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CLIMATE CHANGES: CO2, Islam, & The Eternal Return Of Fascism

Posted by picard578 on July 28, 2016

Patrice Ayme's Thoughts

Another day, another Islamist attack in France. This was “Islam de France“, as it is among all too many youth. The two (French) Islamist “martyrs” were shot dead by the BRI (Brigade d’Intervention Rapide). Armed with knives and a gun they took hostage several parishioners in a church. The 86 year old priest was made to kneel before his throat was cut. Several other elderly persons were cut. The Islamist “martyrs” were so busy filming their “heroic” deeds, that a nun was able to escape discreetly, and alerted the police. As with the latest attack in Bavaria at a music concert two days ago, the Islamist pseudo-state ISIS claimed it set it up. The area, in rural Normandy, is known as one of the most Islamized places in France, thanks to a Salafist mosque (which, if one followed Israeli methods, would have been dynamited long ago!)


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Extreme Vetting Of Muslim Visa Applicants

Posted by picard578 on July 25, 2016

Muhammad was a highly functional psychopath. For this reason, Islam itself is a mental condition promoting psychopathy and sociopathy. And since self-control is hard, psychopathic ideologies are naturally addictive. They make people drunk with power and cruelty. This means that Islam is a danger for society for as long as it exists.

Patrice Ayme's Thoughts

In the last few months, at least eight Muslim immigrants have engaged in lethal mass attacks in France and Germany alone. In all cases, they did what God has ordered them to do in the Qur’an. These attacks had a tremendous human, social and economic cost. Just yesterday, the German economic capital, and third largest city, Munich, was in a lock-down while an 18-year-old Muslim from an upper class family was acting up the Qur’an.  

The attack in Nice, killed 84, injured critically dozens, and made another 300 wounded. It was conducted by a Tunisian on a visa. The Tunisian visitor was helped by an Albanian. Since then a 17-year-old Muslim refugee hacked Germans and Chinese with an axe inside a train, claiming he wanted to become a martyr for ISIS (which recognized the attack, as it did the one in Nice). Police shot him dead, and now the…

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Swordsmanship in Star Wars

Posted by picard578 on July 21, 2016

There are noticeable differences in swordfighting scenes in the Prequel Trilogy and the Original Trilogy. In the prequels, fights are relatively slow, with no fancy moves. In the sequels, they are fast and flashy – but also shit. Reason for this was that the Original Trilogy coreography was done guided by actual swordsman, a champion fencer Bob Anderson. Prequel Triloy was done by coreographers, and George Lucas wanted flashy moves to match up with Matrix. Read the rest of this entry »

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Wing Loading: More Important Than You Think

Posted by picard578 on July 18, 2016

Semper Apollo

In 2011 I said “We’ll continue soon with more on wing loading…”.

It’s 2015. I think you can see that I get distracted easily and persistently. In any case, the information I’m about to present to you has not and will not change. Use it to help understand why your airplane does what it does when you leave the boring confines of straight and level, or use it to help you design that superplane you’ve always wanted to build. Off we go into the underrated world of wing loading!

Wing loading and power/thrust loading are the two most telling specifications about an airplane. Most pilots go right to horsepower and start swelling with pride when numbers north of 300hp start appearing. The assumption is that a lot of horsepower equates to a lot of performance. This is a huge misconception. The total horsepower of an airplane is irrelevant unless you…

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Richard Dawkins Upsets Liberals and Muslims by Confronting Them with Reality

Posted by picard578 on July 16, 2016

Staffan's Personality Blog

Just hate this guy and everything will be fine. Just hate this guy and everything will be fine.

On Thursday this week the well-known biologist, atheist and author Richard Dawkins tweeted,

All the world’s Muslims have fewer Nobel Prizes than Trinity College, Cambridge. They did great things in the Middle Ages, though.

The reactions to this true and easily verifiable statement have been pretty negative,

The Guardian: “as rational as the rantings of an extremist Muslim cleric”

Telegraph: “Dawkins has gone from criticising the religion itself to criticising Muslims, as a vast bloc.”

Daily Mail: “Half of the ten Muslim laureates were awarded the prize in the 21st century, during which Trinity College has only had one prize winner.”

New Statesman: “…on what planet are Nobel Prizes the best metric for achievement or progress?”

The blogosphere, being more representative of the Western population, is less polite but more balanced with peopledefendingDawkins.

