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  • April 2016
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False freedom of information

Posted by picard578 on April 1, 2016

We are grateful to The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But, the work is now much more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto determination practiced in past centuries.”

– David Rockefeller, founder of the Trilateral Commission, in an address to a meeting of The Trilateral Commission, in June, 1991.

In United States, five large corporations control 90% of the media. This is a consequence of massive corporate mergers in 1980s and 1990s, which also handed over all US defense industry to a small number of supercorproations. In case of the media, over 50 companies present in 1983 consolidated into five large ones today. And because all major media are under their control, these five corporations now control nearly all information that average US citizen receives. Time Warner, Walt Disney, Murdochs News Corp, CBS Corporation (which bought Viacom) and NBC Universal (Comcast) absolutely dominate news and entertainment. 70% of what is on cable TV is owned by the Big 5. While they have no influence on radio, Clear Channel now owns 1.200 radio stations across United States despite the fact that in 1995, the FCC forbade companies to own over 40 radio stations. Likewise, Google, Apple, Yahoo and Microsoft are increasingly dominating the Internet, trying to reconstitut the walled gardens of the past as well as obtain the right to provide users’ personal information to marketers and security services. More than one in four Internet users in US log in with AOL Time Warner, the world’s largest media corporation.

These six corporations (big five plus Clear Channel) control almost everything people in the US consume in terms of information (Internet, fortunately, is still relatively free). Actual proportion is even higher than 90%, since all of the largest media houses/information providers are in hands of these six corporations. This enables said six corporations to freely deliver propaganda, social programming and crisis narratives to the public. Anything which does not support conventional narratives and plutocratic oligarchy is omitted or ignored. All of that thanks to the FCC deregulation. Clear Channel has supported numerous “patriotic rallies” after 9/11 attacks. It also blacklisted certain songs, such as Cat Stevens’ “Peace Train” and John Lennon’s “Imagine”. Clear Channel uses its dominance in radio to help secure control of the US’ live entertainment business, threatening radio managers to remove certain music from rotation if the artists do not perform at Clear Channel venue.

United States are far from atypical. Global oligarchy controls all of the major media. Other than the corporations and media already mentioned, it also controls New York Times, Washington Post, Reuters, Associated Press, BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), The Times of London, as well all the major print and broadcast institutions worldwide. Global oligarchs / plutocrats also control most influential alternative news sources. And corporations, media included, are driven by quarterly profits. States are driven by commands from corporations to increase quarterly profits, and media are driven by commands to obscure the truth. Politicians are nothing more than useful distractions at best.

Bilderberg Group, a private group of 120-150 people from Angloamerican and European elite which has a major impact on world events (to the point that it could be considered a secret government of sorts, mostly because it consists of powerful political and corporate figures) owns almost all major media. Some important members of the group are Stephen Friedman, George Shultz, Bill Clinton, David Rockefeller (from Rockefeller capitalist dynasty) and George Soros. Group has no transparency, no accountability, and even if they have no direct control over political institutions and politicians, their influence in terms of lobbying power and ability to control information is so great that it effectively destroys any possibility of democratic decision making.

Israel may have the right to put others on trial, but certainly no one has the right to put the Jewish people and the State of Israel on trial.”

– Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, 25 March, 2001 quoted in BBC News Online

Every time we do something you tell me Americans will do this and will do that. I want to tell you something very clear, don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.”

– Ariel Sharon, October 3, 2001, reported by BBC News and Kol Yisrael radio

Possible Jewish overrepresentation in the media may be a consequence of Western medieval practice of not allowing Christians to practice banking (interest was forbidden). Bob Iger, chief executive of Walt Disney Company, is a Jew – as is his predecessor Michael Eisner. Walt Disney’s president and CEO is Robert Iger, Bob’s brother. Walt Disney Motion Picture Group is headed by Orion Aviv. Revolution Studios were founded and are headed by Joe Roth, who before them headed Walt Disney Studios. Warner Bros. is headed by Barry Meyer, and CNN is headed by Jeff Zucker. Viacom and CBS Corporation are both controlled by Sumner Redstone through National Amusements. More can be found here. Anybody who speaks against Israel has his career destroyed by the “politically correct” machinery. However, even if they are somewhat overrepresented (I did not do actual statistical comparison), it would be incorrect to assume that only Jews control the media, or that they are somehow “responsible” for the bad state of affairs today. Most capitalists – those actually in control – are likely not Jewish and are no better than those who are. Kerry Stokes and John Singleton (mentioned later), for example, are not Jews while Gina Rinehart may be (based on her surname). NBC CEO Stephen Burke is a Jew, as is Rupert Murdoch. But despite Sharon’s quote, there are examples – as rare as they are – of United States placing pressure on Israel. Further, Serbia has similar importance to Russia – the only reliable ally in midst of unreliable allies or enemies – and while Russia may go to some lengths to help Serbia, it would be incorrect to assume that Serbs control Russia. In fact, all four countries – and (mostly) every other country on the planet – are ruled by corporations, banks, and capitalists who own those. And in another parralel, Serb politicians (as well as politicians in general) tend to have inflated image of their own importance; to assume that Sharon was simply being stupid is hardly unreasonable, but more logical assumption is that he was serving as a deliberate distraction. Israel is a semi-autonomous US puppet, much like Saudi Arabia, given leeway due to its strategic importance but still forced to bend to US interests. Israel is nothing more than 51st state of the American Empire, and all the “aid” that US Government gives to Israel is returned to US corporations; more details here. In 2014., AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) spent 3,1 million USD on lobbying US Congress. US defense industry spent 144 million just on “gifts” to candidates. That being said, US defense industry does have interest in protecting Israel as US foremost client state, MidEastern watchdog and weapons testing grounds (what better way to test new bombs than to drop them on Palestines?). Every time Israeli military bombs Gaza, orders to US weapons manufacturers soar from dozens of wordwide sources, ranging from European powers to ISIL’s suppliers (Turkey and Saudi Arabia). Israel itself is an important offshore bank for the US plutocrats (especially since it provides excellent means of tax evasion), which means that US ruling class wants to protect it, as well as a useful front for US imperial projects. But that still doesn’t mean that Israel always gets its way: US government spanked Israel in 1991 when Israel attempted to expand into Gaza, and in 2003 for the same reason. Ronald Reagan did the same in 1980s, as well as selling large amount of hardware to Saudi Arabia, to Israel’s protest. Israel’s own fighter jet, IAI Lavi, was cancelled under the US pressure as US did not want to lose markets for the (inferior) F-16. Shortly after the cancellation, Israel ordered 90 F-16s. But this is typically not talked about, since it would also reveal the true nature of the US as a plutocracy. Thus plutocrats allow, and promote, the myth of Israel controlling United States, allowing Israel to act as a scapegoat for their own evils (not that Israel doesn’t have boatloads of sins of its own).

