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  • February 2016
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Syrian Strategy, Or When PC Grows Evil

Posted by picard578 on February 15, 2016

This is not in any way new or surprising. Good ol’ USA have supported Hitler’s rise to power (aleit equally, if not more, generous help of British and French capitalists should not be forgotten), and continued to support it through the war (mostly through finances). All in hopes of destroying communism in USSR, albeit Hitler provided an (unexpected?) boon when he attacked UK and France… when these countries were exhausted by war, USA got free reign.

Patrice Ayme's Thoughts

What’s a strategos? A general, in Greek, the commander of an army. What does an army do? War. What have humanoids done in the last fifteen million years? War. Who are we? The descendants from ancestors who won a billion wars.

War, that’s who we are (as Obama would not dare to say, although he thinks it, weakly). Some may mumble something pacifist, or Buddhism, deny our nature, conflate thinking and comfort. However, some of the fiercest, most ferocious states in the last millennium were Buddhist. Just ask the Mongols. Genghis Khan annihilated the Xi Xia empire (because he had been enslaved by it). Or ask non-Buddhist minorities living in Myanmar/Burma. In Medieval Japan, not particularly a nice place for the commons, the elite was Zen. Buddhist (with a veneer of ecologically correct Shintoism). Common crime of vulgar people would be strongly discourage with systematic crucifixion, insuring a global Zen attitude.

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