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Goldman Sachs’ European Union

Posted by picard578 on July 11, 2016

Patrice Ayme's Thoughts

Goldman Sachs, one of the generous employers of the wealthy Hillary Clinton, has recruited José Manuel Barroso, the former president of the European Commission, as the chairman of its international operations, “a non-exec, advisory role”…. To handle “Brexit” Goldman-Sachs said. (An interesting case of self-dealing: Who was one of the main forces behind “Brexit”? Goldman Sachs, as it cheated on the accounting of Greece, thus enabling Greece to enter the Eurozone, when it should not have, leading to the “Grexit” crisis, which ruined further the reputation of the EU, thus enabling Europhobes to howl their xenophobia even louder, etc.…).

Goldman knows how to employ international bureaucrats and politicians: the previous holder was Peter Sutherland, a former European Commissioner and ex-boss of the World Trade Organisation (WTO). Goldman Sachs has plenty of money, because the tax structure of the US makes it so, while, if a young Afro-American wants to…

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2 Responses to “Goldman Sachs’ European Union”

  1. altandmain said

    Ultimately it comes down to whether or not people can defeat the plutocracy. We will either descend into a 1984 like society with a feudal aristocracy on top or if we can rise above this, perhaps something like Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek.


    • picard578 said

      Rodenberry’s utopia is impossible, it simply won’t happen. Either we will have 1984., self-extermination, or nation-states with their shortcomings. Humans are pretty shitty beings, so their constructs are shit by necessity.


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