In Australia, Seven West Media owns or holds interest in Channel 7, West Australian, Pacific Magazines, Yahoo7 and Sky News. Seven West Media itself is controlled by Australian Capital Equity, a private company owned by Kerry Stokes. American private firm CVC Asia Pacific controls (through Nine Entertainment) Channel 9, and holds interest in NBN, Sky News, ACP Magazines, Ticketek and Ninemsn. Gina Rinehart (who never paid any tax on her 2,5 billion USD in subsidies over 12 years) controls Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and various online and radio stations. John Singleton controls Macquarie Radio Network. Macquarie Group in turn controls Southern Cross Austereo, which has interests in Today Network and its myriad of regional television stations. Rupert Murdoch’s News Limited owns Daily Telegraph, Herald Sun, The Australian, and its NewsLifeMedia magazine business. In 2015, he also acquired National Geographic.

Even those media that are not owned by corporations are often corporate-sponsored. US’ National Public Radio is partly funded by America’s Natural Gas Alliance; consequence of this is that NPR fails to properly cover fracking, once of most ecologically damaging practices in the oil industry.

This is the illusion of choice, where people are given choice between completely identical – equally bad – options. But most people don’t seem to care. They ingest, unthinkingly, whatever they are being fed by the media. What is more, their thinking patterns are being programmed by what the media give them. When one controls the information people receive, he largerly controls how people think – people are basically being programmed by what media tell them, with devastating consequences (in programming, that is called “garbage in, garbage out” – decision can be only as good as the data it is based on). And media do not care about truth, or objectivity. Their purpose is to make money, and most of the money is made through advertising. Largest pharmaceutical companies spend literally billions on advertising, and no sane newspaper is going to bite the hand that feeds it.

These corporations intentionally promote materialism, egocentrism, obedience, ignorance and war. Advertisers have a massive sway over what makes it on the airwaves, and as a result media promote shallow consumeristic culture. In fact, the research has shown that mass media can be used to introduce regressive mental states (“brainwashing”), atomizing individuals and producing increased lability. Media, by controlling levels of anxiety, can induce a childlike and submissive state into large groups of people, allowing oligarchs to manipulate said people on a whim. Key is that people must not be aware that such brainwashing is occuring; but with controlling the information avaliable, this requirement is easily met. Television is an especially potent tool of control. Unlike with written content (newspapers and especially Internet), consumer of information is completely passive. Unlike either newspapers or a radio, television demands full attention – employing both visual and auditive sectors. This lets it produce a trance-like state of semi-awareness, turning viewers into mere receptors of information. Receptors, but not the users, as – even if memorized – information flies by without being analyzed and placed into context (good way of avoiding that is having a notebook while watching the TV and writing down any important information). Television is addictive, much like heroine. And as Fred Emery reported, repeated television viewing “shuts down the central nervous system”, producing a brain-dead generation.

Our job is to give people not what they want, but what we decide they ought to have.”

  • Richard Salant, former President of CBS News

Largest media giants have succeeded in writing the media laws and regulations in favor of their own corporations and against the general public. Increased – and ever increasing – power allows them to become the most important factor in socializing each generation with entertainment models of behavior and personal values. And their impact on general public has been devastating. As a result, Big Brother has become a reality. Intelligence agencies search for threats to the plutocracy, while media giants brainwash the population and dispense news as they see fit. All major media houses give same news, same viewpoints.

There are several tactics which media companies use to manufacture consent for the oligarchy. First and most important one is a lie by omission, followed by a half-truth, “from a certain point of view” and finally by an outright lie. Large media intentionally ignore news that would harm their corporate overlords, or in any way disrupt the status quo. A partial list of important news and topics they ignored during 2015 is as follows:

