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  • July 2016
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Extreme Vetting Of Muslim Visa Applicants

Posted by picard578 on July 25, 2016

Muhammad was a highly functional psychopath. For this reason, Islam itself is a mental condition promoting psychopathy and sociopathy. And since self-control is hard, psychopathic ideologies are naturally addictive. They make people drunk with power and cruelty. This means that Islam is a danger for society for as long as it exists.

Patrice Ayme's Thoughts

In the last few months, at least eight Muslim immigrants have engaged in lethal mass attacks in France and Germany alone. In all cases, they did what God has ordered them to do in the Qur’an. These attacks had a tremendous human, social and economic cost. Just yesterday, the German economic capital, and third largest city, Munich, was in a lock-down while an 18-year-old Muslim from an upper class family was acting up the Qur’an.  

The attack in Nice, killed 84, injured critically dozens, and made another 300 wounded. It was conducted by a Tunisian on a visa. The Tunisian visitor was helped by an Albanian. Since then a 17-year-old Muslim refugee hacked Germans and Chinese with an axe inside a train, claiming he wanted to become a martyr for ISIS (which recognized the attack, as it did the one in Nice). Police shot him dead, and now the…

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11 Responses to “Extreme Vetting Of Muslim Visa Applicants”

  1. Muhammad had neurological troubles (epilepsy, and not considered capable of learning to read, which was a blemish in the ruling Quraish tribe of Mecca). But I would not call him a psychopath. He improved both his own state, that of his family and that of all of Arabia.

    Islam, though, is a malady, a variant of a more general disease, intellectual fascism, which affects a civilization readily, the more stressed it gets. I have an essay coming up on this, where I mention the Moche civilization of Peru (a first for me). In a way, Islam was Moche and the Maya in reverse (they were all near-simultaneous!)… And Islam eradicated at the same time the two millennia old Zoroastrian religion/civilization, when it took out in a few months the four centuries old Sassanid empire…

    Islam was partly a progress for Arabia, at the time… Yet, civil society would have been better off with Judeo-Christianism (which was spreading all over, including Yemen)… But not the military society: Islam is an incomparable war religion!

    This is why all nations which wanted to win, adopted Islam… Except for the Franks, who knew how to win already… Using a much smarter way.


    • picard578 said

      “But I would not call him a psychopath. He improved both his own state, that of his family and that of all of Arabia.”

      I’m just going to copy a portion of my article:

      “Most Muslim acts take direct inspiration from Prophet Mohammed’s acts (compiled and described in Sahih Al-Bukhari): rape, for example. Mohammed molested his wife – six years old Baby Aisha, albeit he did not properly rape her (as in, penetrate) until she was nine years old. Even if she was in reality older than that, it has no relation to Islam, as what matters to Islam is what is written in Islamic holy texts; reality is irrelevant (as it is indeed with any religion, or any ideology). In other words, in Islam, paedophillia is completely acceptable. In Islam, there is no lower age for marriage -a newborn can be forced into marriage. Umar, a 56-year-old, married Umme Kulthum when she was 4 or 5 years old, and consummated marriage (had sex) when she was no older than 10 years old (Umar was 61 years old when he was assassinated); he did so following Mohammed’s example, as any good Muslim is expected to. Mohammed expressed a wish to marry a newborn baby before death overtook him, and married the wife of his own adopted son despite something like that being unacceptable according to Arab customs. To justify this marriage, Mohammed wrote verse 33:37 that permitted Zayd to divorce Zaynab and gave the licence to Muhammad to sleep with her (of course, he stated that Allah sent him down the verse). Mohammed also raped a retarded woman, had a sex with his own dead aunt, kept women as sex slaves (he had sex with 61 woman during his life, and at one point had eleven wives). As 33:51 details: “O Prophet, We have made lawful to thee thy wives whom thou hast paid their dowries, and those whom thy right hand possesses from among those whom Allah has given thee as gains of war (…) We have already made known what We have enjoined on them concerning their wives and those whom their right hands possess”. And in Bukhari’s Hadith, Muhammad approved the rape of female prisoners, as well as regular rape of female slaves. He prohibited sex out of the wedlock, yet prescribed and practiced rape of women captured in war. His obsession with sex is likely the origin of the myth about 72 virgins (which is partly authentic, albeit it does not appear in Qur’an itself – it appears in Hadith, and only says “72 wives”, not “72 virgins” with no mention of suicide. As a matter of fact, Qur’an verse 4:30 explicitly forbids suicide – but suicide bombing is not suicide to Muslims, because it helps spread Islam). He also tended to behead his enemies, and at one point beheaded a 13-year-old Jewish boy after pulling down his pants and inspecting his groin for pubic hair. He ordered murder, torture and terrorization of other religious groups, and assassinated people for insulting him or Islam (even for something as trivial as satirical verses – as seen with assasination of aged poet Abu Afak and later Asma bit Marwan). Aside from assassination, Muhammad advocated deception and treachery in general. If people missed a prayer, they were burned in their homes. He participated in slave trade, and compared his black slaves with Satan. He encouraged prostitution, rape, wife beating – all of which he participated in himself. Murdered prisoners of war, advocated suicide attacks, abolished adoption, beat alcoholics, lied, ordered theif’s hands chopped off, tortured a man out of greed, looted, plundered, exorted money, forced conversions to Islam. Mohammed also encouraged his followers to carry out same acts – and this stands even today, forming a basis for behavior of so-called “extremists”. Qur’an and life of Mohammed make it clear that in Islam, women are considered to be inferior to men, nothing more than men’s property. After military conquests, able-bodied men would be killed, and everybody else enslaved. Mohammed would give captured women to his men, and women would then be raped in front of their husbands (those that survived to be captured, anyway). Mohammed himself had sex with (i.e. raped) Safiya only one day after torturing her husband to death. He later repeated that with Rayhana, but she refused to marry him, preferring to remain a sex slave. Qur’an gives Muslim men a permission to beat their wives for disobedience; and if woman is raped, she is killed for bringing dishonor to father or a husband. Rapist remains free. Woman also has no material safety; she is husband’s property, and must be sexually avaliable to him at all times, and woman’s testimony in the court of law is worth only half that of a man. Even Muslim response against critics takes clue from the Prophet: Asma bit Marwan was a female poetess who mocked Muhammed, and whom Muhammed had killed for it.

