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  • December 2016
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Posted by picard578 on December 23, 2016

Patrice Ayme's Thoughts

Trump is the just deserts Obama deserved. It’s bitter sweet, for me. Truth has compelled me, over the years, to say rather unpleasant things about Obama’s deplorable reign. The reign of “cool” was a new wave hubris..

Trump, unwittingly parroting me, said that Obama “maybe the worst president the USA” ever knew. I said this years ago. It was not quite true. I was trying to wake Obama up. Actually Bill Clinton was worse.

It was bitter to say such nasty things, however supported by the veracity of graphs they were, because I used to have so much hope in Obama. And he squandered his presidency away, due to his youth, lack of experience, lack of ferocity, and lack of heroism (to put it mildly). Obama is smart: his words sound often like those I would proferr. However he ruled as a roi fainéant (a French notion which…

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2 Responses to “TRUMPED BY TRUTH”

  1. Thanks for reblogging this sobering essay, Picard. Expressing the suffering of the white population in the USA has been derided in recent years as racism (I am from a non-fully white family, so accusing me of racism because of this observation is difficult…) But the problem is real, and accute. The (pseudo-) left had fully betrayed the working class which it used to be the emanation of. Plutocracy has completely not just corrupted the leaders, but corrupted the selection process of said leaders… Trump gives every indication to want to fix the problem.


  2. altandmain said

    Most people in the US are unhappy that Trump won …. but Clinton was clearly an unworthy president.

    The Democrats literally tried to counter a crook with another crook. That was difficult to swallow.

    Sanders was clearly the better choice.


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