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Archive for October 23rd, 2016

Secularism in the Islamic World ?

Posted by picard578 on October 23, 2016

Islam is a totalitarian system of though, and this alone makes it incompatible with democracy. Fact that it is primarily a politico-social ideology with mystical aspect only added to justify the political one only seals the deal.

Among the Ruins of Nabhivarsha

The discovery of the classical literature of Greece and Rome coupled with the various revolts against the Catholic Church in Europe led to a chain of events that resulted in what is today recognized as three overlapping movements – the Renaissance, the Reformation and the Enlightenment. These movements transformed Europe fundamentally giving rise to new systems of government, philosophy, science and ethics. The ideas with which most people think about the world and the beliefs that animate their goals and imaginations – freedom, democracy, secularism, progressivism etc have their genesis in these movements.

Thinkers and writers who sincerely adhere to the above ideas have often held the illusion that the path taken by Europe is the path that ought to be taken by other nations, cultures and civilizations and believe that this will lead to universal human emancipation. What exactly this human emancipation involves and the World it will bring…

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