      Muhammad was also a narcissist, obsessively seeking self-gratification and domination. Narcissists exaggerate their skills, talents and accomplishments, and are pathological liars – a description which fits Muhammad to a T. Mohammed regarded himself the annointed Messanger of God, as well as Khayru-l-Khalk, “Best of Creation” and the highest of the prophets, “the preferred one”. Upon death, he would be the one to advise Allah whom to send to heaven and whom to hell. He was so impressed with himself that he wrote Allah as calling him “a lamp of spreading light”, that first thing Allah ever created was Muhammad’s own soul, and that if it weren’t for Muhammad, Allah would not have created the universe. In Qur’an 33:57, he claims that “Allah and his angels send blessings on the Prophet. O ye who believe! you also should invoke blessings on him and salute him with the salutation of peace.”. He claimed to have “sublime morals” (68:4), to be a good example to follow (33:21), a mercy for all creatures (21:107) and to be an honorable messanger (81:19). All these claims are demonstrably false. He lied, and thus cannot be a prophet of God. Due to his narcissism, he could not tolerate dissent, and believed that might makes right. Thus he killed thousands, and is indirectly responsible for deaths of hundreds of millions. He ordered death of anyone who dared even doubt him, let alone ridicule him. Among the victims of Muhammad were a street performer poet Ibn Khatal and his two dancing girls, who had mocked him when he was in Mecca. And because Allah is a projection of Muhammad, Muhammad’s own alter ego, Allah himself is a vengeful psychopath narcissist.

      Muhammad never worked in his life except the one occasion when, at age 25, he took a trip to Damascus as a trustee of his rich wife Khadijah. He would not take care of the children, and often withdrew alone to a cave. Khadijah had to take care, alone, of her three children from two previous marriages and six children that she made with Muhammad. As a result, she was reduced to poverty. By the time she died nothing of her wealth was left, so when Muhammad migrated to Medina he had to rely on generosity of Medinas for sustinence. His followers too were typically poor. But few short years later, Muhammad was the richest man in Arabia, having accumulated enormous wealth through pillaging and looting.

      Everything Muhammad did was due to his own personal issues. During his stay in Mecca, neither he or his 70-odd followers were every criticized, much less persecuted; polytheistic Meccans were quite tolerant of different gods (as were pre-Christian Romans, as long as worshipping said gods did not impede doing duty to the state). Yet he ran to Medina and waged war against Mecca for not accepting him and his God (or him and him, as Allah is merely a projection of Muhammad). Before Muhammad, religious anymosity and persecution were unheard of in the ancient Arabia. There were Christians and Jews in Mecca as well, and they were not persecuted. Meccans did not harm Muhammad during 13 years of his stay in Mecca, but as a psychopathic narcissist he was, Muhammad was naturally paranoid. Thus he concocted a verse in which Allah “warns” him of a plot to murder him. When he came back to Mecca at the head of a conquering army, he sought and killed those who had ridiculed him during his earlier stay in Mecca.

      Overall, Muhammad – a “perfect person” whose example every Muslim is expected to follow – was a rapist, a paedophile a marauder, an assassin, a mass murderer, an egoist, a liar, a narcissist. Anyone who follows his example cannot be a functional member of a society; yet anyone who does not follow his example cannot be considered a true Muslim. In Islamic countries, thanks to Muhammad’s example, daughters are often given to be married at nine years old; other his acts are also followed (such as lying and genocide).”

