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  • July 2016
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“Turn the other cheek” and ideology of suicide

Posted by picard578 on July 1, 2016

In Jurassic Park book, dr. Malcolm states that “large predators such as lions and tigers are not born man-eaters. (…) These animals must learn somewhere along the way that human beings are easy to kill. Only afterward do they become man-killers”. This statement is entirely true for most animals. But this is not because humans are not tasty, or caloric enough. While it is true that humans do not have many calories compared to larger prey, we are also not hard to catch or kill, physically speaking. Large land predators that suffer injury or disease which renders them incapable of hunting their normal prey turn to hunting humans for precisely that reason. Only exception to this rule are predatory dolphins and whales, for whom humans are a complete out-of-context problem; not being a water-dweller, we are not regarded as food. Further, whales are extremely intelligent, and are one of few species on the planet that actualy befriends another species.

So what is the reason for large predators avoiding humans? It is quite simple: humans are *the* most murderous species on the planet. When humans, in nature and not saddled with political correctness, identified the problem, we wiped it out. Many animals went extinct because they were considered a threat or a competition. Even today, we use billions to find the best way to carry out a genocide against certain strains of bacteria.

Yet in the modern West, politically correct idiots insist on ignoring the actual problem, insist on forgiveness, tolerance and ignorance. This is in large part a consequence of misinterpretation of Christ’s statement about “turning the other cheek”, which was taken out of the context and used to teach us that violence, no matter what, is always evil. But in reality, Jesus would have disagreed with that interpretation; he explicitly ordered his students to arm themselves with swords so that they would be able to protect themselves if Jews tried to harm them when they came to arrest Jesus himself. Even his statement about “Who uses a sword dies as a sword” is nothing more but a warning against rashness, agression. Implication is clear: in Christianity, armed resistance is fully alowed – up to and including lethal means – if other avenues have proven useless. But Christianity today is not what Jesus was teaching. Once Christianity became a state religion of Rome, Roman plutocrats – specifically Constantine – detoothed Christianity but making priests their allies, and reinterpreting the entire religion so as to secure their own positions. “Turn the other cheek”, a statement which encouraged Gandhi-type nonviolent resistence (Jews had very strict rules about appropriate ways to slap a person) was reinterpreted as encouraging submission and tolerance. Heavenly hierarchy, taken from Jewish faith, was interpreted as promoting unquestioning obedience identical hierarchy on Earth (while Christianity does promote obedience to the state – give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, specifically taxes in that case – it also encourages resistance if the state goes over the limits). After becoming plutocracy’s ally, Christian Church also developed a strict caste of priests used to promote the official interpretation of faith. In one of greatest crimes of history, they have created a following of sheep, ready to be torn apart by plutocracy’s wolves. By reinterpreting Jesus’ teachings as forbidding violence and civil disobedience in any circumstances, they have secured plutocracy’s seats, but also made Christianity more vulnerable to external enemies. This is especially correct today, when the ideology of liberalism imposes ideals of political correctness and tolerance.

But as described above, humans did not become the dominant spieces on the planet by being tolerant of animals that were trying to kill them. We achieved that by exterminating the threats. Tolerating evil means encouraging evil, because evil spreads until it encounters stiff resistence. Being passive simply encourages more agression, and in any case it is impossible to win a war by being on a defensive. Literal Islam and neoliberal plutocracy are at war with the civilization itself, and tolerating them will only result in destruction of the civilization. But because they are groups of ideas, and not groups of people, they can only be countered by another, more powerful ideology. Wether that be revived nationalism, Christianity or something else, one thing is clear – a new ideology is needed to counter them and save the Western Civilization.

One Response to ““Turn the other cheek” and ideology of suicide”

  1. altandmain said

    Right now Europe has a very serious problem:

    Germany’s Account Surplus for 2015 was 8.5% of GDP and is so large that it has overtaken China. Considering China’s population (1.37 billion) versus Germany’s (80.9 million), this is unsustainable in the long run.

    Europe is literally being colonized. I think that this whole thing is going to come apart in a big way and it won’t be pleasant. The Eurozone project in particular is in deep trouble.


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