppose multiculturalism, despite the fact that both Nazism and multiculturalism have the same root. They are two sides of the same coin, but brainwashed ideologues are too stupid to see it. But multiculturalism leads, invariably, to monoculturalism: by its very nature it is merely a transitional state. Only monocultural societies are stable enough for extended existence, and multicultural societies will bath in conflict and blood until monocultural equilibrium is achieved. And unless something is done about it – and quickly – this end state will, in Western Europe, mean islamofascist totalitarianism.

And this is precisely what plutocrats want. Conflict is conductive for plutocracy, because people are too busy fighting and surviving to care about what elites do (those more interested in how plutocrats utilize conflict for their own needs should read Naomi Klein’s “Shock Doctrine”). Multiculturalism is lethal to democracy because it causes conflict, and thus advances plutocracy. But since plutocracy controls the government – legislature, executive and judiciary alike – anyone who does not toe the multicultural line is declared a “Nazi” and faces persecution (formal or not). This despite the fact that Nazis were gloriously multicultural, as explained in my “Nazi roots of multiculturalism” article, published some months back.

Brexit itself is not an alienation. It is a consequence of alienation, of alienation of EUs bureocracy from the people it is supposed to represent. Brusselcrats do not represent the people, they do not care about the people and are in fact doing anything they can to cause continent-wide armed conflict (through importation of islamofascism). Brexit is a rebellion against illegitimate plutocracy ruling the European Union (of course, Britain itself has proud plutocratic history, so it may be merely an exchange – one evil for another).

Patrice Ayme's Thoughts

Is Islam Already Deconstructing Europe? Yes: consider Brexit.

I would not have thought this, that Fundamentalist Islam was already devouring Europe, a year ago, or any time before: I would have laughed derisively. Now I am not laughing anymore. Meanwhile there was Brexit.

Brexit was a first blatant revolt against the established order. The next blatant revolt was the colossal sweep of Donald Trump’s electoral victory: Trump controls the presidency, the Senate, the Congress, and most states (and the army, by putting the key generals in his government, and soon Trump will control the Supreme Court). Trump does not like the European Union (at least not as an alter ego of the USA; an independent Scotland may well suit his golf courses…)  Trump is a rebellious Pluto threatening the plutocracy, the ultimate horror, haunting plutocracy, ever there is plutocracy, and it plots.

Meanwhile the so-called judges, all…

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  1. Thanks for the reblogging, Picard!

    Multiculturalism and “postmodernism” are indeed plutocratic ploys. They were launched as early as 1945, with enthusiastic support from well-known European intellectuals (they became “well-known” in great part because of that support they gave to US based plutocracy).

    It’s entirely correct that Nazism and Multiculturalism are the same: they greatly originated from the same inspirators (Rousseau, Herder, US plutocrats), they are both forms of nihilism (something Nietzsche had warned against). The SS ended very multiculturalist and Hitler with Muslim volunteers sent by the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem (Hitler admired Islam loudly as a “war religion”)

    Brexit could still turn one way, or another. Many of the aspects suggested, by some, are utter madness.
    Brusselcrats are have been on the run, right. But mostly on irritating rather than grave subjects. Grave subjects are determined by the elected governments. Brussels executes. However, that made it possible to have all the unpopular decisions go through the EC (European Commission, a ludicrous term for European executing government).

    As I tried to explain in the present essay, division can go too far: consider Fontenoy. Total Brexit, as proposed by many, is sheer madness, from brutal division… From little more than sheer rage (plutocratically driven as the media is plutocratically owned, or influence, in the UK… As anywhere else, but particularly blatantly there…)
    Patrice Ayme

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