      You should also read this, it is a discussion of Islam by an ex-Muslim, and some of Muhammad’s acts are mentioned:

      Click to access probing-islam.pdf

      Muhammad improved state of things for him and his followers. That’s it. Standard of living and level of civilizational development in pre-Muhammedian Arabia was *significantly* higher than after Muhammad. There was freedom of religion, women could be leaders, poets and prophets, they did not have to marry and were in most respects equal to men. But with Muhammad and Islam, that changed, mostly due to Muhammad’s own insecurity (he never worked and was sustained by his wife; this inferiority complex would later drive many of his actions).

      Islam is responsible for hundreds of milions of deaths, and Muhammad is the one who created Islam. That alone should be comment enough about his mental state.

      “Islam was partly a progress for Arabia, at the time… Yet, civil society would have been better off with Judeo-Christianism (which was spreading all over, including Yemen)… But not the military society: Islam is an incomparable war religion! ”

      Agreed. But I’d prefer nationalism to Islam.


  2. altandmain said

    I’m not against immigration (perhaps it is because I myself am an immigrant), and I have seen cases of successes, especially here in Canada. It has its ups and downs like everything else. The US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are basically immigrant nations, so perhaps our views are different. We are also younger nations and that may play a role.

    But at the same time, there has to be a willingness for immigrants to assimilate into the culture. I think that the polls here in Canada reflect that now:

    That and immigration cannot be used as a weapon of class warfare by the very rich to drive wages down, which is often the case.

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    • Dear Altandmian: So we agree. I am pretty much an immigrant, wherever I go, too, so… And I am 100% FOR immigration and mixing… precisely because, and as long, as the best ideas survive and procreate. However, the blossoming of Literal/Salafist/Wahhabist/Fundamentalist Islam is anything but…
      I was brought up among forms of Islam, some pretty “rigorous”… while really tolerant! These forms have been extinguished, thanks to Oil Money/Wall Street Money/rabid Plutocracy.

      The latter point is one of Trump’s main warhorses, and it’s not just about wages. It is about driving down the entire social contract.

      It does not have to do just with Islam, dark skins, emerging countries, third world. In the last three years, Ireland GDP has progressed roughly 25% each year. Why? Mass tax evasion, and now “inversions” (officially bemoaned by Obama the whiner… But actually encouraged: they pay his prodigious income, within seven months…)


      • altandmain said

        I would agree – assimilation and sharing the same cultural values is key, otherwise there are ethnic tensions. Yes, fundamentalism though is a serous danger. Perhaps that may be the most important thing, willingness to assimilate into a new society.

        In the case of Ireland, it is being used as a tax haven as well, and it well, it may actually be harmful to the host nation in the long run:

        Yes, those who benefit the most from tax evasion do buy their politicians. We are going to see this continue if Clinton wins the US election for sure. I had hoped for a Sanders victory in the Democratic Convention, but as Wikileaks shows, they’ve rigged it.


  3. altandmain said

    There is one other matter that must be discussed – fertility rates.

    France is unique in that it is at replacement rates. Ireland I think is also high. The rest of the EU is more or less below replacement rates. I think the Nordic countries are just under as well (1.7-1.8ish). Here in Canada, we are at 1.6, which is well below replacement rate. @picard578, what is the situation like in Croatia? Last time I checked it was 1.5ish, which is sub-replacement as well.

    That leaves such nations with few choices but immigration to sustain population numbers, unless the rates can somehow be boosted. Either that or accept the decline.

    One question I have is, what did France do right?


    • picard578 said

      Situation in Croatia is that fertility rate is extremely low, we have high emigration, and our politicians do everything they can to make the situation even worse.


      • Trump’s first wife was Czech, the present one was imported from Slovenia, maybe the next one will be from Croatia? The US imports white people (in part by mistreating its own…)


    • Right Atandmain! What France did right was the fundamental Republican mentality, pre-150 BCE (that’s 2166 years ago!). However the Libertarian, US, and to put it in two words, present EU mentality embodied by grotesque multiculturalism, has been eating at French natal superiority, and the present French “””Socialist””” government has NOT been helping, just the opposite. It’s a government of idiots.

      Basically, the state helped parents in the education of their children, and in helping provide for them. Any state could do it. France is the state spending the most on preschools, and children health.

      But politicians prefer to help their future pocket book, and that means all the money goes to plutocrats. That’s the whole idea of austerity.


      • altandmain said

        Yes, this neoliberalism and corruption has destroyed society.

        Economic mismanagement combined with austerity was going to have a predictable result. I don’t see how people of our generation (I was born in 1990) can possibly afford children. Wages go down, while the costs of living keep going up. The rise too of politicians like Trump was predictable. In France, the Front national, has gained popularity, mostly due to the failures and corruption of François Hollande.

        I just hope that it is a person like Sanders someday. Sadly the rigged system has denied that … for now.


  4. For a deeper view about what is going on, and why Islam has been mostly successful in desertic areas:


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