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  • June 2016
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Post-Islamization countries – Malaysia

Posted by picard578 on June 10, 2016

SIOE - Stop Islamisation of Europe


The best way of understanding what is going on in the presence is to look at the past. I find Malaysia one of the most interesting and the same time shocking examples for the Islamization of a country. Here is a few key points that play part in modern Malaysia:

– You must be Muslim to be a Malay

– You are not allowed to own a business unless you are a Malay (Muslim)

– Sharia Law is the valid law

– There is a national cultural policy for everybody saying Islam MUST be part of Malayan culture

– Positive discrimination gives Muslims advantages over education, benefits and business, leaving the aboriginal (Orang Asli) people of the country and other ethnic groups in a unfair and sometimes underdeveloped position.

Whilst there are still many other ethnic groups and religions present and legal in Malaysia, Islam is the State religion. Originally Malaysia…

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One Response to “Post-Islamization countries – Malaysia”

  1. Exactly half of the population of Malaysia is Muslim. There is officially “freedom of religion for non-Muslims” (which is a way of saying there is none for Muslims, as Shariah law applies to them, including presumably the Shariah laws against apostasy). There is a conflict, inside Malaysia, between secularism and Islamization. The fact that Islamization is against the fundamentals of the United Nation charter should be emphasized.


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