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  • July 2016
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Brexit Idiocy In One Picture

Posted by picard578 on July 11, 2016

Problem here is that European Union itself is ruled by plutocrats… especially Germany, which basically forces policies on the EU. Frau Merkel and co. have forced onto the EU suicidal policies of economic austerity and mass immigration. British exit will not solve the problem of German stupidity or the fact that EU is ruled by plutocrats. It might make these problems easier to solve – UK always was a plutocratic center – but will not, by itself, solve anything.

Patrice Ayme's Thoughts

Hard core Brexit idiots pontificate that they will renew their ties with the British Commonwealth and the USA. As if the quaint British monarchy imported from the Netherlands had anything in common with the hyper violent, domineering American republic, a country of immigrants, a world country, the world’s hyper power, which can purchase anything… but a soul, and a past it is ready to admit it had. The proud British are, relatively speaking, Europeans, and they don’t even know it.

Here is the European situation, the web of relationships, with the spider in the center, depicted with the most basic mathematics, set theory. I present to you the spider and the fly:

The Situation Is Even More Complicated Than That: Switzerland, For Example, Has More Than 600 "Bilateral" Treaties With The European Union, And Has To Respect Free Circulation Of European Citizens. The Situation Is Even More Complicated Than That: Switzerland, For Example, Has More Than 600 “Bilateral” Treaties With The European Union, And Has To Respect Free Circulation Of European Citizens.

[Nota Bene: the GDP numbers above, due to the…

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25 Responses to “Brexit Idiocy In One Picture”

  1. Thanks for reblogging this, Picard!
    I agree. The UK was the great excuse for plutocracy for the rest of the EU. Indeed. However, I feel that now pontificating plutophiles such as the French SOCIALIST Pierre Moscovici (EU’s economics and finance commissioner) are going to be much more naked. Frau Merkel is a bit of mystery. She contributed mightily to Brexit with her unsustainable refugee flow. I think it has to be a lot a matter of psychology inside her head. First she was against the Libyan war, then Germany got fascinated by Islam, to compensate, etc…
    There are actually clashes between the extreme German left in the city-state of Berlin and the will to house refugees (paradoxically a part of… gentrification)… Elections are coming in September…

    There is a balance of power in France and Germany between plutocracy and the powers that be (unions, bureaucrats, etc.) For example in France, somebody earning 700 Euros (yes, less than $1,000 a month) may have to pay the ISF (Impot Sur la Fortune, Tax On Wealth)…. But then the richest individuals in France do not pay it commensurately…. And sometimes, not at all… (Tricks in the tax code, like in the USA)

    However, with the UK gone, the second blatantly austere conservative plutophile elephant is gone, and Frau Merkel and company can only feel in a minority now. If France turned fully against (stupid) austerity, France could lead an anti-austerity coalition. But that’s a big IF…. Frasnce was austere in the 1930’s…. when no one else was (after January-March 1933…)


    • altandmain said

      The plutocrats have taken over and have establishedthe EU into a feudal aristocracy.

      Still at the very least, it is a symbolic effort, in that people are beginning to question what is good for them and whether or not the elite have their interests at heart.


      • Well, not just the EU. What politicians and oligopolies are getting away with in the USA now, would have been impossible for nearly a century. In particular, the Clintons demolished the Banking Act of 1933, allowing again the collusion between financial manipulators and banks which brought the crash of 1929 (and then that of 2008). Tesla, Musk, Space X are examples of massive (should-be illegal) support to a few individuals, by the entire machinery of the American state. One example of many.


  2. Spinflight said

    ” It might make these problems easier to solve – UK always was a plutocratic center – but will not, by itself, solve anything.”

    There is no solution, and things in the EU are going to get far worse, rather quickly too.

    Several German and Italian banks appear to be bankrupt, not to mention the popularity of parties like the AfD taking off. Germany isn’t going to redistribute it’s wealth to the Southern states.

