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Posted by picard578 on May 23, 2016

Political correctness is one of the greatest dangers faced by the modern humanity. Person who is afraid is not free, and being afraid of thinking (and saying) things is the ultimate denial of freedom. And if one does not fight against evil, then he is (indirectly) helping the evil to spread. Because, as J.R.R. Tolkien noted, the only thing evil needs to win is for the good people to stop fighting.

Most basic requirement for goodness is the truth. Where truth is denied, or unknown, evil makes its lair. Yet today truth is seen as the enemy. Brainwashed by the media, on a diet of destructive “ideals” of political correctness, multiculturalism and indiscriminate tolerance, people are afraid of the truth. They are afraid of even seeking the truth, afraid of thinking, lest they be seen as “radicals”, “outliers” and threats, and supressed through ridicule, denial of right to speak, and overall implementation of politically correct totalitarianism. Totalitarianism of the mind is the most dangerous one; once people’s thoughts are being controlled, no other control is necessary. And that totalitarianism of mind is what Islam and modern politically-correct liberalism have in common.

Patrice Ayme's Thoughts

Sorry for those who cling to the notion of “Politically Correct” like rats do, with a sinking ship. This title is probably rather discombobulating for them. I will justify it thereafter. Yes, it can be smart to ignore much. Yes, it can be cruel and vicious to be naïve. Yes, it can be enlightened, to hate.

Yet, what does the Dark Side thinks of the text “Vous n’aurez pas ma haine/You will not have my hatred”? Does it smirk? Or does it approve of the text, totally? Surely, the latter. The technique advised by Leiris, a selective shut down of one’s mental, not to say neurological, system, is a basic functionality the Dark Side needs to operate, selective attention. There are indeed, neurological reasons for it.

Leiris’ text explores, advocates and celebrates, a crucial, actually life saving, strategy. It is a neurophilosophical approach. That is a neurological approach endorsed…

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4 Responses to “SMART IGNORANCE, DARK NAIVETY, Enlightened Hatred”

  1. Hi Picard, and thanks for reblogging my essay. I have been seriously busy in the last week or so, hence my initial lack of reaction.

    What you say is very true: Political Correctness has become one of the greatest dangers faced by humanity. However, there is hope, when contemplating the past. Christianism in Europe in the period 1200-1700 resembled more the Islamist pseudo-state than most of today’s states. We got out of this obscurantism, because of the courage of tens of millions to destroy the PC of that age.

    Many of the authors now venerated as classical were viewed as dangerous, poisonous, worthless, scandalous, etc., even very recently, and that’s true for painters, musicians, poets, philosophers, even physicists (Boltzmann committed suicide from lack of appreciation), or logicians (see the fate of Turing, a war hero). Many of these heroes of the mind are now celebrated, because others had the courage to appreciate and celebrate them, and their ideas and emotions, to the point of bringing over public opinion.

    The connection between today’s increasingly degenerated Islam and PC thinking is direct. A lot of PC rests on stupidity. To improve stupidity, make it stronger and more dominant, the PC crowd used veneration for Literal Islam, a religion obviously very similar, but even worse than Christianism at its terrifying apogee in the Middle Ages/Renaissance. As Christianism had been crushed in the West, it could not be revived, but great fear of Islam (Islamophobia) could be identified with… racism. That was obviously stupid: fearing a religion cannot be racism. Thus, being obviously stupid, it was perfect to make us all stupid. Stupid people can be easily manipulated. And the greater the crisis, the greater the need for manipulation. The planet’s biosphere is facing the greatest crisis in 65 million years.

    The only religion worth having is truth, indeed, and love is a form of truth. And it’s the only antidote against what we are facing.


    • picard578 said

      One big problem is the educational system. Instead of teaching people how to think it teaches them what to think, thus facilitating political correctness. And the so-called “intellectual elite” are themselves often ideologically indoctrinated and “politically correct”. So how can people think when they have been taught their entire lives not to think, and that thinking is dangerous? And without thinking, critical thinking, there is no freedom, no democracy.

      In less advanced societies (Middle-Ages Europe, Arab world even today), religion is used to supress critical thought and control the masses. But Western societies today require different enslavement techniques, hence political correctness and ideologies in general.

      Action that is correct in one context can, in another context (no matter how similar), be completely wrong. Yet ideologies prescribe same actions for same types of issues, with no regard for specifics. Consequently, humans become predictable and easy to manipulate. Ideologies are there for making people stupid. Religions are oldest of ideologies, but newer ideologies are no less effective or dangerous.

      So I don’t really see hope. All I see is a bunch of blindfolded goose walking in circles inside heavy fog. That is what current humanity, current civilization, is in reality. And humans don’t want to wake up. Since you cannot free people who do not want to be free – who are afraid, terrified even, of anything resembling freedom (and hence seek pseudo-freedom, where they can pretend to be free while not accepting responsibility that true freedom requires), there is little chance of change.


      • All the points you make are excellent, Picard. A French biologist once amused himself by having poisonous caterpillars (chenilles processionaires) follow each other for more than a week, day and night.
        This did not end well for the caterpillars.

        This is how hope will be reborn: from sheer catastrophe. Contemplate Syria when a PC ideology gets help from an RC, Religiously Correct, ideology, to rule over common sense.
        Catastrophe can last centuries: contemplate Spain, which was reunited, as an intolerant theocracy which led to the Spanish civil war (with the help of Hitler and Mussolini). That, in turn, killed millions of Spaniards.

        There is a difference now, with anything that happened before. Not just in the last 65 million years. The attacks of humankind on the biosphere are so severe, that scientists are arguing about exactly how much of the plankton already died. Plankton produces 70% of the planet’s oxygen.

        So we are engaged already in the ultimate defense issue, sheer survival for all.
        In the US, the only candidate calling to defend strongly against those ways which kill the biosphere, is Bernie Sanders. He is also the only one capable of defeating Donald Trump, an unpredictable factor.


        • picard578 said

          Problem is that whenever catastrophe occurs, humanity learns from it for the next few decades, and after that it returns to business as usual.

          Humanity has been attacking biosphere for thousands of years. European lions for example went extinct millenia ago – you have reference to them in Greek mythos, but that’s it. Little has changed since then, which is a problem since human ability to exterminate has grown exponentially. And if (when) we exterminate too much of biosphere, our own demise will become unavoidable. High-technology civilizations seem to be inherently self-destructive: witness sub-replacement natality, massive resource consumption, equally massive pollution and self-poisoning characteristic of advanced Western nations.

          In the end, humanity is its own greatest enemy.


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