  1. Oxfam has reported in early 2015. that almost half of the world wealth is concentrated in the hands of 1% of the richest people. This portion is increasing: from 44% in 2009. to 48% in 2014., and greater than 50% in 2016. But it also reported that extreme poverty is not a must, rather it is caused by political and economic policies of the rich elite. Number of billionaires has doubled since the 2009. financial crisis (so no austerity for them), whereas most of the populace did not even notice the vaunted economic recovery. As of 2016, the richest 62 people own more wealth than poorer half of the world combined, and they pay no wealth tax. Richest 1% own more wealth than remaining 99%. A minor 1,5% wealth tax on billionaires’ wealth that passes the one billion mark would have, in 2014., collected 74 billion USD – enough to send all children to a school, or introduce health care to 49 poorest countries.
  2. Oil industry is illegally deposing contaminated water (a product of oil fracking) into insecure underground bunkers which often leak. Consequence of that was poisoning of water supply; testing of water supply bunkers located near the depos revealed a dangerously high content of arsen, talium and nitrates – all chemicals connected to fracking process.
  3. 89% of the Pakistan victims of drone strikes cannot be identified as militants. Only 30% could be identified, and 11% were militants. Only 4% of the victims were Al-Quaeda members. In other words, drones are killing people that absolutely nothing is known about, and only one in ten casualties is confirmed as a militant.
  4. Corporations are currently attempting to privatize the water supply. This is being met by resistance from local communities, and in some cases even local, or national, governments.
  5. Nuclear catastrophe in Fukushima is still ongoing, but that is not being reported on by any media. Extremely radioactive (and contaminated with plutonium) cooling water is being constantly deposited into the Pacific Ocean, with unknown consequences. Water contaminated with tricium, cesium and stroncium is also being released. Instead, most corporate media is focusing on wether other countries are prepared for a similar catastrophe somewhere else.
  6. Methane, the most dangerous greenhouse gas, has reached highest recorded values. Major source of methane is the melting Arctic ice, which contains huge quantities of the gas. Just the east Siberian part of Arctic releases 17 million tons of methane every year.
  7. The fear of governmental espionage is destroying freedom of speech and expression. Journalists and lawyers in United States are increasingly avoiding work on potentially controversial topics due to fear of persecution.
  8. In 2011, US police has, per inhabitant, killed a hundred times more people than UK police, 40 times more people than German, and 20 times more than Canadian police. Also, the likelyhood of blacks being killed by the US police was more than twice of the likelyhood of whites being killed.
  9. 482 billionaires in United States had more media presence than 50 million people living in poverty.
  10. For full 75 days during first months of 2015, Costarica had managed to produce all its required electrical energy from renewable sources.
  11. Pesticides are among most important causes of mass dieoff of bees, but pesticide producers (Bayer, Syngenta and Monsanto) are trying to supress the studies showing that fact through PR campaigns. Actual pests, on the other hand, are growing resistant to persticides, and the only reliable way to supress them are natural predators.
  12. Despite the mass popular resistance, and justified doubt, USDA has approved a new generation of genetically modified soy and corn, resistant to Enlist Duo herbicide made by the company Dow. Enlist Duo combines two herbicides; these being main ingredients of extremely poisonous Agent Orange used in Vietnam, and the Monsanto’s cancerogenic Roundup herbicide. Agent Orange’s 2,4-D acid can cause various forms of cancer, Parkinson disease, hormonal imbalances and birth defects. Children are especially sensitive to that agent – and over 500 schools are located within sixty meters of soy or corn fields. But 2,4-D can spread over 300 meters from the area of use, so actual number of endangered schools is far higher. Further, since genetic composition of the food can influence and change parts of human genome, usage of GMO food will have unpredictable, and likely deadly, consequences on human health. In fact, the Morgellons disease (a topic of many conspiracy theories) is almost certainly caused by the GMO food, and is in fact primarily present in countries that have allowed unregulated GMO food (United States, first and foremost). It also contains the same substance used to produce GM plants. Other than Morgellons, there are twentytwo diseases connected to the genetically modified food and herbicides used along with such food. Animal studies (and humans are animals) also show that GMO food causes health problems such as infertility, allergies, autism, immune disregulation, accelerated aging, genome disregulation, disregulation in cell signaling and protein formation, as well as changes in the liver, kidney, spleen and the gastrointestinal system, birth defects, obesity, inflammation, carcinoma, endometritis, endometriosis, increased intestinal infections, digestive disorders, conception, increase in hemorrhaging bowels and many others. Which is not surprising considering how unnatural genetic modifications being done actually are: a pig can’t fuck a corn clip, but animal gene sequences can be, and are, added to plant genome in order to gain certain properties. GM foods can also transfer genes to bacteria inside human bodies, as well as toxic substances they produce – leading to, in some cases, bacteria starting to produce those same substances (e.g. an insecticide produced by the GM corn). And GMO crops easily contaminate natural crops via pollen, as well as pass their herbicide resistance onto weed. All of this for no increase in food productivity at all. Yet Monsanto is outright lying about safety of its crops, and is enlisting help of certain scientists to do so. It also has major connections in universities, and is using research grants to “buy” scientists. Monsanto’s PR firm would write answers for Monsanto-suppored scientists (specifically Kevin Folta, but there are likely others), which these scientists would then copy and paste on the GMO Answers web site under their own name, in order to give PR responses scientific credibility, and exploit human tendency to unquestioningly trust authority figures. GMO Answers lists Folta as an “independent expert”, despite his connections to Monsanto. His immorality, dishonesty and plagiarism resulted not in expulsion from the University, but only in Monsanto’s 25.000 USD checque. He himself is lying about his connection to Monsanto, showing again that even scientists cannot be trusted, and is also lying about safety of glyphosate.
  13. Pentagon and NATO are surrounding Russia and China with military bases and fleet units, in order to maintain control of among other things, oil fields.
  14. At the end of 2013., there were 51,2 million refugees in the world. This does not include an estimated 10 million apatrides.
  15. Food industry is actively working to keep Americans (and other Westerners) addicted to sugar, and sugar industry itself has borrowed tactics previously used by tobacco industry, including attacks on scientific evidence and production of false scientific evidence. Sugar causes psychological addiction, similar to heroine, and is thus the major ingredient of most processed foods – including so-called “healthy food”. Refined sugar and carbohydrates (as opposed to natural forms of the same found in fruit etc.) are also a major factor in development of tumors and various brain diseases and conditions (e.g. Alzeheimer’s disease), due to damage sugar causes to human cells. Brain is especially vulnerable to adverse effects of sugar because of its high energy requirements. {Note that natural carboxydrates and sugars as found in fruit, mead, whole grains etc. are not dangerous; however, food industry adds addiction-causing refined sugar wherever it can, including foods that would otherwise be healthy – e.g. mead, whole-grain/integral bread, dehydrated soups, ready-to-eat cornflakes etc.}
  16. Sugar and GMO industries are not the only food industries negating its adverse health effects. Meat industry is also trying to deny the link between meat consumption, obesity and cancer, while pressuring (lobbying) the government into publishing outright dangerous dietary guidelines. I should note here that meat is not actually nutritionally necessary: my own grandparents – who lived in a village – were perfectly healthy despite eating meat only for Christmas. All nutritients, protein included, that are gained from the meat can be gained from a balanced vegan diet; same goes for calcium. If such a diet is not possible due to factors such as lack of information, time, or limits in readily avaliable foodstuffs, eating eggs can easily compensate for lack of any nutritients, as eggs (when eaten whole) have literally all nutritients required by human organism. In fact, clean vegan diet – “clean” meaning no French fries or indeed fried anything, no “vegan” processed foods (which typically contain animal fats anyway), no processed sugars – can be used to prevent and cure cancer (see more). Of course, it is not a magical bullet – exercise, environmental factors (pollution) and stress also have their say in development of cancer, and for a person who used to be a heavy meat / processed food eater and only later switched to a vegan diet, their old dietary habits can cause cancer to develop several years or decades after they switched to a vegan diet. Further, widespread switching to a vegan or at least vegetarian diet would be enough to solve most or all of the world’s problems with hunger.
  17. Countries that consume most diary and/or animal protein also have the most osteoporosis. In fact, diary is completely unnecessary for bone health and development, as many plant foods have adequate amounts of calcium, without massive amounts of animal protein which, aside from causing cancer, also prevents bones from absorbing and storing calcium while promoting calcium release. Almond milk in particular has as much calcium as cow milk, and about 1/4 as much protein (which is good as Westerners on average consume several times more protein than body actually requires – and excess protein is dangerous in several ways, such as promoting cancer and, as mentioned earlier, osteoporosis). Therefore, it is easy to consume necessary amount of calcium without consuming milk and diary products. Main cause of osteoporosis is in fact not calcium deficiency, but vitamin D deficiency. Diary products do not naturally contain vitamin D (though milk avaliable in stores is typically fortified with vitamin D); its main sources are grains and oranges.
  18. United States, Saudi Arabia and Quatar (as well as other Arab monarchies) are supplying ISIL through Turkey. This included US-supplied sarin gas used by ISIL in Syria, an act which was used to justify NATO involvement by ascribing it to Al-Assad (at that point Assad was winning the war, so NATO intervention was necessary to save the militants), as well as TOW-II anti-tank missiles and other hardware. United States are also supplying ISIL intelligence, including positions and targets of Iraqi regular forces.
  19. United States organized or at least supported Paris shootings in order to punish France for its anti-GMO stance, but people who carried it out were genuine Islam fanatics.