    Meanwhile the FTSE share index is up, our borrowing costs at an all time historic low and the Anglosphere queuing up for trade deals. Most importantly India,

    “Asked specifically if there was a discussion on the possibility of a separate bilateral FTA with the U.K., Commerce and Industry Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said: “ Naturally…..whether it is a preferential or a free trade agreement that will be a mutually discussed matter.”

    Over a billion people and a rapidly growing economy.

    I campaigned for 20 years to get the UK out of the EU, so far it is looking like an excellent choice.


    • picard578 said

      ” I campaigned for 20 years to get the UK out of the EU, so far it is looking like an excellent choice.”

      As EU is right now, getting out would be an excellent choice for any country.


      • Getting out where to do what? Getting out to go where? Mars? Will getting out stem the refugees? Make the Islamist nice? Will getting out prevent the collapse of the banks which are presently collapsing because of BREXIT?

        Spinflight is obviously unaware of anything bad which is already going on. UK GDP has shrunk below that of France in just two weeks. Now the third Italian bank is bankrupt, from Brexit, and hundreds of banks are tottering on the verge of ruin. Merkel is Merkelizing (as the Germans say), trying to do as little as possible, but now the SPD is accusing her to have induced the whole thing from austerity…

        That latter point is right. Then, of course, austerity has to do with plutocracy and the US and the UK have been less austere than the EU: they gave plenty of trillions to their plutocrats, off budget (“Quantitative Easing…) I plan a little essay on that, how debt to the wealthiest has been substituted to taxing the wealthiest.


        • picard578 said

          “Getting out where to do what? Getting out to go where? Mars? Will getting out stem the refugees? Make the Islamist nice? Will getting out prevent the collapse of the banks which are presently collapsing because of BREXIT?”

          Islamists are using free-movement Schengen area to carry out attacks. Paris attackers came from Belgium, Germany, extra-European countries etc. Flood of refugees is getting worse largerly because of Merkel’s idiotic policy, and Merkel and European plutocrats are using EU to force other nation-states to perform common suicide by accepting Muslims. And once they get past European external borders, there is nothing to stop them. Nothing. Any large movement of people results in the war, and less Muslims we have in Europe when war inevitably breaks out, the better (actually, war between Islam and Western Civilization is already ongoing, and has been for the last 1.380 years, but the politicians don’t want to understand it).

          Larger the country, and greater the political separation between the government and the people, less democratic the government is. EU can hardly be called a democracy, it is a plutocracy just like US, in large part because of its huge size. If you take a look at all the largest countries in the world – China, India, United States, Russia – none of them are democracies. Moderately sized nation-states are the only way to have a proper democracy (unless you want to go back to the era of city-states, which would be the optimal solution), but the EU is attacking nation states in full force. I have nothing against idea of EU, but that does not mean that I have to like EU as it is. Idea is fine… but the current realization of said idea deserves to burn.


    • Andrei said

      “Over a billion people and a rapidly growing economy.”

      And you think that Britain will be the senior partner in this relationship. Allow me a few minutes to laugh my ass off.

      Now that I got that out of my system please illuminate us on what Britain will export to India. Right now there is no British brand that I can think off. Car brands are owned by either German, American, Italian or Indian companies. Aircraft brands have been sold off: Westland (helicopters) is now entirely owned by Finmecanica of Italy. The part that BAe owned in Airbus was sold off in 2001. BAe itself could no longer be characterized as a British firm. Most of it’s manufacturing assets are either in the European Union or America, the only UK based branch of it are shipyards. Right now most of British industry is producing parts for different European projects and the profitability of these enterprises is wholly dependent on being part of the EU.

      Once Brexit is done and trade deals with India are made the UK citizens will be very surprised to discover that, for example, it is not them who sell Land Rover to India it’s the other way around seeing as Land Rover is owned by Tata motors an Indian company.

