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USA As A Police State

Posted by picard578 on September 8, 2016

Obama, plutocracy, police violence, terror

Patrice Ayme's Thoughts

Many rage against Donald Trump, while singing the praises of Obama. They overlook that the Donald duck is what the Obama cat dragged home. How? Those who like false explanations call Trump supporters racist. However, Obama is personally popular, with a favorability rating of more than 50%, something rare for a president finishing his mandate. Meanwhile their anti-establishment rhetoric is strong (they detest Hillary Clinton, a blonde). So what irks Trump supporters is not so much the color of one skin, but the fact they have little skin in the game. For seven years, I wrote that the Obama’s administration, plus the Federal Reserve, deliberately favored the richest and especially the financial sector (say through Quantitative Easing, which directed money to the biggest banks).

Now the poorest are enraged. And the (plutocratically owned) media tell us that this “populism” is a dangerous form of racism. You want to see racism? Here it is:

Living While Black Is A Dangerous Condition. Obama Has Nothing To Do With It. Living While Black…

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4 Responses to “USA As A Police State”

  1. altandmain said

    It is completely hypocritical if you think about the fact that the US is invading under countries under the pretext that they are bringing democracy.

    Far from it, it has brought instability to the affected nations. I’m not saying that they were perfect before the US invasions (far from it), but the US seems to be making a bad situation far worse.

    Naively, I think many Americans support the wars, not realizing that what happens abroad will affect them at home.


    • Agreed Altandmain! As Saddam Hussein said, shortly before being executed, “I don’t understand it. We had Western laws. We had good laws.” Saddam’s Iraq was no paradise by Western standards… But certainly that secular Iraq, with lessened sexual inequality, nearly inexistent religious strife, was much better than what has happened afterwards… And what could only happen afterwards.
      An other example is Egypt: it’s much better under the dictatorship of general/president Sissi than under the Muslim Brotherhood.
      Even, and it hurts me to recognize it, Morocco is better off under its plutocratic king descending from the Prophet than after elections putting the priests (‘mullahs’) in power.


      • picard578 said

        That partly has to do with Arabic Islamic culture. They respect power, and in fact the Qur’an instructs them to “obey those in power”, indirectly leading to dictatorship. Democracy in Islam can never work, meaning that removing dictators in Islamic countries is a mistake. Libya too was far better off under a dictator than it is now. The Arab Spring was a spring of Islamism, which is very, very bad.


      • altandmain said

        It’s the legacy of their religious ideology. There needs to be a fundamental shift in values.

        That’s not easy and it won’t help that the West is trying to export neoliberalism using military force.


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