  20. Pharmaceutical industry is lying about safety of drugs. There is no such thing as a safe drug, as every drug is actually a poison – difference between a poison and a cure is merely one of quantity. Drugs are typically approved without adequate safety testing.

And in 2016 it was discovered that oil and gas wastewater disposal was the cause of a series of earthquakes that had hit California in 2005. Oklahoma, before the shale gas rush, experienced only two or three earthquakes of magnitude greater than 3,0 a year. In 2015., it recorded 840 earthquakes of that size, with some as large as 5,6. Worse, oil companies have been allowed to legally dump up to 9 billion gallons of wastewater annually into the ocean off California. Due to process of fracking, this wastewater is contaminated with corrosive salts or carcinogens like benzene. Water shortages in California have created a market where drillers treat that dangerous wastewater and sell it to farms where food people eat is grown. In 2014., much of drinkable water in state aquifiers was contaminated by over 3 billion gallons of fracking water.

Propaganda by omission is an especially big part of corporate propaganda. What does not exist in the media, does not exist at all. And when corporations own the media, they can control what media will allow the populace to know. Their interests are directly contradictory to what media is supposed to do, with disastrous results for the latter. The Chicago Sun Times eliminated its entire photo staff in 2013. In January 2015, same thing was done by Sports Illustrated. Professional photographers have been replaced by writers themselves (with no training in photography, and often with no equipment as well – photos taken by smartphones are a norm); images stolen from other web sources, user-submitted photos, and photos from freelance photographers and photo agencies. Old photos only vaguely connected to the topic are often used in articles to save money. This often leads to photos showing incorrect state of affairs, to a point of complete, blunt lie. And Getty Images, number one source of stock photos, is owned by the Carlyle Group which also owns a stake in the energy company Kinder Morgan. Unlike professional photographers, freelance amateurs and photo agencies have no obligation to follow ethical guidelines. For photojournalists, setting up or altering photos is prohibited. Yet standards in the media have dropped so low that it is not unusual for journalists to use photos found on the social media, sometimes going so far so as to hack social media accounts. Most Americans likely don’t know that United States are right now involved in anywhere between 5 or 134 wars. War against ISIS is fought primarily via precision weapons – useless for the purpose of actually defeating ISIS, but extremely useful for the purpose of reaping benefits for the US military-industrial complex (and US are not alone: rest of the NATO, as well as Russia, have gotten onto the slaughter-civillians-for-profit train). Yet it was initiated with almost no public debate. Media have only given airtime to those politicians, analysts and pundits who directly profit from war, without questioning them at all. Fact that US and UK have been training ISIL since 2011 is ignored. Any journalists who question MIC are fired. 2009 Honduran coup d’etat was likewise ignored, as was the fact that it was supported by United States. Reason for the coup? President Zelaya threatened privileged position of elites in his country by raising minimum wage, giving free school lunches, pensions for the elderly, reducing price of public transportation, helping education of students from poor families, protecting forrests from logging and, most outrageously, trying to give a voice to the people. COHEP (Honduras Council of Private Enterprise), a key member of the Democratic Civil Union of Honduras, is merely an arm of USAID. Among others, coup was supported by John McCain. BBC supported the coup and US by parroting US propaganda.

