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  • November 2016
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The role of nationalism

Posted by picard578 on November 21, 2016

Nationalism is in the basis of democracy, thus plutocrats try to destroy it through policies such as the supranational integrations (European Union) and agreements (TTIP, TPP). But people seem to be moving in different direction.

Aussie Nationalist Blog

Throughout President Obama’s final swansong urging the world to keep sight of globalist policies, nationalist ideas have been heavily criticized. According to the President, nationalism is to blame for World War Two and virtually every other tragedy in human history.

However, the circumstances under which nationalism has been a force for good, should not be overlooked.

“Is Obama’s world a Utopian myth?”, Pat Buchanan, November 18 2016:

Speaking in Greece on his valedictory trip to Europe as president, Barack Obama struck a familiar theme: “(W)e are going to have to guard against a rise in a crude form of nationalism, or ethnic identity, or tribalism that is built around an ‘us’ and a ‘them’ …

“(T)he future of humanity and the future of the world is going to be defined by what we have in common, as opposed to those things that separate us and ultimately lead us into conflict.”

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3 Responses to “The role of nationalism”

  1. Andrei said

    Very nice words coming from a guy whose nation owns an entire continent surrounded by oceans and defended by it’s large size and harshness from invasion from all but the most determined of invaders.

    But I wonder how is the nation of Moldova (an Soviet invention based on faking nationalism ) supposed to defend itself against Ukraine or Russia, alone.

    How are the nations of Poland or Romania supposed to defend themselves alone against the same Russian juggernaut.

    How can any of the European nations protect their economic independence against an economic juggernaut like the United States of America or China.

    Ultra-nationalism like multiculturalism are extreme ideas that look good on paper, but don’t stand up to reality.

    My opinion is that for Europe the future is in-between: a Confederation based on democracy and the respect of Nations as the ultimate form of the Spirit of Comity which is the basis of European Nations individual Identities. The way it is now with a Union controlled by bureaucrats without democratic oversight and where one country (Germany) is disrespecting all the others is wrong. The way it was before WWII divided into under-powerd nations is also wrong. History showed as how quickly divided nations can be gobbled up by the strongest which will inevitably attempt to destroy their national identity.


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