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  • August 2016
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Nazi roots of multiculturalism

Posted by picard578 on August 3, 2016

The origin of multiculturalism, typically seen as a liberal, leftist system of belief, lies with two Nazis, Martin Heidegger and Paul de Man. National Socialist philosophy became the basis of Deconstructionism, an irrational belief system that rejects facts for feelings, and holds that there is no truth, which then means that all ideas and cultures are equally valuable (a basis of multiculturalism). Multiculturalism is inverted Nazism – whereas Nazism is based on the hatred of minority by majority, multiculturalism is based on the hatred of majority by minority, including that within majority’s own ranks. This is the basis of the liberal-progressive self-hatred, which leads to anything associated with Western, white people, to be rejected, and only race or class has any meaning. It permeates the academia and anything associated with it. Both Deconstructionism and Nazism are determined by a web of inherently irrational assumptions and emotions.

Its origin lies with the rise of secular Enlightment in Europe, which, in doing away with mindless superstition, left a cultural dead zone. When the Christian Church was largerly destroyed as an influent factor, its discipline and morals went with it. As it always happens, the emptiness was filled with chaos, leading to anger and rage against the entire system. While enlightement and Christianity destroyed each other, Deconstructionism arose.

Deconstructionism is defined as a “philosophical movement and theory of literary criticism that questions traditional assumptions about certainty, identity, and truth; asserts that words can only refer to other words; and attempts to demonstrate how statements about any text subvert their own meanings: “In deconstruction, the critic claims there is no meaning to be found in the actual text, but only in the various, often mutually irreconcilable, ‘virtual texts’ constructed by readers in their search for meaning”.”.

Deconstructionism and multiculturalism abound with double standards and irrational thinking. Multiculturalists accept Nazi assumption that an individual’s ideas and values are determined by his race, but believe that Westerners must subordinate their own culture to other cultures. Colonialism’s bad sides are always mentioned, with no mention of the fact that it usually raised the living conditions and life expectancy of colonial populations. Slavery and colonialism are taught of as being purely Western-origin phenomena, with no mention of slavery and colonialism by non-European peoples. Slavery in North America is taught about; there is no mention of slavery by Arabs, Africans and Asians, nor about the huge number of white people that were sent to slavery (often by Muslim Arabs). African and Asian organizations set up to defend their people are viewed as expressions of “ethnic pride”, but White organizations set up to defend their people are described as “racist”. Discrimination against non-Whites is “racism”, but discrimination against Whites is “affirmative action” and “multiculturalism”. Genocide of non-white populations is viewed as a bad thing, while genocide of the white people through immigration is applauded. They don’t mention that Arab slavery of Europeans was why Thomas Jefferson sent the US Navy against Barbary Pirates. They do not teach that Europeans were forced to intervene in, and occupy, Muslim countries to put a stop to centuries of attacks against Europe by Muslims.

Deconstructionism is heavily influenced by Nietzsche, who also influenced Nazism. Much like Nazism, it seeks to destroy Western Judeo-Christian culture. Today’s deconstructionists are just as obsessed as Nazis were with race, and target the entire Western civilization for destruction. Race, class and gender are at the same time worshipped and marked for destruction, depending on wether the target is non-white, or white. Modern moral relativism was created by a Nazi, Emanuel Heidegger.

Nazi Waffen SS was the most ethnically and racially diverse military formation in human history. It was, in its nature, multicultural, being formed largely from non-German volunteers. Typically, individual units were typically only formed from a single ethnic group to allow smoother functioning of said unit. But there were exceptions as well. Among its ranks, Waffen SS had ethnic Germans, French, Norwegians, Russians, Croatians, Serbs, Indians, Africans, Arabs, Indonesians, Koreans, Mongolians, Kazakhs, Japanese, Jews… An entire Waffen SS division – 13th Mountain SS Division “Handzar” – was slated to be formed from Croatian Muslims (Bosniaks), but as it was hard to find educated Muslims, some 20% of division was recruited from Catholic Croats; its command staff and communications department were composed predominantly of ethnic Germans, to allow easier coordination with rest of the Wehrmacht. By the end of the war, Waffen SS was closer to being an equivalent of the French Foreign Legion than the “elite of the German race” that it is portrayed as. The very idea of recruiting non-Germans into SS dated back to before the war, specifically to Heinrich Himmler’s 1938. decree that non-German Nordic people can enlist into SS.

Nazi Racial Diversity 4

Waffen SS was not the only German military formation that was multinational. Nearly two million foreign nationals served in Wehrmacht; up to 1,5 million may have been Russian. 150.000 Jews collaborated with the Nazis during World War II. Most of the notions held today about the Waffen SS ideal – those of “Aryan supermen” – are a result of the Allied propaganda. The future German elite was to be based on a combination of “physiognomy, mental and physical tests, character, and spirit.”, with no mention of the race. Unlike Himmler, Hitler himself emphasized character, honor and merit over biology. Dirlewanger and Kaminsky brigades, as well as Niedermayer division were non-German in origin; Niedermayer division was Russian. However, they typically performed poorly under pressure, accelerating German military defeat. Even after Stalingrad, Spaniards, Slavs, Franks etc. continued to fight in the Wehrmacht. French, Arab and some Croatian volunteers died in defense of Berlin in 1945.

