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  • December 2015
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Media Manipulations

Posted by picard578 on December 6, 2015

This is not just New York Times. I’m going to adress it in more detail in one of my scheduled-for-writing articles, but media censorship is alive and kicking, positively bouyant, in the “democratic” West. And once you know the structure of the media (which I’ll also explain), you’ll understand why.

Patrice Ayme's Thoughts

More than ten years ago, I pointed in comments that President Wilson was a racist, and that this had a dominant effect on policy, in the USA, and worldwide. To this day. The New York Times blocked all such comments. The New York Times thus gained more than years in the public revelation that president Wilson was an extreme racist, who implemented racist policies, from inside the USA, onto the world stage, on the grandest scale. Not just this, but racism was, arguably the most important effect of the Wilson presidency. When that policy was not anti-black, it was anti-French. It was also extremely crucial in supporting exterminationist racist oligarchy in Germany, which peaked with World War Two and exterminationist policies. The intimate conviction of exterminationist Germans, thanks to Wilson, was that the USA was on their side. And indeed it was, in many ways.

The New York Times is considered…

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6 Responses to “Media Manipulations”

  1. altandmain said

    Thanks media in every nation if you think about it is very pro Establishment.

    Otherwise they would not be the mainstream media.


    • picard578 said

      Yes, that is the typical situation. Any media hich goes against the establishment is typically ignored, ridiculed, interfered with or attacked (sometimes een physically, as was the case a few times here in Croatia).


  2. Main Stream Media get advantages (say asking the president questions, live; in general, “press credentials”). So it’s only natural that they have a fiduciary responsibility to say it, as it is, to the best of their ability. Deviating from this deliberately should be criminalized.


    • picard578 said

      Issue is, nowadays the same set of corporations owns both the media and the government. There’s no democracy any more, and no free press either (excepting some smaller newspapers whom nobody reads anyway).


      • Indeed. MSM is held by plutocratic families, and, or, pluto corporations mostly held by pluto families or trusts.

        I had a hilarious experience with this over the weekend. The Guardian had blocked all and any comment of mine on matters related to Islam. For a year or so. (The New York Times does the same.) It did not matter how innocuous the comments were (they told me my crime had been “blogging the Qur’an, whatever that meant; I guess, quoting it sometimes…)

        However, this weekend, the Guardian gathered a few balls and brains, and ran an essay on, maybe, gosh, one could modify Islam, to solve the Islamist State problem. Then they looked carefully at my (innocuous, but unusual) comments, which had long said just that… And The Guardian allowed, three of my comments within an hour. This is an example of manipulation.


        • picard578 said

          Yes, ethical considerations should take precedence over anything else, and only then will the world’s problems be solved. But capitalists intentionally promote multiculturalism, religious/cultural conflicts and conflicts in general so that they can continue to rule the world without people causing them problems.


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