Other ways of controlling the public are comparatively less important, but still indispensible. Media easily control the debate. Editorial decisions are made not for purpose of informing, but for the purpose of pushing forward views, narratives and decisions that benefit the ruling elite. Media, instead of being a watchdog, has become a propaganda machine. Instead of impartial debate, the narrative which benefits the corporations is pushed as the correct one (e.g. 2003 invasion of Iraq). Media have a go-to list of contacts and so-called “authority figures” which they then use to sway the public opinion. If corporations need to legitimize further theft of public property, media will roll out a “well-known” economist arguing that uncontrolled market is the only way to go. If military-industrial complex needs to justify another useless, wasteful defense programme (e.g. F-35, LCS), media will immediately inject an active or retired general, or a think-thank member – all, of course, connected to the MIC. Even scientists are largerly financed and controlled by the corporations, and those that gain most media time are inevitably those arguing for corporate-friendly viewpoints. Conseqently, it is easy for GMO industry to enlist help from experts who can “prove” (with half-truths, lies, and “from certain point of view”) that genetically modified food is “safe”. And in modern world, if something is not in the media, it does not exist. Minority view can easily appear as a majority one if media decide to focus on it. Any journalists that rock the boat immediately loose their jobs (or even their lives) – and there are always thousands of job-seekers waiting to replace them (thanks in no small part to neoliberal destruction of Western economies). Journalists, and many others, are paid to keep their honest opinions out of the press. Plutocrats pull the strings; journalists dance, having become – like so many others – intellectual prostitutes of the rich. Most mainstream news are not even written by the journalists, but rather written by the media servises and distributed to the news anchors to read. Even in newspapers, most news are written by PR writers or by intelligence agents, and published under journalist’s own name. Noncompliance with that policy means losing the job – or life. In 2015., US agencies have murdered Mikhail Leslin, founder of RT Television. Russia Today is a pro-Russia news source out of control of US plutocrats. Many US politicians have called for it to be forbidden because its practice of uncovering US plutocracy’s propaganda. It wasn’t the only such murder that year either – Montenegran political scientist and historian Saša Marković was also murdered. Marković wrote “Manifesto against the empire – contribution to the history of American neoimperialism”, in which he uncovers the role of Anglomerican elites who use the mask of humanism and democracy to force upon the world media manipulation, financial alchemy, sanctions and constant warfare. Soon after his murder, it was announced that his father had commited “suicide”.

Everything is politicized, and oftentimes presented in a binary way – if you are not with us, you are against us. If it is not black, it is white. Conservative vs liberal, left vs right. But in most cases, both positions are wrong, and this binarism prevents people from seeking, and seeing, a correct solution – which is (almost) never among the ones presented by the media. Ideas, actual ideas, are complex and numerous, and this forced way of thinking places people into a mental prison. People are being offered options, all of them bad, but the media terror and pressure mean that the “least bad” option will be taken. This way, no unorthodox idea or a point of view can reach a critical mass, which insures that the society remains stagnated and behaves in a way capitalists want it to. Journalists that want to write the truth have to go to small and alternative publishing houses which cannot reach most of the populace. Large media have told the populace that it was Syrian president Bashir al-Assad who commited poisonous gas attacks. But all witnesses on the ground have stated that the attacks were launched by Al-Quaeda linked rebels, not by the Syrian government. Rebels received sarin gas from Saudi Arabia intelligence. After MintPress uncovered and reported that fact, its reporters were attacked, intimidated, bullied and smeared. Mainstream media actually went on to carry out a direct character assassination of MintPress reporters. They, as well as Seymour Hersh, were called pro-Assad conspiracy theorists. Amber Lyon discovered that CNN is being paid – and was for a long time – to ensure that its coverage of Arab Gulf states is invariably positive. Saudi prince Al-Waleed owns the largest stake in Fox. BuzzFeed, one of blogs that attacked MintPress reporters, is receiving money from an Israeli lobby group. New York Times receives gag orders whenever it is about to publish an article that goes against Israeli interests. And this is not only directed against journalists – comments on articles are moderated, and any comments that might endanger the official version of story are typically blocked.

One of ways ideas are controlled by the mainstream media are labels. Human mind is abstract, and language creates reality. People are now being referred to as “consumers”, which reduces them from human beings to mindless buying machines. Almost as pervasive label is a “conspiracy theorist”, which is the most popular label used when an idea or a story is unfavorable to the mainstream media and interests that control them. Anybody who asks questions and assimilates facts in a logical manner is labeled as such (an example here, the entire article being basically an ad hominem attack with no arguments). This label takes the advantage of the fact that most modern humans are moral cowards, who will not even consider changing their opinion if it puts them against – actual or perceived – majority (and while indeed many conspiracy theories are likely bullshit, there are quite a few which are not, but are being lumped in with all the others). When Newsweek reporter John Perry suggested that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, he was immediately ridiculed, smeared, called a conspiracy theorist, pro-Saddam and anti-Bush. Of course, after the war it was learned that he was indeed correct, and there were no WMDs in Iraq.