      Without EU backing UK will find itself dominated by India in any trade deals it makes, there is simply no other way. India has 60 times the population an ever evolving industry and an appetite to sell its goods everywhere. UK has mostly dismantled it’s industry to concentrate on providing financial services and has very few products that the Indian market needs or wants, not enough to balance the trade balance which will be leaning heavily towards imports from India for the UK.


      • Spinflight said

        I completely agree. 🙂

        I have no pretensions of the UK being the senior partner.

        Still far superior to being in the EU though.


    • You campaigned for twenty years for… war? Domestic European war?
      Great Britain is going to explode from your little campaign. It’s also unlikely it will get it as good as Norway. Or Switzerland, for that matter. (Both of these got good deals, because it was believed they would get in the EU, and they do ALL what the EU ORDERS them to do: they are both enforcing total free circulation of people…)

      You are obviously unaware of the total disaster at hand. The British government has set-up the highest power, apolitical commission to study the emergency you worked so hard to implement in you love of war and hatred of Europe. Its report has been published: the UK would be turned into a FEDERATION of nation-states, each with its own Parliament. Westminster would be reduced to 176 MPs…

      We Americans, don’t give a hoot about European mentality, just lip service. You Brits think you are like Americans, but we can barely understand the way you talk, hahaha… Believe me, the mentality is very different. The USA made a revolution against the British King and the British plutocracy. And won, thanks to France. Actually, American policy after 1774 was all about getting French help. And that is why independence was declared, because the help of France required it. The USA was always a local republic, with local people making their own laws. Hence the Civil War. However, ever since that time, it has been understood by Americans that a modicum of UNION was necessary. That is what Brexiters fail to understand. Instead they listened to their Trumps not knowing they were Trumps.

      For twenty years, you have listened to Murdoch, a plutocrat heir from… Australia (and now New York). What kind of independence is that????


      • picard578 said

        “The USA made a revolution against the British King and the British plutocracy. And won, thanks to France.”

        And then copied everything it hated in Britain, and more. And I don’t want Europe to become USA. Larger the country, easier it is to turn into plutocracy. Europe of nation-states, for all its faillings, is still the best option. Which is why I think we should go for Confederate States of Europe… but first, plutocrats ruling EU today have to be hanged from a tree.


      • Spinflight said

        Explode, quite possibly…

        But in a good way. We don’t fear change, we merely adapt to it.

        Oh and don’t assume we need a trade deal with the EU. The British people will not put up with free movement of people so WTO rules will suit us nicely thank you very much.

        Think we are like Americans? Wtf? Quite the opposite I can assure you old chap.


  3. Spinflight said

    “Getting out where to do what? Getting out to go where? Mars? Will getting out stem the refugees? Make the Islamist nice? Will getting out prevent the collapse of the banks which are presently collapsing because of BREXIT?

    Spinflight is obviously unaware of anything bad which is already going on.”

    Oh I’m quite aware I can assure you.

    Not our banks failing. We have a nice large moat to stop the refugees. Efficient security services to prevent the Islamists.

    Why should we prop up the EU at our expense when it is going to fail whether we help or not?


    • The moat is operated by the French Republic police and military at this point. There is some talk in France to discontinue this service. All European banks are taking a hit from Brexit at this point. Contemplate the last The Economist cover; the Italian bus is tottering over the brink, but the UK vehicle is already in free fall…

      Your new, un-elected leader, Ms May(…be?) is on the record wanting to establish Sharia in England. Example from UK Telegraph:
      “John Bingham, religious affairs editor
      26 MAY 2016 • 5:09PM
      Sharia teaching is being “misused” and “exploited” to discriminate against Muslim women, the Home Secretary, Theresa May, has claimed, as she unveiled plans for an independent inquiry into the issue.

      But she insisted that many British people “benefit a great deal” from the guidance offered by Sharia teaching and other religious codes…”

      In other words, instead of saying the obvious, that Islam is intrinsically sexist, she implies it is not..