Many Jews were declared “Honorary Aryans” by the Nazi state (just as the Japanese were). Emil Maurice, a Jew, was a founding member of Waffen SS. The foreigners who were working under “forced labor” contracts in Germany were essentially as free as Germans themselves. They were paid, allowed to bring their families with them. Hitler himself has met with the Grand Mufti, yet failed to meet FD Roosevelt. He was also capable of speaking on equal terms to people of black origin, and accepted other nationalities in the Nazi apparatus (Jews included, such as Erhard Milch and Bernhard Rogge). Thousands of Jews were granted his personal “German” clemency, something that United States did not do for either Jews or Blacks until 1960s, and many served in the German military. Hitler exempted Jews and Gypsies from service in 1944 and 1945. About 2.000 full Jews, 60.000 half-Jews and 90.000 quarter-Jews served in the German military through the war. Jewish Order Police (Judische Ordnungsdienst) assisted the Germans with policing Jewish ghettos in Poland. This also extended to Germany’s allies. NDH, a Nazi puppet state, had 132 generals in the ranks of its military. Out of those 132 generals, 28 were Jews, and 13 were Serbs. At the end of the war, 2.500 Jews fought in the military of NDH. For comparision, no Jews were left alive in Serbia at that time. Dido Kvaternik, a half-Jew by his mother, was one of founders of the Black Legion.

In his 1944. speech, Hitler openly admitted about having been wrong about race and Volk, and praises Germany’s blend of many different racial nuclei. He emphasized merit and achievment over everything else. Even before that, Hitler ridiculed Himmler’s “primitive biologism”. In fact, Germans never had a “master race” doctrine. Herrenvolk meant “elite leadership corps”. Hitler did not have world aims either, it was merely a reference to Europe. The term Herrenrasse, which would be a translation of the “master race”, was never used in the Nazi Germany. Hitler himself stated that “Volk and race are not the same” at Plattenhorf.
While there was racial discrimination in the Nazi Germany, that is no different from United States, Britain, France, Poland, USSR, Japan, China, Australia, or any other country at the time. British and US militaries in World War II regularly discriminated against black soldiers, often refusing them promotions. Roosevelt outright refused to do anything to help European Jews escape. The Nazi government never advocated or endorsed lynching of blacks in the Nazi state. Jesse Owens was not forced to sit at the back of the busses, and during his stay he was treated as well as anybody else. Cameroonian Louis Brody wrestled for the German Circus Crown throughout the Nazi years, and was the most famous Afro-German actor from the 1920s through 1940s. Martin Bormann issued a circular to regional leaders in March 1936 calling for employment protection of Africans and Afro-Germans living and working in Germany. Britain conducted bizzare tests of “racial purity” through the war. Overall, Nazi Germany was the least racist of countries which participated in World War II, and Nazi racism is merely Allied wartime propaganda.

European Union itself is originally a Nazi idea. It is no wonder, then, that it follows a Nazi policy of multiculturalism. But while in 1938., it was minorities in Germany that were opressed (specifically Jews), today it is the non-Muslim majority which gets opressed by Muslim violence and sharia demands. Then, it was a majority which initiated a violence aganst the minorities. Today, it is a minority which terrorizes majority. Other than that, there is little difference, as Nazism – ideologically and practically speaking – is not much different from Islam. Just as Islam, Nazism was a collectivist ideology, requiring individuals to sacrifice their own well-being for the sake of the ideology.


Europe has accepted a Nazi idea of multiculturalism, this time under a veil of “tolerance” and “antifascism” (Hitler would probably be surprised to know that he is a tolerant antifascist). Only difference between Nazism and multiculturalism is the addition of an altruist twist, sacrificing one’s own race for the sake of other races. But two of the basic tenets – the rejection of reason in favor of the emotion, and he elevation of the collective over the individual – are shared by both. The Multiculturalists accept the Nazi assumption that an individual’s ideas and values are determined by his race. However, they hold that the worst thing one can do is to assert the universal truth or superiority of one’s own group’s culture at the expense of the ideas and values of others. In practice, this means subordinating the Western culture to all other cultures; even to cultures that are obviously objectively inferior to it, such as Islam.

Islam, like multiculturalism, rejects reason in favor of emotion and faith. Two and two are five if Allah wills it. In Islam, people of other cultures are to be forcibly converted to Islam, unless they accept the life as dhimmis, second-class citizens who have to observe a set of restrictions, lest they offend Muslims’ sensibilities. Multiculturalism is self-imposed dhimmitude. With it, Europe has rejected the idea of assimilating other cultures into its own, instead chosing “accomodation”, meaning isolation of immigrants in their own enclaves. This in turn created conflicts between European culture and the enclaves of imported cultures.