Questions themselves are controlled: even when a non-corporate journalist tries to interview an important person, access to such a person will only be granted if said person agrees to a set of questions that journalist sends in advance. But important people hate important questions, and so only questions and answers media – and thus the people – will typically receive are softball, irrelevant ones. And oftentimes, questions and issues are conveniently “forgotten” as quickly as possible. Media never follow important issues to their conclusion (ongoing humanitarian catastrophe in Libya, caused by the NATO intervention, is completely ignored by the media). Poverty, overpopulation, pollution and other issues can be turned on or off as major media wish. This is a problem, since modern humans have shorter attention span that a goldfish (literally: goldifsh has an attention span of nine seconds, while modern humans in 2015 had an attention span of eight seconds). Once the media signals an issue as being resolved or adequatly discussed, any after thought, individual investigation or further inquiry is labeled as extremist and ignored. And most of that meagre attention span is spent on completely irrelevant and trivial issues being served by the media – celebrities, gossip, murder, accidents, natural disasters; in other words, anything but important issues which people themselves can affect. When even that fails, there is always an old politicians’ fallback – outright lies. That is made easier by the fact that there are enough facts and experts to “prove” right any side of the story, and people have little to no time, knowledge or critical sense, to sort through all the garbage and find the truth.

But perhaps most obvious way of controlling the populace is fear-mongering. When people are afraid, rational thinking – or whatever would pass for rational thinking – becomes impossible. It also serves as an extremely useful distraction from actually important topics. 9/11 attacks were overblown, leading the US into imperialistic crusade which left hundreds of thousands dead or maimed, despite relatively low casualties in the attacks themselves. Bird flu and swine flu, despite being less dangerous than the common flu, were treated as a Black Death come again, all in order to allow corporations to sell massive amounts of potentially dangerous, and in some cases out-of-date, vaccines.

Situation is no different in smaller countries. In Croatia, many if not most of the major media – Jutarnji list (Morning Newspaper), Večernji list (Evening Newspaper), Slobodna Dalmacija (Free Dalmatia), 24 Sata (24 Hours), HRT (Croatian Radiotelevision) – are controlled by the Communist Party and UDBA (yes, they are still active, though camouflaged into democratic institutions). Many others (RTL, MTV etc.) are controlled / owned by the same corporations which own most of the US media. Only several minor newspapers and radio stations are actually free, and these are known to come under attack from time to time – including physically ransacking offices and attacking employees, as happened to Hrvatski Tjednik (Croatian Weekly).

On the military side of matters, militaries have a long history of censorship and disinformation for various purposes. While that was most commonly done in the war, United States military took it to new levels post-Vietnam War, to the extent that no data about post-Vietnam conflicts that US participated in is reliable or trustworthy. In fact, United States have a long tradition of concealing losses of their own aircraft, dating back from Korean War, a practice which intensified since the Vietnam. During the Operation Linebacker, USAF told the media that 17 B-52s were shot down, and Congress was given the figure of 13 aircraft. Yet Dana Drenkowski and other pilots counted 22 B-52s which were shot down, and additional five which suffered irrepairable damage. Vietnamese claimed 25 planes shot down. In the 1967 war, two downed Israeli Mirage IIIs were shot down by Egyptian fighters. Immediately after the 1973 war, it was claimed that one third of Israeli’s 251 air-to-air kills were due to the radar-guided Sparrow missile, and that Sparrow Pk was 50%. This claim fell apart when Israeli General Mordecai Hod revealed that Israeli pilots had fired only twelve Sparrows during the entire war, and achieved either no or a single kill, for a Pk of 0,0 – 8,3 %. In fact, over half of the kills were made by the F-16s despite predominantly ground attack mission of these fighters (F-15s were used only for air-to-air). In the Bekaa Valley, 60% of Syrian tank losses were due to tank fire, and Syrians lost half of their antitank helicopter force (30 helicopters total) in three days. M113s aluminum armor proved lethal to troops riding in it. War overall proved that human skill dominated over technology: two Israeli brigades defeated two Syrian armored divisions despite rough technological parity. SA-6 SAM achieved Pk of 1-2% despite the fact that many Israeli fighters had no MAWS or RWR. In the Falklands war, much is made of the presence of new Exocets and British technological advantage. Yet British submarine sunk Argentine Admiral Begrano with a World War II unguided torpedo; this sinking effectively neutralized Argentine surface navy, which opted to remain in port for the rest of the war. Argentine diesel sub – the only one operational in the entire Argentine navy – easily penetrated British ASW defenses (best in the NATO) but its wire-guided torpedoes failed. HMS Sheffield was found by Argentine EW 707, and subsequently sunk, because it had its radar turned on. Radar-guided SAMs also proved useless against low-flying fighters or anti-ship missiles, despite claims to the contrary. Out of 5 ships sunk, two were Exocet hits – and those two had to be followed by bombers using dumb bombs. British had to bring in 35 mm AAA due to low Pk of Rapier SAM and its ineffectiveness against low-flying fighters. And while much is made of AIM-9s 70-73% probability of kill (19 kills in 26-27 shots, British originally claimed 24 kills in 27 shots for 88% Pk), this figure is likely still exaggerated, and even if not, it is completely meaningless – all kills made were against bomb-loaded strike aircraft with no situational awareness (no RWR, MAWS; canopies made opaque by salt encrustment), and from the rear hemisphere. Only time Argentines attempted an air-to-air engagement, they retreated without either side firing a shot. Most important early warning systems for both Argentina and Israel were Boeing 707 aircraft loaded with passive sensors. Overall, combat was decided by superior training of Western forces; complex technology proved irrelevant.