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British battleship classes

Posted by picard578 on July 16, 2016

Class Type Length Width Displacement Top speed Primary battery Primary rof Secondary bat Secondary rof Tertiary batt. Tertiary rof
Royal Sovereign predreadnought 380 ft 75 ft 14.380 t 17,5 kts 4 * 13,5 in 10 * 6 in 28 pd guns
Centurion predreadnought 360 ft 70 ft 10.670 t 17 kts 4 * 10 in 10 * 4,7 in 20 pd guns
Majestic predreadnought 421 ft 75 ft 15.060 t 16 kts 4 * 12 in 12 * 6 in 28 pd guns
Canopus predreadnought 430 ft 74 ft 13.360 t 18 kts 4 * 12 in 12 * 6 in 16 pd guns
Formidable predreadnought 431 ft 75 ft 14.700 t 18,2 kts 4 * 12 in 12 * 6 in 22 pd guns
Duncan predreadnought 432 ft 75 ft 6 in 13.480 t 19 kts 4 * 12 in 12 * 6 in 18 pd guns
King Edward VII predreadnought 453 ft 6 in 78 ft 15.880 t 18,5 kts 4 * 12 in 4* 9,2 10 * 6 in 40 pd guns
Swiftsure predreadnought 475 ft 3 in 71 ft 1 in 11.990 t 19 kts 4 * 10 in 14 * 7,5 in 18 pd guns
Lord Nelson predreadnought 443 ft 6 in 79 ft 6 in 16.350 t 18 kts 4 * 12 in 10 * 9,2 in 26 pd guns
Dreadnought dreadnought 527 ft 82 ft 1 in 18.400 t 21 kts 10 * 12 in N/A 27 pd guns
Bellerophon dreadnought 526 ft 83 ft 19.100 t 21 kts 10 * 12 in 16 * 4 in 12 pd guns
St. Vincent dreadnought 536 ft 84 ft 2 in 19.870 t 21 kts 10 * 12 in 20 * 4 in N/A
Neptune dreadnought 546 ft 85 ft 20.000 t 21 kts 10 * 12 in 12 * 4 in N/A
Colossus dreadnought 546 ft 85 ft 20.550 t 21 kts 10 * 12 in 16 * 4 in N/A
Orion dreadnought 581 ft 88 ft 22.350 t 21 kts 10 * 13,5 in 16 * 4 in N/A
King George V dreadnought 598 ft 89 ft 23.370 t 21 kts 10 * 13,5 in 16 * 4 in 4 * 47 mm
Iron Duke dreadnought 622 ft 9 in 90 ft 25.400 t 21,2 kts 10 * 13,5 in 12 * 6 in 2 * 3 in
Agincourt dreadnought 671 ft 6 in 89 ft 27.940 t 22 kts 14 * 12 in 20 * 6 in 10 * 3 in
Erin dreadnought 559 ft 6 in 91 ft 27.940 t 21 kts 10 * 13,5 in 16 * 6 in 6 * 57 mm
Canada dreadnought 625 ft 92,5 ft 29.060 t 22,75 kts 10 * 14 in 16 * 6 in 2 * 3 in
Queen Elizabeth dreadnought 645 ft 9 in 90 ft 6 in 27.940 t 24 kts 8 * 15 in 2 rpm 20 * 4,5 in 2 * 3 in
Revenge dreadnought 624 ft 88,5 ft 28.450 t 21 kts 8 * 15 in 2 rpm 14 * 6 in 4 * 47 mm 20 rpm
Nelson dreadnought 710 ft 106 ft 34.440 t 23 kts 9 * 16 in 1,5 rpm 12 * 6 in 64 * 40 mm 115 – 330 rpm
King George V dreadnought 745 ft 103 ft 37.320 t 28 kts 10 * 14 in 2 rpm 16 * 5,25 in 7-8 rpm 64 * 40 mm 120-330 rpm
Vanguard dreadnought 814 ft 108 ft 45.210 t 30 kts 8 * 15 in 2 rpm 16 * 5,25 in 7-8 rpm 10*6 40 mm 120-330 rpm
Lion dreadnought 785 ft 105 ft 41.200 t 30 kts 9 * 16 in 2 rpm 24 * 4,5 in 96-98 rpm 48 * 2pdr 115 rpm
Lion Mk II dreadnought 830 ft 115 ft 57.400 t 29 kts 9 * 16 in 3 rpm 24 * 4,5 in 96-98 rpm 9*6 40 mm 120-330 rpm

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4 Stages of Islamic Conquest:

Posted by picard578 on July 15, 2016

Civilus Defendus

by Civilus Defendus, with a hat tip to Kali Politus

(Video by LSA, PDF version here. Click, save, share.)


