Open anti- white sentiment

Everyone can hear about conservative anti-black racism, anti-Muslim racism (even though Islam is a political ideology, not a race), but anti-white racism is fairly extant and strong, particularly in progressive circles, yet it is hardly ever talked about.

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In this era of tolerance, the only group that can be acceptably be ridiculed, criticized and mocked based on racial origins, are white people.

Routinely, the customs and norms of white people are openly derided in public spheres, while minorities remain sacred cows.

Any criticism of minority ethnic groups is instantly regarded as racist, while the taunts aimed at white people are seldom taken seriously.

In fact, being a white, heterosexual male, means that you have no noted victim card to call upon in political debate. It is also difficult if not impossible, for a person to be racist, bigoted or hateful in their behaviour towards you.

Am I saying that white people are some sort of persecuted minority? No.

Am I saying that the historic maltreatment of ethnic minorities was insignificant? No.

Or am I arguing that the slurs directed towards white people should be disallowed by law? No.

But in a time in…

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  1. One graph within the following essay says it best: in the USA, whites have been dying at an accelerating clip:

    • It is the same in Europe. Islam is a war ideology, and islamic immigrants are carrying out genocide of the indigenous populace through outbreeding, rape and murder. But because it is “politically incorrect”, “impolite”, “intolerant”, “racist” etc., nobody’s talking about it.

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