With above in mind, a question should be asked how reliable data is from recent wars? In Gulf Wars I and II, United States had a virtual monopoly on information about performance of various systems – BVR IFF, radar-guided missiles and stealth. In fact, US military did engage in a significant disinformation campaign, one example that can be established being claimed effectiveness of radar stealth – closer analysis of wars shows that night flying was the primary factor in increased survivability of certain aircraft types and squadrons, and advantage gained through radar stealth is impossible to prove (an A-10 squadron which flew as many night sorties as F-117 during the Gulf War I suffered exactly the same loss rate: zero; in later Bosnian war, both F-16 and A-10 were more survivable than the F-117). Neither did stealth aircraft show any significant effectiveness, failing to shut down either Iraqi or Serb air defences, especially around and inside their respective capital cities. SAMs were similarly lied about – Patriot was originally claimed to have had a 100% Pk against Scud missiles, until professor Postol showed that there is no proof any one out of 152 Patriots hit its target and that at best four Patriots hit, by analyzing video tapes. But there is no such possibility with air-to-air BVR missiles, which are also claimed to have achieved high Pk. And even if Pk claimed to have been achieved really was achieved, this has little value as Iraqi aircraft had bad cockpit visibility, no MAWS, no RWR, no EW/ECM suite and Iraqi pilots were untrained and typically took no evasive action (same goes for Serb pilots in 1999, who were literally climbing into the missiles they didn’t know were there). Yet Western air forces’ procurement decisions are being made on the basis of “lessons learned” from the Gulf Wars, despite the fact that those “lessons learned” are either unverified, incorrect or outright lies.

Consequence of all this is the death of democracy. Informed decisions are only possible if said information is avaliable. Consequently, whoever controls the media, controls the government (intra-governmental corruption and direct buying of politicians are just a cherry on top). And the media are controlled by a small plutocratic elite. Rockefeller, Rothschild, Bronfman, Newhouse, Murdoch and Redstone are the real government, everything else is a lie. It is those bankers who write political platforms of all major politicial parties in the West (Republicians and Democrats in USA, Tories and Labours in UK, HDZ and SDP in Croatia… notice the pattern?). For example, both Tories and Labours support the TTIP, an agreement that will dismantle the last vestiges of democracy across the West (or the world), give all the power into the hands of the rich and cause massive rise in unemployment and poverty. HDZ and SDP both supported entrance of Croatia into plutocratic organizations – EU and NATO. Republicians and Democrats in USA both support free market, militarism, imperialism and fascism. All of them support the economically suicidal and outright criminal austerity policies, rooted in ideals of Milton Friedman.


Freedom? What freedom? If mind is free, then other aspects can be gained. If mind is not free, then every other freedom possible is worthless. Yet people in the West are being systematically imprisoned within their own minds, with corporate totalitarian system taking away their right to be informed. Instead, media are being used to promote certain views and patterns of thought, with everything that does not fit purposes of powers-that-be being declared “dangerous”, “crazy”, “crackpot” or simply ignored. Such is the case of protests against TTIP, systematically ignored by all the major media; or so-called “alternative medicine” and healing properties of proper food, disparaged by the pharmaceutical industry. Promises of absolute freedom, of freedom of sex, drug usage, adoption, are being used to prevent people from seeing that their freedom is being taken from them. After all, the best way to enslave people is to promise them the absolute freedom. And people, their minds taken and shaped by the media, are actively participating in (and promoting) their own enslavement, trying to pull back in anyone who tries to escape, like in a Soviet-era Russian joke.

West is supposedly a democratic culture. Political systems across the West are of a “representational democracy” type, with some of them being mixed representational-direct democracies. But that is completely irrelevant if people are not being given information on which to base their decisions. Instead of being enslaved by obvious chains and laws, people nowadays are enslaved within their very minds. Only way to avoid that enslavement is to consciously avoid mainstream media sources and use critical thinking when choosing among the rest.

Alternative media

CounterPunch Front Page


Further reading

Burying Sharon – and “We Jews control America”

  • while I see no reason for fancy name “Illuminati” – “bankers and capitalists” would suffice – the article is a good explanation of how things work

The Media Monopoly

11 Tactics Used by the Mainstream Media to Manufacture Consent for the Oligarchy–_here%27s_how_he_lied

8 Responses to “False freedom of information”

  1. RainToh said

    If you have the chance, you should go read about Saudi Arabia promotion of its version of Wahhabism/Salafism to the Balkans, Middle East and Asia. They are funding mosques and groups that promote extremist ideas.

    Saudi Arabia Uncovered, by ITV, a UK broadcaster

    You can check out Southfront too. They are decidedly pro-Russia, but they made good concise news clips on Russian defence, the Ukraine,Yemen,Syria crisis and various geopolitical issues.

    As for Al Jazeera, I think they are good for news other than on Middle Eastern issues, as I found their reporting on ME news not much different from Western MSM. They are Qatar based, so gotta take their ME news with a pinch of salt, as Qatar has huge stakes in the outcome, since they have close links with the US military.

    On a personal note, may I ask of your country of residence? I am from Singapore


    • picard578 said

      I’m from Croatia, and thanks for the comment. I’ll definetly check out your links when (if) I get a chance. And yes, I know about Saudi Arabia, they have ties with Bosniak extremist groups (and supported them during 1990s wars), with Al-Quaeda and ISIL.