Muslims begin moving to non-Muslim countries in increasing numbers and the beginning of cultural conflicts are visible, though often subtle.

  • First migration wave to non-Muslim “host” country.
  • Appeal for humanitarian tolerance from the host society.
  • Attempts to portray Islam as a peaceful & Muslims as victims of misunderstanding and racism (even though Islam is not a ‘race’).
  • High Muslim birth rate in host country increase Muslim population.
  • Mosques used to spread Islam and dislike of host country & culture.
  • Calls to criminalize “Islamophobia” as a hate crime.
  • Threatened legal action for perceived discrimination.
  • Offers of “interfaith dialogue” to indoctrinate non-Muslims.

How many nations are suffering from Islamic infiltration? One? A handful? Nearly every nation? The Islamic ‘leadership” of the Muslim Brotherhood and others wish to dissolve each…

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American Uncivil War

Posted by picard578 on July 11, 2016

Patrice Ayme's Thoughts

People pass away, mentalities perdure.

The English were not the first colonizers of North America. However, when they finally got there, it was with the most effective ethics to enforce the ethics of ultimate greed. England had been too busy with recalcitrant Scotland and Ireland to join the early conquistadores (meanwhile, the French re-conquered much of the Mediterranean from the Muslims, and even the Canaries archipelago).

The English arrived nearly a century after the Spaniards and the French… and six centuries after the Vikings! With a very different sort of leaders. And with a very different mood, uncontrolled greed foremost.

The reason that the Vikings did not conquer North America was that the aboriginals strongly objected to the Scandinavian presence. When Jacques Cartier arrived in 1534 CE in Quebec, the story repeated itself. The French had firearms, but they were taken aback by the sophisticated discourses of the inhabitants…

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Goldman Sachs’ European Union

Posted by picard578 on July 11, 2016

Patrice Ayme's Thoughts

Goldman Sachs, one of the generous employers of the wealthy Hillary Clinton, has recruited José Manuel Barroso, the former president of the European Commission, as the chairman of its international operations, “a non-exec, advisory role”…. To handle “Brexit” Goldman-Sachs said. (An interesting case of self-dealing: Who was one of the main forces behind “Brexit”? Goldman Sachs, as it cheated on the accounting of Greece, thus enabling Greece to enter the Eurozone, when it should not have, leading to the “Grexit” crisis, which ruined further the reputation of the EU, thus enabling Europhobes to howl their xenophobia even louder, etc.…).

Goldman knows how to employ international bureaucrats and politicians: the previous holder was Peter Sutherland, a former European Commissioner and ex-boss of the World Trade Organisation (WTO). Goldman Sachs has plenty of money, because the tax structure of the US makes it so, while, if a young Afro-American wants to…

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Brexit Idiocy In One Picture

Posted by picard578 on July 11, 2016

Problem here is that European Union itself is ruled by plutocrats… especially Germany, which basically forces policies on the EU. Frau Merkel and co. have forced onto the EU suicidal policies of economic austerity and mass immigration. British exit will not solve the problem of German stupidity or the fact that EU is ruled by plutocrats. It might make these problems easier to solve – UK always was a plutocratic center – but will not, by itself, solve anything.

Patrice Ayme's Thoughts

Hard core Brexit idiots pontificate that they will renew their ties with the British Commonwealth and the USA. As if the quaint British monarchy imported from the Netherlands had anything in common with the hyper violent, domineering American republic, a country of immigrants, a world country, the world’s hyper power, which can purchase anything… but a soul, and a past it is ready to admit it had. The proud British are, relatively speaking, Europeans, and they don’t even know it.

Here is the European situation, the web of relationships, with the spider in the center, depicted with the most basic mathematics, set theory. I present to you the spider and the fly:

The Situation Is Even More Complicated Than That: Switzerland, For Example, Has More Than 600 "Bilateral" Treaties With The European Union, And Has To Respect Free Circulation Of European Citizens. The Situation Is Even More Complicated Than That: Switzerland, For Example, Has More Than 600 “Bilateral” Treaties With The European Union, And Has To Respect Free Circulation Of European Citizens.

[Nota Bene: the GDP numbers above, due to the…

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