Jewish generals in NDH were:

  1. Ing. Hinko Alabanda, 2. Ladislav vitez Aleman, 3. Edgar Angeli, 4. Emanuel Balley, 5. Oton Ćuš, 6. Julio Frez, 7. Josip Kamberger, 8. Ferdinand pl. Halla, 9. Dragutin Heklbich, 10. Gjuro Isser, 11. Oskar Kirchbaum , 12. Rudolf Kraus-Tudić, 13. Rikard Kubin, 14. Josip vitez Metzger, 15. Milan Miesler, 16. dr. Milan pl. Alinstrepner, 17. Julio Resch, 18. Dragutin Rumler, 19 Julio Sach, 20. Julio Simonović, 21. Nikola vitez Steinfel, 22. Ivan Šarenbek, 23. Ivo vitez Šnur, 24. Josip Šolc, 25. Kvintijan Tartarglia, 26. Rudolf Wanner, 27. Mirko vitez Zgaga, 28. Božidar Zorn.

Serb generals in NDH were:

  1. Đuro vitez Grujić, 2. Emil Uzelac, 3. Lavoslav Milić, 4. Fedor vitez Dragojilov, 5. Zvonimir Stimaković, 6. Mihajlo Lukić, 7. Đuro Dragičević, 8. Milan vitez Desović, 9. Miroslav Opaćić, 10. Dušan Palčić, 11. Miloš Ožegović, 12. Jovan Pribić, 13. Jovan Iskrić


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10 Responses to “Nazi roots of multiculturalism”

  1. Mry said

    Nazi racism is merely Allied wartime propaganda.”
    This is astonishing. Do you mean nazi race persecution was locked on jews only?
    What is ndh? Thanjs


    • picard578 said

      I’m saying that Nazi racism is Allied propaganda because:
      Jews are not a race. Slavs are not a race. They are ethnic groups. As far as actual races go, Nazis have shown themselves to be quite tolerant and willing to cooperate with them. Even Jews and Slavs were happily allowed to serve in the German military of the time, and Nazis accepted Indians, Negroids, Arabs, Turks, Mongolians, Indonesians… as I have pointed out in the article, Waffen SS was the *most* multicultural military organization of World War II.

      NDH – the wartime “Independent State of Croatia” / Nezavisna Država Hrvatska.


  2. Chuck said

    Multiculturalism is pushed by jews.


  3. Frank said

    Wow, it must have taken some crazy mental gymnastics to equate immigration to “genocide of the white people.”

    Can you explain the logic behind that? It’s really boggling my mind.


    • picard578 said

      Populace replacement. Western people, due to rampant materialism and other crap, have sub-replacement birth rates – in 1,2-1,6 children per pair ballmark; 2,1 is required for sustainable populace. Muslims – who are predominantly either Arabic or black – have far higher birth rate due to the fact that women in Islam are considered merely birth machines, not human beings. In some cases birth rate is above 3,0. If you take European birth rate of 1,5 and Muslim birth rate of 3,0, then a country which in first generation has 90% Europeans and 10% Muslims, will have 80% Europeans and 20% Muslims in the next generation, and by the fourth generation comparing the three living generations you have 69% Europeans and 31% Muslims. This also completely ignores immigration from Muslim countries, where birth rates are even higher, and which also has the effect of preventing civilization of Muslims in Europe, as well as the murders and rapings of indigenous people by the immigrants.

      It is not “crazy mental gymnastics”, it is just facts and willingness to look at what is happening without giving a shit about things like political correctness, politeness, not offending people etc.


      • Frank said

        You must understand the difference between the systematic murder of groups of people to differing birthrates, right?

        Lower birthrates naturally correlates with the HDI of a country. The fact that women have more choices is a positive aspect in western society. Noone is forcing a lower birth rate upon whites. You seem to think immigration is a conscious plot to displace whites, which is ridiculous and asinine.


        • picard578 said

          End result is the same. And HDI is not the only factor in birth rates. Islam in particular is an ideology which treats women as slaves, which means that they have no choice if “pater familas” wants more kids. Ergo, even for the same HDI, islamic country will have higher natality. Of course, a country where Islam is the dominant ideology – calling it a religion is rather a stretch – cannot have a high HDI unless funded from the outside (e.g. Saudi Arabia and all oil-rich Arab countries).

          And “Noone is forcing a lower birth rate upon whites.”? Maybe, maybe not, but the insistence on having a free choice for abortion (which is basically murder), focus on immigration instead of natality for solving the aging populace/workforce issue certainly suggest so.


      • Frank said

        And it’s not about political correctness. I’m just saying that you are making a huge leap in logic to go from genocide to immigration policy. Immigration is applauded not because it’s some sort of a revenge plot by non-whites to figuratively “gas the whites.” It’s applauded because with the right policies, it genuinely creates positive socio-economic contributions.


        • picard578 said

          That depends on who is immigrating. Immigration from Muslim countries has so far brought no positive contributions due to the nature of Islam itself.

          Regarding logic, I don’t think that “mass immigration of people following a genocidal ideology” = “slow genocide” is really a leap in logic.


  4. […] A reading that may help explain causes of liberal antisemitism: “Nazi roots of multiculturalism“ […]


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