  2. Thanks for the very interesting essay, Picard! One item I have the time to add to your impressive lists. Attached to UC Berkeley is the world’s most famous laboratory on the carcinogenicity of products. It was founded, many decades ago, by Dr. Ames, and is now the golden standard in that field. Dr. Ames noticed that mutagenicity implied carcinogenicity, and found tests for the former.

    Dr. Ames is coming along in years, but has a main collaborator who just penned in Science magazine (the world’s most famous science journal with Nature) an editorial which pointed out that none of 80,000 industrial chemicals used everyday in households and foods have been appropriately tested.

    This is probably why so many people die of Parkinson (Andy Grove, founder of Intel just did, at 79). In any case this is why the hundreds of thousands of California Monarchs which used to fly around, have disappeared (I saw one yesterday, just one, next to the flower they prefer, but which now have become very rare). Parkinson was unknown before Parkinson identified it in the 1820s in England.

    This is also no doubt why the cancer rate of brain tumors has quadrupled since 1950.

    Meanwhile a few people control half the wealth in the world… PRECISELY because the mood reigns that chemicals should not be tested appropriately. The same mood means that, when Apple Inc. does the “double Irish” tax avoidance scheme through the British Virgin Islands, to become the most expensive company in the world, little people thank Apple to be so vigilant about their iphones.

    It’s a lunatic asylum out there, but the inmates are not happy, when informed of that fact.


    • picard578 said

      Thanks for the comment, and yes, scary thing about the current information-education system is how people have become their own prisoners, and their own wardens. It’s like in a Soviet joke: whenever one tries to get out of the asylum, everybody else does their best to pull them back. Only a few guards are necessary, because inmates are their own guards.

      As I mentioned in the article, bees are also disappearing, due to a combination of massive pesticide usage and electromagnetic pollution. But bees are main pollinators for a large number of plants, which means that if they disappear, consequences may be disastrous. Whenever a navy does large-scale exercises in whale-frequented areas, you get a mass dieout of whales and other marine life due to internal organ damage – and some whales, for example orcas, may well be as logically intelligent as humans (orcas’ social and emotional intelligence is already proven to be higher than human one). So a mass murder and enslavement of orcas is no different than doing the same to humans, yet nobody bats an eye – because they don’t know how intelligent orcas actually are.


  3. Reblogged this on Patrice Ayme's Thoughts and commented:
    False Information, False Freedom, False Minds
    Free, Healthy, Strong And Relevant Minds Require the Same From The Information Which Mold Them

    What does freedom mean when one’s mind has been not just captured, but even fabricated, by one’s oppressor?

    Indeed information, as its etymology indicates, creates the form, the form brains acquire, when exposed to it.

    Examples of people’s minds owned by their overlord are not just abundant, they are the rule. Look at Algeria, ruled by just one party (and the military to which it is identified), the FNL, since so-called “independence” in 1962. Partisans of the FNL, and they were a majority of self-identified “intellectuals”, in France held, even as the FNL was killing hundreds of thousands of Algerians in 1960s, that Algeria had been liberated.

    That general scheme holds for hundreds of regime changes through history. Actually many revolutions have to be extremely violent, because it takes a lot of energy to change minds which have been imprinted the wrong way.

    It is a question of reaction equalling action. The imprinting of minds against their better interest is itself extremely violent: it goes against human ethology, it literally creates twisted minds, bent all over.
    Hence Anima Sana a healthy soul and mind can be achieved only when the information which mold the mind is itself free, healthy, relevant and strong.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. [Second part of the introduction of the essay above reblogged on my site.]

    The Nazis did not just lose because they were overwhelmed by the production of planes and pilots of the “United Nations”, the breaking of their codes, and greater military GDP of the sane world.

    (After the landing at the port of Anzio, Italy, just south of Rome, birthplace of Nero and Caligula, the Nazis counterattacked with greater, better equipped ground forces. However, the Nazis had less than 600 planes, whereas the “United Nations” fielded 12,000 planes, including fleet of strategic heavy bombers striking just 400 meters from Allied lines. Thus, by January 1944, the United Nations owned the skies, and top Nazi generals concluded that the war was lost, just from that.)

    More fundamentally, the Nazis’ aggression against the world was overwhelmed because those self-glorifying supermen had wrong, bent, twisted, ill-informed minds. Those inferior minds made them weak. And this is why they found themselves engaged, on September 3, 1939, in a war that they could not win.

    Thus, paradoxically, Nazi propaganda was the main engine of the Nazis’ undoing.

    It goes without saying that a bent, twisted, shriveled, undergrown mind is hard to defend. Thus, worrying about false information, false freedom, and enslaved, Bonsai minds, is not just philosophically legitimate (as Socrates had it, with his “examined life”), or a question of esthetics, morality, or having a good life (or the search thereof).

    Having bent, twisted, shriveled minds, from bent, twisted, shriveled information, including emotional in-formation, is also a defense issue. The greatest defense issue that there is.

    And it is exactly why, so far, ultimately, higher civilization won all the wars which really mattered. Because more civilized minds are superior, and superior minds win wars. Especially the wars of survival, where one side gets eradicated (civilizationally, or literally).


  5. altandmain said

    If you think about it, we don’t get so much as news as much as right wing propaganda. It is designed to enforce the existing Establishment.

    The scary thing is that people living under Communism knew that Pravda was garbage. People right now seem to think that the Western media is truthful.

    Society is actually more like an inverted totalitarian society:

    Read the article and if you have the time, look up the book Democracy Incorporated: Managed Democracy and the Specter of Inverted Totalitarianism.


    • picard578 said

      What is actually interesting is that both right wing and left wing propaganda seems to work for the capitalists. Both of these create patterns of thought, thus basically enslaving people within their minds.


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