Starship armaments based on CGI models

akira_class_ilm_cgi_model_numbered3 phaser arrays

14 torpedo tubes

  • two arrays of four
  • two arrays of three)

enterprise-e-views-numbered12 phaser arrays

8 torpedo tubes

  • one array of four
  • two arrays of two


11 phaser arrays

2-8 torpedo tubes

  • model is a bit unclear, but eight tubes is likely

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  1. Akira’s my favorite. What’s not to like about a bad-ass torpedo boat/carrier hybrid with more torpedo launchers then the twice as large Sovereign aka Enterprise -E. 😀

  2. D’deridex for me. It is my conjecture that the reason for the apparent size-inefficiency of the D’deridex stems from a Romulan strategy that sees them used as mobile pseudo-starbases. Given the apparent strategic value of having a starbase in a sector, with their cloaking device the Romulans could hypothetically have much greater strategic flexibility than their neighbors. That is to say any given Romulan sector could hypothetically vary from having virtually no defenses whatsoever or an armada of pseudo-starbases and capital ships under cloak without their enemies knowing. After all, even a cloaked true-starbase only need decloak once, ever, to forever be known about.

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