Assad speaking some sense

Assad may be a despicable dictator. But he is still better than those who oppose him, for the most part. Islam is completely incompatible with democracy, and any attempt to democratize the Middle East is a folly. Thus the choice is not between Assad and democracy; the choice is between Assad and an Islamic fascist state far worse than anything we have seen with Assad. But the West is looking at the Middle East from the Western perspective, completely ignoring the cultural and philosophical characteristics of the area it is observing. Thus the completely wrong conclusions which have in turn led to the Western de facto support of Daesh (ISIL, ISIS). United States said they wanted to create democracy in Iraq; instead, their meddling created Daesh. US (CIA) meddling in Afghanistan in 1970s-1980s created an islamic country. Why would any new meddling have any better results?

P.S. Daesh is so furious about being referred to as such because it threatens their legitimacy. Acronyms are not used in the Arabic, so Daesh sounds as a nonsense word. Moreover, “Daesh” is only one letter different from the word “daes”, which means “something that crushes or tramples”, a very appropriate description of Daesh, but one that it does not want to be drawn. Word also is redolent of words from al-jahaliyya, the pre-Islamic dark ages or ‘age of ignorance’ which were anything but (Islamic world has never again reached the cultural and societal development Arab pennisula enjoyed just before the appearance of Islam). Given the connotations, it sounds – to arabophones – like it must denote some crazed avatar of darkness. And being neologism, it implies that Daesh (ISIL) itself is made-up. Daesh also delegitimizes ISIL by recalling the senseless wars for glory and profit. More here:

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In the following video, Syrian President Bashar Al- Assad clears up the propaganda being spread in discussion regarding the Syrian civil war. On humanitarian grounds, on international law grounds and on grounds of long term stability in the Middle East, the western meddling in the Syrian conflict is wrong, and sensible leadership would see Australia play no further part.

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