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Need help identifying the movie

Posted by picard578 on October 31, 2016

Some 10-15 years ago I watched a historical war movie. It was set, from what I recall, in North America and featured a conflict between Red and Blue Coats. Redcoats were British soldiers, but Bluecoats could have been either American or French troops (I assume they were former). Other than that I recall only a few details from the movie, such as the fact that the Red Coats were based in a stone(?) fortress near the shore of the lake, and that near the fort there was a forest in which an infantry fight happened (a redcoat patrol got ambushed??). There was also a naval engagement on the lake. Eventually, blue coats penetrate into the fortress, which develops into a fight in the inner yard of the fortress. A memorable scene there was an old man making an improvised cannon with cannon barrel and some other materials while the fight went on around him. Film was in colour. Other than that I do not recall any details, and I hope that I did not mix anything in from other film(s).

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Secularism in the Islamic World ?

Posted by picard578 on October 23, 2016

Islam is a totalitarian system of though, and this alone makes it incompatible with democracy. Fact that it is primarily a politico-social ideology with mystical aspect only added to justify the political one only seals the deal.

Among the Ruins of Nabhivarsha

The discovery of the classical literature of Greece and Rome coupled with the various revolts against the Catholic Church in Europe led to a chain of events that resulted in what is today recognized as three overlapping movements – the Renaissance, the Reformation and the Enlightenment. These movements transformed Europe fundamentally giving rise to new systems of government, philosophy, science and ethics. The ideas with which most people think about the world and the beliefs that animate their goals and imaginations – freedom, democracy, secularism, progressivism etc have their genesis in these movements.

Thinkers and writers who sincerely adhere to the above ideas have often held the illusion that the path taken by Europe is the path that ought to be taken by other nations, cultures and civilizations and believe that this will lead to universal human emancipation. What exactly this human emancipation involves and the World it will bring…

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Light Stealth Aircraft by vstol jockey

Posted by picard578 on October 19, 2016

Light Stealth Aircraft is a proposal made by vstol jockey for the Indian Air Force; thread can be accessed here:

Basic characteristis:
EJ230 engine
57* sweep wing, mid-wing design
-20 dBSM RCS
SEAD loadout 2 BVRAAM, 2 WVRAAM, 8 SDB
3 hr 45 min endurance
Mach 2,25 top speed
price 25-40 million USD
supercruise capable
AESA radar, IRST
<115 kts approach speed

For discussing the design, register on the forum; vstol jockey is the designer and link was posted with his approval.

P.S. vstol jockey is a retired Indian Navy pilot. He helped with technical details of the FLX 6 design, and FLX inspired him to design LSA.

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The Polish 1st independent Parachute Brigade.

Posted by picard578 on October 19, 2016

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Lord of the Rings and real life equivalents

Posted by picard578 on October 16, 2016

It should be noted that Tolkien drew various inspirations from real life, and often mixed them together or swapped pieces. As such, finding one single inspiration for any single element of his work is hard to impossible, and is mostly a sign of insufficient research. Tolkien was not a copycat (unlike, e.g. Christopher Paolini) and would alter and shift around even the elements that he did use, but his work is based on actual history and historical events. Here, I will attempt to identify at least some of them, as a thorough research would take too much time. Read the rest of this entry »

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Dassault Rafale vs Saab Gripen

Posted by picard578 on October 1, 2016


Dassault Rafale and Saab Gripen are both multirole fighter aircraft of canard-delta configuration produced in Europe. Rafale was designed to replace seven different aircraft previously in French service, while Gripen was designed for guerilla warfare against a superior enemy. This comparison will use Gripen C. Read the rest of this entry »

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