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Fast jets as close air support (CAS) aircraft

Posted by picard578 on February 21, 2016

“‘Fast moving aircraft are not designed to support ground troops,’ said Army Sgt. First Class Frank Antenori. ‘As much as the Air Force and Navy would like to think that, fighter aircraft that travel at speeds can’t slow down to identify the targets.’ Antenori made this statement after witnessing a friendly fire incident, in which bombs dropped from one of USAFs fast movers killed 16 Kurds and injured 45. He also said that “With fast movers, I never had any success,”, and that senior decision makers often become so enamored with technology that they fail to see what troops on the ground really require. While A-10s never missed, F-18s needed two or three bombing runs to get them on target, he said. Read the rest of this entry »

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Syrian Strategy, Or When PC Grows Evil

Posted by picard578 on February 15, 2016

This is not in any way new or surprising. Good ol’ USA have supported Hitler’s rise to power (aleit equally, if not more, generous help of British and French capitalists should not be forgotten), and continued to support it through the war (mostly through finances). All in hopes of destroying communism in USSR, albeit Hitler provided an (unexpected?) boon when he attacked UK and France… when these countries were exhausted by war, USA got free reign.

Patrice Ayme's Thoughts

What’s a strategos? A general, in Greek, the commander of an army. What does an army do? War. What have humanoids done in the last fifteen million years? War. Who are we? The descendants from ancestors who won a billion wars.

War, that’s who we are (as Obama would not dare to say, although he thinks it, weakly). Some may mumble something pacifist, or Buddhism, deny our nature, conflate thinking and comfort. However, some of the fiercest, most ferocious states in the last millennium were Buddhist. Just ask the Mongols. Genghis Khan annihilated the Xi Xia empire (because he had been enslaved by it). Or ask non-Buddhist minorities living in Myanmar/Burma. In Medieval Japan, not particularly a nice place for the commons, the elite was Zen. Buddhist (with a veneer of ecologically correct Shintoism). Common crime of vulgar people would be strongly discourage with systematic crucifixion, insuring a global Zen attitude.

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Supreme Joke

Posted by picard578 on February 15, 2016

This clearly shows the joke that is representative democracy. Representatives are supposed to represent the people, but more often than not, that link is cut and hijacked, and representatives end up representing capitalists. Nine corporate giants own almost all the media in the US, situation is no different in many Western countries, and people still believe they live in the democratic system. Well, apparently not so much anymore, if ever-lower number of participating voters is any indication.

Patrice Ayme's Thoughts

The USA is endowed with a “Supreme Court”, which is mentioned in a few words in the initial document establishing the Constitution of the USA. It was not meant as a Constitutional Court, but came to be progressively used that way. Thus a few individuals named for life have enormous powers. Such a system is intrinsically diabolical (thus friendly to the Lord of Hell, Pluto).

Power corrupts, and supreme power, especially in matter of justice, corrupts supremely.

Enormous powers for the few in matter of justice is not democracy. In the Athenian Direct Democracy, some juries had to have a quorum of 6,001 (yes, more than six thousands, depending upon the gravity of the matter). The Athenian system, established more than 2,500 years ago, was not perfect. Ours is clearly anti-democratic.

Scaglia was a judge named for life at the Supreme Court by Ronald Reagan in 1986. Reagan’s education was…

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Posted by picard578 on February 15, 2016

While many claim that Islam is a religion of peace, that is definetly not the case with Literal Islam. A religion based on literal following of a book is only as peaceful as the book it follows, and Qur’an is an extremely violent piece of literature, as can be seen from citations compiled in the link.


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Grand Ayatollah Obama, Islamist In Chief

Posted by picard578 on February 15, 2016

Source: Grand Ayatollah Obama, Islamist In Chief

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Military aircraft configurations overview

Posted by picard578 on February 11, 2016

Design goal Characteristics required Ideal planform
Dogfight fast transients (roll onset, pitch onset)

subsonic-transonic turn rates (instantaneous, sustained)

energy management (acceleration, climb)

cruise speed and endurance

close-coupled moderate-sweep canard delta
BVR combat energy management (acceleration, climb)

supersonic turn rates (sustained, instantaneous)

cruise speed and endurance

top speed

long arm moderate-sweep canard delta
BVR interception top speed

cruise speed and endurance

energy management (acceleration, climb)

tailless moderate-sweep delta

tailless high-sweep delta

Low-altitude strike low-altitude performance (speed, acceleration, range)


tailed low-sweep wing
Long-range strike

Strategic bombardment



optional: cruise speed, service ceiling

tailless moderate-sweep delta

tailed low-sweep wing

long-arm canard-delta

flying wing

Close air support fast transients (roll onset, pitch onset)

subsonic turn rates (instantaneous, sustained)

energy management (acceleration, climb)

cruise speed and endurance

combat endurance

damage tolerance

tailed no-sweep wing

close-coupled low/no-sweep canard wing

Reconnaissance high altitude performance (service ceilling, cruise speed, endurance)



moderate-sweep delta wing
Patrol range



tailed no-sweep wing
Transport range


takeoff and landing

tailed low-sweep wing

tailed no-sweep wing

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Note on stealth fighters

Posted by picard578 on February 1, 2016

Nowadays, stealth fighters – F-22, F-35, J-20 and PAK FA – are often being compared to each other and to other, non-stealth fighter aircraft. While these comparisons make sense, exposing certain advantages and disadvantages, they typically ignore one crucial detail. All stealth fighters are designed for one, or a narrow range, of highly specific missions. Read the rest of this entry »

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