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  • November 2016
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In defense of nationalism (Priznajem HR)

Posted by picard578 on November 16, 2016

U obranu nacionalizma

A summary of the article in points:
– history shows that ethnically homogenous states are the most stable
– nationalism did not cause wars. Greed did, and nationalism was just a tool, no different from “freedom”, “democracy” etc.
– neoliberalism and Islam are just codifications of greed of their founders, Milton Friedman and Muhammad
– nation is also attacked because it is an old structure in a system that uncritically declares everything new as being good
– journalists do not understand nationalism because they are part of the elite
– nationalism cannot be equated with chauvinism or Nazism, because nationalism is not an agressive, but defensive, ideology
– main reason nationalism is being attacked is that it goes against plutocratic interests expressed in free trade, globalism and supranational integrations
– liberals uncritically accept anything new, foreign and “exotic”, including such genocidal ideologies as Islam. Nationalism is against that.
– progressivism treats all people as being not only equal but identical, exchangeable parts of a machine. Nationalism accepts differences, and thus goes against progressivism.
– historically, agressors were mostly multinational/supranational empires or states aiming to become such
– nationalism prevents conflict by preventing mixing and teaching people respect for different cultures
– wars were caused mostly by the same things that are most hostile to nationalism: free trade, multiculturalism, supranational integrations
– stable nation is based on ethnos and a single culture
– nationalism is required to keep elites at least somewhat connected to the society. Religious or economic divisions, if not bridged by nationalism, will destroy society (e.g. North Africa, Middle East)
– nationalism is prerequirement for democracy, and appearance of democracy coincides with appearance of nationalism
– by replacing heirarchies based on the education, wealth or religion, nationalism allows social care, and freedom of speech, belief and action required for the democratic society
– Nazism is an expression of weakness of nationalism, because healthy nationalism and connections it fosters remove the need for a totalitarian government
– ethnic nationalism is more stable in turbulent times than civic one
– large number of independent, ethnically and culturally independent nations is good for humanity as a whole because it fosters progress, unlike today’s situation when transnational plutocratic organizations do all the decision-making
– ideal state is ethnically, culturally and territorially homogenous, but since that is impossible, a balance between Gesselschaft and Gemeinschaft is needed

6 Responses to “In defense of nationalism (Priznajem HR)”

  1. Good to see your fighting the good cause. Keep it up!


  2. altandmain said

    I’ve always accepted that a moderate degree of immigration may not be a bad thing (here in Canada it has worked out to a degree, because the selection process is stringent, although it too could use changes).

    It comes down to who immigrates. Large numbers of highly skilled workers can be a boon for the receiving nation if there are legitimate shortages of people (and a loss of the nation they emigrate from). However there have be shortages of workers that are real and the workers have to be skilled or have the right mentality. A big part of it comes down to willingness to assimilate into the local society.

    However, when large numbers of unskilled economic migrants comes, then that is a serious problem. It isn’t racist to point out that such a strategy will have a negative impact on wages of people living in said nations, particularly the already economically vulnerable. More accurately, the rich try to use racism as a cover for class warfare.

    I do agree that multiculturalism leads to some instabilities, like ethnic voting. Look at Kenya for an example, although that is not so much immigration as much as it is the failures of colonialism.

    Nationalism means you care about the nation and the people. I think the aristocrats want that shut down because they stand to gain from censoring it.


    • picard578 said

      Any large-scale immigration creates problems, because newcomers will stick together and refuse to integrate. It is just human nature, made far worse if there is significant cultural difference between immigrants and the natives. Immigrants being low-skilled workers makes the problem even worse.

      And yes, capitalists are using mass immigration as a weapon in class warfare. They also despise nationalism, precisely because it can be used as a counter to their schemes (class warfare in particular) by making the society more cohesive.


  3. Chuck said

    Life is a constant struggle. There will ultimately be only one victor.

    If the (((internationalists))) are not destroyed, they will destroy you.


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