    • The UK has a colossal “rebate” paid mostly by France, just one small factor explaining why France is so keen on Brexit. France has already Brewxited the UK, although, technically, the UK ought to still be a full member of the EU at this point.
      The funny part being that Brexit will NOT happen. Not before 2019, not ever…


  4. Agreed Andrei. India has 30 times the population of England. And launches missions to the Moon. France sells lots of French (or EU) made cars in the UK. Perhaps more than the other EU combined.
    Right now the UK is used as the entry, the gate, the English speaking port of entry to business in the EU, super lax to all pliutocrats, and, somehow the world’s financial center, thanks to doing all of the Euro transactions, and the world’s dirty deals…

    However, London will use the Euro transactions when it gets out (no earlier than 2019…….. Ha ha ha….). And the full might of EU crackdown on financial havens will bear on it, as it did onto Switzerland. So they can kiss their worldly London goodbye… To be replaced by Paris-Frankfurt-Dublin-Geneva-Amsterdam-Brussels-etc….

    The EU has prostituted itself with the UK. The gig is over. The ones most keen on Brexit are not the Brexiters, but the French….


  5. Picard: A “Federation” is not strictly defined anymore than a “Confederation”. That’s why there was the US Civil War. To avoid the problem of Civil War, the EU Constitution (Lisbon) established Article 50.
    “Federates” from the initial Latin meaning, are supposed to respect a treaty of fidelity they have taken a sacred oath to obey. Clearly, the EU is a federation (so is NATO, see article 5).

    Clearly, the UK has violated the fundamental spirit of (ALL) the European Treaties, by confusing European Unification with NAFTA.. That’s why there is no drama about Brexit The British, with their Murdoch brains, have exited long ago. Greeks did not deserve to be kicked out, whereas the creatures of Goldman Sachs and Murdoch deserve it… Plutocracy in Europe is a giant problem, right. So the Murdoch brains say, like the well trained parrots they are: let’s kill Europe! That’s going to be great!

    Strict laws should be passed, making it so that any decision maker in Europe who speaks to Goldman Sachs agents, or their ilk, goes to prison, etc.


  6. European unification?


    Good luck with that one.


    • Yes, luck is important. Well, it’s either that, or being gobbled down. Right now, the latter. There are only 7 European companies among the world’s 50 largest… And 31 US companies (it used to be rather the other way around).

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  7. Murdoch and his ilk have made the Britons crazy. The way to change the intolerable state of the European Union now is by staying inside and fighting the correct war. Unfortunately, Brexiters are wrong on both: they love Murdoch’s and other plutocrats’ ideas, and they quit the arena (or try to).


  8. By the way, little advertised, the French Republic is now in deliberate violation of one of the most famous European laws (I mentioned it in previous essays of mine). About enforcing French law and French minimum wage, for European truckers trucking in France. THAT is the correct way to handle Brussels’ madness.

    Wiki: “The Services in the Internal Market Directive 2006/123/EC (also called the “Bolkestein Directive”) is an EU law aiming at establishing a single market for services within the European Union (EU). Drafted under the leadership of the former European Commissioner for the Internal Market Frits Bolkestein, it has been popularly referred to by his name. It was seen as an important kick-start to the Lisbon Agenda which, launched in 2000, was an agreed strategy to make the EU “the world’s most dynamic and competitive economy” by 2010.

    The Bolkestein Directive was harshly criticised by left-wing European politicians, who stated that it would lead to competition between workers in different parts of Europe — hence the expression “Polish plumber” — resulting in social dumping. After the 2004 original draft had been substantially amended, the proposal was approved on 12 December 2006 by the European Parliament and Council, and adopted as the Directive 2006/123/EC.”

    This sort of BS was passed under BRITISH/Blair/Bliar pressure, tellingly enough… There is indeed a problem when European law comes in conflict with national Parliamentary law. BTW, that happens also in the USA. When California contradicts the US, the US lets it slip…


    • picard578 said

      “When California contradicts the US, the US lets it slip…”

      Unless interests of large corporations are threatened (read No Logo for details). And same will happen in Europe I’m afraid.


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